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Hey, mama! It’s no secret I believe that you need a FB group if you are a network marketer growing your business online. I kinda preach about it haha

Seriously… If you don’t have a FB group yet, girl the time is NOW!

Community marketing (that’s what FB groups are…) is set to grow at a massive rate in 2022. Large companies to small businesses to work from home moms are seeing tremendous growth and potential, and it’s not going anywhere.

But I know what you’re thinking… “is running a group worth it?” Yes.


“Is it going to take forever to see an impact and start making money from my group?” Definitely no!

I’d venture to say that the reason you haven’t started your group or put much effort into it is one of the four reasons I talk about today.


Allow me to help you out with these, my friend. Because I don’t want you to miss out on all the opportunity that a profitable group and proven system can bring you!


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Speaker 1: (00:01)
Girl, if you have not started your Facebook group yet, I just have one question and that is what are you waiting for? Facebook groups are a gold mine right now. They are far from dead and they can be extremely profitable, especially for us moms who are building online businesses and particularly for the network marketing MLM direct sales business model. So we’re gonna have a little chat today because I have a feeling that I know a couple of reasons why you haven’t started your group yet, but we’ve got to talk about that. So that’s what we are discussing. In today’s episode, let’s get started.

Speaker 1: (01:11)
Come on in, join us for today’s episode. I am so excited to be talking about growing a Facebook group and why you might not have started one yet, but I have a feeling by the end of this episode, you’re gonna see that it would be a wise investment of your time, but before we get started, I just wanna ask you, do you wish that there was a way to use social media to grow your sales and to grow your team? That was not all about posting on your profile more, cuz you’ve probably been told to do that. Sending direct messages to more people spending more time reaching out about your products or your business opportunity. Do you wish there was just a way to grow your audience without feeling like you just always have to do more and learn more and keep up with more?

Speaker 1: (02:02)
Because I know with the, that feels like, yeah, I get it to keep doing more, but then not see more profit to not see the growth that you’re striving for. And it feels defeating. Like maybe you would just be better off forgetting about this side hustle or forgetting about trying to start an online business and just go back to having a regular job. It’s discouraging to just pour all your time and energy into a side hustle that does not seem to be taking off. But imagine if you could grow your audience and build trust with them and create more sales without all the burnout of doing 1,000,001 things online. But if it didn’t actually require learning and doing a, all these things, but doing one thing and doing that thing with heart and with purpose that would attract people to you, yes, you can do that.

Speaker 1: (02:56)
You can build a team online. You can create a network marketing business that is sustainable and profitable. And that is exactly why I created the grow your group, grow your biz workshop. It is where I’m going to teach you how to start your own Facebook group. If you do not have one already, which you might not or do have one how to optimize it, then I’m gonna teach you how to fill it with quality prospects that are already looking for what you do and what you sell. Yes, they’re already looking for it. And then I’m gonna teach you how to build trust and nurture those leads. So if you join us in this workshop, you are gonna be able to start using your group as 24 7 lead funnel for your business. Yes, no more sitting down, trying to figure out where you’re gonna find people to talk to about your products, wondering where you’re gonna start conversations with people and then hope that it leads to a conversation about your company.

Speaker 1: (03:54)
No more guessing at all. You will walk away with the strategy and the tips that you need to get off to a great start as well as some best practices for growing your group. And there are things that are working right this minute. So if you are ready to start seeing faces, popping into your community, start meeting new people online without having to reach out and be like this weird spammy person in the DMS look because no one wants to be that person . And if you’re ready to lead a group that is engaged and active, then you need to be in the grow your group, grow your biz workshop. It is on January 18th. So this is a live workshop going on right inside the successful networking moms Facebook group. So if you’re there, you’re already in you’re good. You’re gonna be able to catch the workshop if not go on to Facebook and look up these successful networking moms group to join it.

Speaker 1: (04:50)
All you have to do is just make sure you’re a member of the group. I cannot wait to see the awesome communities that you guys are gonna create. And then more importantly, the people that you’re gonna be able serve with your business, it is gonna be amazing. Mama. I can’t wait to see you there in the group and then see you on that free live workshop. That’s going on in my Facebook group.


