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Happy New Year, mamas!!!


I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to hit the ground running.  In this episode, I want to help you cut out the guessing game that so often comes along with being an online entrepreneur and work from home mom.


One word that can define 2021 would be “pivot,” because most business owners had to learn new and innovative ways to reach audiences online. 


Based on what I learned last year, there are three things that I believe will make the biggest difference in your network marketing business this coming year.


Step into a new season with clarity and focus.  Let’s do it!


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The Podcast

For Work From Home Moms


Speaker 1: (00:01)
Okay, who’s ready to start the year strong. I am so pumped for that mama and I’m sure that you are too. So we are gonna get into today. These strategies that are going to work in 2022, specifically for moms who are work from home, moms are in the network marketing industry. So I’m so excited to dive in and chat about that with you today.

Speaker 1: (01:02)
How to grow business as a work at home mom, especially in network marketing. So have you ever stopped and thought, gosh, I wish there was a way to grow my business on social media. Do you wish there was a way that you could grow and not feel like you were just at the mercy of social media? Do you wish that you could actually use it as a tool instead of feeling like you’re chained to your phone all the time I get it. I know what it feels like to just keep doing all the things and feel like you have to start over at the beginning of every single month and to just keep posting and talking about your business, but not having anyone who’s excited about joining you, but I’m here to tell you, you can grow a business on social media without having to be a slave to it.

Speaker 1: (01:51)
You can do that using a Facebook group. This is why I created the grow your group, grow your bus workshop, where I will teach you how to grow your group in just a few minutes, a day in the pockets of time that you have available as a mom. And this is not just any Facebook group, okay. But a group that is profitable. So you’ll be able to monetize your group, monetize your audience. And from this workshop, you’re gonna walk away with a system, not just a bunch of ideas or best practices, but an actual system for growing, optimizing and making money from your group. How does that sound? If that sounds like something that you are so here for, and you’re ready to harness the power of community marketing at the core you guys, that is what a Facebook group is. It’s community marketing.

Speaker 1: (02:43)
And if you’re ready to use that and tap into the power of creating a community and selling to them, then you need to be in this free workshop. You can join me in the successful networking moms, Facebook group. That is where the workshop is actually place. And it’s on January 18th. Now this live workshop is free and there will be a replay if you can’t watch it at that exact time, because, Hey, I get it. We’re mamas, we’re busy, right? So you’ll be able to still catch it. Cause I want you to be able to get all of that training and all the goodness that I have put into this workshop. You wanna be there live though, if at all possible, because what I’m gonna teach you is not what you’ve been taught in the past about growing your business. It’s not what people are teaching about network marketing online, and it’s going to change the way that you look at your Facebook group completely.

Speaker 1: (03:38)
It’s gonna change the way you look at your business and your mind is gonna be like, whoa, okay. So you’ll wanna be there live. Even though there is a replay that’s gonna be available and then I’ll do a Q and a session at the end. So bring your questions. You guys. Remember that is in the successful networking moms, Facebook group. If you’re not in there already get in the group group, it’s a free Facebook group. And then it’s a free workshop. The grow your group, grow your Biz workshop, January 18th. I cannot wait to see you in there. Okay.

Of course in the workshop, we’re gonna be talking about Facebook groups, right? And growing your business, using Facebook groups.

So in today’s podcast episode, though, the content that I, I really wanna dive in with you is what are some of the strategies that are gonna work in 2022 and not just strategies that are gonna work for other businesses? Because we all know that as a work from home mom, our time has to be spent a little differently and we have to market with true intention and strategy. And that just looks a little different than some other online entrepreneurs. So what is actually going to work for your business for a mom, working from home, scaling a network marketing business, recruiting team members, selling their products. That’s what we’re talking about.

Speaker 1: (05:05)
So number one, the strategy that’s gonna work is going back to the basics back to marketing basics. And if you’ve listened to this podcast for any amount of time, you’ve heard me say it is time that we as moms put marketing back into network. I don’t know when it got to be something different where it got to be okay to just pitch on social media and it got to be okay to just cold message, a bunch of people, and to try to recruit a hundred friends and family that, you know, like, I don’t know when exactly that line was when that’s, what network marketing turned into, but what it is at its core. And what will help you be successful is learning actual marketing principles. And to do that, well, you have to just go back to the basics. The basics of marketing is a strong message, simple strategy, and a very clear call to action.

Speaker 1: (06:03)
That is the basis of marketing. And when you get back to the basics, everything that you do will work. And if you’re thinking, well, that’s too simple, Shelly, just have a great message and, you know, pick one strategy or one platform to share that message and then give clear call to action. Like that’s too simple, right? Like there’s gotta be more to it than that. And we tend to think that, and I don’t know why we as entrepreneurs do this. Why do we do this to ourselves? so annoying. We literally think that complicated is better when it comes to marketing. And then we end up making it way more complicated than it ever had to be, but here’s why that’s not gonna work. Okay. Because if your marketing is complicated, your customer is gonna get confused. And right now, the way the online landscape is is we are all moving too fast.

Speaker 1: (06:59)
There’s too much information coming at us at warp speed. It feels like we’re all just moving at like the supersonic speed online. And we don’t have time to have to think through decisions that we’re making when we’re scrolling or clicking. And so there’s really no room or time for our brain to make complicated decisions with online marketing, because it’s just onto the next thing. So your marketing has to be very simple with a clear call to action and people know what they need to do or else they’re not gonna take action. They’re not gonna do it. And I actually have something you guys speaking of going back to the basics and let’s just strip everything away and look at what works at its core and foundation, which is, you know, great messaging, picking a platform or two to spread that message and then really calling your audience into action.

Speaker 1: (07:55)
Since we’re talking about going back to the basics, I have something so funny to share with you. I saw this in another Facebook group and guys, it made me belly laugh. And if this doesn’t make you snicker as a person who is working in, you know, growing a business online and as a network marketer, then I just don’t know what would give you a chuckle but, okay. So it’s an old, um, newspaper clipping and this from let’s see the daily mail Tuesday, December 5th, 2000. Okay. So this is a newspaper clipping from 2000 and the headline reads internet may be just a passing fad as millions give up on it. like, I dunno if that’s funny to you, but the fact that in 2000 people thought the internet was gonna be a passing fad is hilarious. So it says here in the article, the internet may be only a passing fad for many users, according to a report, researchers found that millions were turning their back on the worldwide web frustrated with its limitations and unwilling to pay high access charges.

Speaker 1: (08:57)
They say that email far from replacing other forms of communication. That’s hilarious because now email has all but eclipsed other forms of written communication. It says email is adding an overload of information. You guys. Is it not hysterical to think where we have come from 2000 to today, if they thought that email was an overload of information back then, and people were like, I’m just confused and frustrated. And the daily mail wrote an article saying, oh, the internet may just be a passing fad guys. It’s not, it’s not going anywhere. And so if you stick your head in the sand and you say, you know, I’m just gonna keep building my network marketing business the way I’ve always done it. I’m just gonna put my head down, show up to my team trainings and do what my upline says, because all this other stuff is just a fad and it’s gonna pass away.

Speaker 1: (09:53)
You’re gonna end up with a business that is stuck in 2000 and whatever year, it was cool to cold message and whatever year it was cool to bug friends and family