Obviously I’m a proponent of Facebook groups and I know that there’s a ton of value there, but what if you haven’t started your group in yet? Here’s four reasons why I think you haven’t started your group yet. Mama I’m gonna get into, uh, the psychological side of this here because I bet it’s one of these four things. And I also just wanna note, I know I probably sound a little funny, our whole family, like in our house, the under the weather crud has just really hit us.

Speaker 1: (05:42)
So this episode, maybe the one before it, you might notice like a little bit of that nasally sound, but guys, this is so important. And I wanted to tell you about this and I didn’t want you to have to miss an episode. So here I am showing up recording, even though I don’t feel the greatest, our family in general, like my kiddos have been sick. They haven’t felt the greatest. We haven’t been sleeping, but that’s okay because I am super stoked to share this information with you. And I’m super stoked about chatting with you guys on the podcast. So I was actually really looking forward to recording these episode and yeah, as soon as I felt a little bit better, I was like, you know what? My voice sounds a little bit off. People may think it’s a little nasally, but whatever. Like I’m so excited to get these episodes recorded and to talk about what we’re talking about.

Speaker 1: (06:30)
First reason why you probably have not served your Facebook group is you think that it gonna take way too much time. Okay. I can’t see wherever you are right now, listening to this podcast. If you’re driving in your car or if you’re out for a walk or if you’re like folding laundry with your earbuds in, but wherever you are, just raise your hand. If you feel like a Facebook group just is gonna take too much time like Shelly, I’m already doing a million things. I’m already posting on Instagram. I’m already trying to show up on my personal Facebook and I just don’t wanna be glued to my phone. Twenty four seven Facebook groups take so much time. If that is you, I get it because I felt the same way. When I first started my group, I thought that it was gonna take forever to grow.

Speaker 1: (07:16)
But here’s what I found is that actually getting people into the group, nurturing them, um, forming relationships, selling it takes less time than trying to do it on my personal profile. So I didn’t spend a ton of effort and energy on my personal profile because I knew I kind of wanted to keep that separate than my business but I also knew that, um, that was gonna take a little bit longer. So when I did start posting there, all of that was completely validated. It did take longer. And that’s because I’ll tell you why. I think it is, is that your Facebook profile is like your friends and they’re all there to hang out and connect with you. They know you personally, and that’s your target audience for me, that was absolutely not my target audience. There were some people that would respond and some people that were in my target audience that would reach out to me, but by and large, my target audience is not a majority of my Facebook friends list.

Speaker 1: (08:16)
Starting a group where everyone who was coming into the group was my target audience ended up being a lot faster and quicker and it grew a lot faster. And that’s when my business really started to take off. And it doesn’t take that much time to grow. It also doesn’t take a ton of time to start seeing results and to start seeing sales from your business, you can start seeing results fairly quickly with a Facebook group, definitely a lot quicker than some of the other strategies that you might want to try. Like if you’re thinking, oh, I need to run Facebook ads or start spending ads new, that’s gonna take forever so much longer because you have to figure out like your messaging it all first, and you’re gonna get quicker conversions in your group because you’re actually having those conversations real time. Or if you think like I’m gonna grow a following on Instagram, I grew a following kind of quickly Instagram before I got completely off, which is a whole different story and a different subject that I could get off onto.

Speaker 1: (09:22)
You’re gonna start seeing “me” show up on Instagram more in 2022. And that is my amazing team member. Ashley, that’s gonna be over there doing that because I will, was spending a lot of time on Facebook and I grew an audience fairly quickly over there. I think I got the 3000 followers, like, you know, within a couple of weeks, which you may have a bigger audience than that. To me, that felt fast, but it didn’t convert very quickly. Like I was spending a lot of energy in the DMS and a lot of energy trying to like research hashtag or come up with post content and captions and like make reels that took a really long time. But none of that really was converting. Whereas my Facebook group converted a lot faster. So if you haven’t started your group yet, because you think that it’s gonna take too much time, it’s actually the opposite it’s quicker and you don’t have to be in there all day every day.

Speaker 1: (10:16)
You can literally see results with a Facebook group in like 10 to 15 minutes of really focusing on it a day, creating content for it and scheduling that content. And about 10 to 15 minutes interacting in other Facebook groups. So even if you wanna go hardcore, you wanna do a couple hours a week. Like you’re gonna see results super fast, but if you don’t have that much time, it’s okay. It’s still possible to grow your audience and build trust with them and make sales. Even if you don’t wanna devote that much time to it, I promise it’s quicker than other platforms. Okay. Second reason you haven’t started your Facebook group is you think that you have to hit a certain number to see results. Okay? You want to make money like now, obviously that’s why we started our businesses was to make money and to start becoming profitable and seeing fruits of our labor in your, in your mind thinking, well, I have to have a thousand people in my group before I start seeing results.

Speaker 1: (11:14)
And that could not be further from the truth. I have seen very small groups with like a hundred or so members and those people have a higher ticket offer or, um, you know, like a service that costs more or their companies start, you know, it costs more to join or their products are higher value. They make more money than groups with thousands of people that aren’t inverting. Well. So as long as you set your group up correctly from the start, which by the way, we’re talking about that and the grow your group, grow your BI workshop. That one that I mentioned January 18th. So I’ll teach you how to do this. But as long as you’re getting the right people in there and it’s set up correctly, you will start being profitable in your group. Long before you hit like a thousand members, 10,000 members, all these crazy numbers.

Speaker 1: (12:03)
So don’t let that deter you from getting started. Third reason you haven’t started your Facebook group is you feel like it’s been done. Facebook group is already saturated or that there’s just not room for you. And again, wherever you are right now, raise your hand. If you’re like Facebook groups are probably dead because everybody’s doing ’em and my upline has a Facebook group and I’ve seen, and there’s all these different groups out there. Everybody’s a already doing what I’m doing. Okay. And honestly, I get where that comes from because we carry that same mentality into other parts of our business. We think other people in our company are already doing what we’re doing. We think people are already selling the products that we’re selling. They’ve seen it. Our market is sat, okay. Everybody’s on Instagram and they’re all selling the same hair care that I’m selling.

Speaker 1: (12:59)
Or I see everybody on Instagram and they’re all talking about my same company. There’s no room for me. And that’s not true on Instagram. That’s not true about your industry as a whole. And it’s not true about Facebook groups. Facebook groups are not overly saturated. Are there a million in one Facebook groups? Yeah, but the handful of people that are doing it right, and that are really investing in staying the course and seeing the results of that hard labor are fewer and far between a promise. It’s not as many people as you think. Plus Facebook favors groups right now. Okay. They are pushing the content that comes from groups. That’s created within groups higher in the algorithm. So it’s showing up more plus community marketing as a whole is where marketing online is going in 20, 22 and beyond. And if you don’t believe me, you’ve got to go back and listen to you.

Speaker 1: (13:55)
Two or three episodes ago, I created a podcast episode and it’s all about why community marketing is the strategy you should be focusing on right now. It is the strategy that is gonna grow over the next couple years. And that’s Facebook groups. They’re not overly saturated. In fact, they’re gonna grow over the next couple of years. So yeah, there’s room for you. And honestly, the best time to have started your Facebook group was a year ago. The next best time is right now. Like it’s not too late. You haven’t missed the boat. You’ve got to jump in and just get started. Okay. Fourth reason that you haven’t started your Facebook group is that you did, you tried didn’t work. Uh, how discouraging, like that is such a bummer if you’re like Shelly. Yeah. I heard that groups were the greatest thing since slice bread. I got in there.

Speaker 1: (14:46)
I tried it and it didn’t work. And that was such a bummer. Well, let me tell you a little story. about my first group. Okay. My first group was, um, a different niche than it is now. It was more for products than it was for, um, business opportunity or for business coaching. And it grew really fast. Okay. Shot up to 600 members like in the first two weeks or so. Okay. I didn’t make a penny from that group. I didn’t make a penny from it because it wasn’t the right people that were in there. I was more focused on just getting a lot of people in there so that I would have eyeballs on my content. And that is not the right way to grow a group that is gonna be sustainable. And that’s not the right way to make a off it from your group.

Speaker 1: (15:32)
But you know what I did get from that group, it wasn’t sales. It wasn’t money, but it was a lesson learned and it was a better perspective about what makes a good Facebook group. Okay. So now I’m here to show you the right way to do it because the successful networking moms, Facebook group that I have now, it has grown at a more, um, sustainable gradual growth, but I have made money faster from it and the messaging and the content converts better. So I have learned the correct way to run a Facebook group, the correct way to grow a Facebook group. I’ve packaged all of that knowledge into the workshop that I’m doing. So all you gotta do is show up and I’ll give you all of that. I’ll show you my strategy. I’ll show you what worked, what doesn’t work and what does. But then I took that and I said, okay, I’ve learned a very good lesson here about what doesn’t work.

Speaker 1: (16:28)
And then I’ve learned a really good lesson about what does work. And then I started applying to other moms who were coming to me that were saying, Shelly, my business just isn’t growing. I don’t think I’m talking to the right people. Why is no one responding to the stuff that I post? Why am I blowing up messages? And I’m just, can’t get a recruit to save my life. Like why is no one interested in these products when I know they’re so great. And so I started helping them to create Facebook groups and then their Facebook group started generating leave and started generating messages to them. People wanting to know about their products and how they could join their team. And I said, aha. So this doesn’t just work for me. It doesn’t just work as a fluke for my Facebook group. This is repeatable. This is a strategy that I can take.

Speaker 1: (17:17)
And it applies to other industries and other businesses, okay. Mamas are seeing results from this. So that’s the heart behind the grow your group grow. Your BI workshop is I want to take that. And instead of just teaching it to people one on one, I wanna leverage all our Facebook group and bring all of you guys into the loop and show you these strategies and show you what works. But I just want you to hear this. Okay? If you haven’t started your group, because you feel like you tried one time before and it didn’t work, I get that. My first group was not a success. So do not be afraid to get on that horse again and to try and do it the right way. But if you’ve never tried a group, you’re in an amazing situation because you can learn the right way from the start.

Speaker 1: (18:03)
You can, you know, kind of bypass all of the learning curve that I went through and that other moms listening may have gone through and just learned the correct way from the start. So either way you guys, if any of these four things, are you, if you think Facebook groups are gonna take too much time, if you haven’t started one, because you think that you’re gonna have to grow it to a certain level before you make any money off of it and you wanna make money. Now, if you feel like groups are just set and they’re not what they used to be, and they’re not gonna grow, or if you feel like you can’t start a group because you tried before and it was unsuccessful, all four of those things are lies. It’s not true. Okay? They’re not good excuses not to start a Facebook group.

Speaker 1: (18:46)
I promise you. So if that is you, you have got to get signed up for or not signed up for, because you don’t have to sign up. You just come join us in the group, but you’ve got to be there on January 18th for the workshop. There’s gonna be so much value packed in there. And I’m gonna help you guys so much with that because we want you to be profitable. I want you making money from your network marketing business. You can do it, mama and I am here to you, cheer you on. And I just want you to know that I believe there is a reason why you are in business. There is a reason why you are in the exact place that you’re in now. And I wanna help you reach that next level. Because when we, as moms, when we as mompreneurs online entrepreneurs, when serve more people and we make an impact, the world’s a better place. It just is. And I’m so excited for all of the great things that you guys listening to this podcast, and you guys that are in the group, all the great things that are gonna come from you when you start creating a community around what you believe in and what you’re passionate about and what you’re excited about, because that is where real impact and real change is gonna take place. Ugh, I get so excited. I can’t wait. So I’ll see you guys in the workshop and I’ll see you on the next episode.


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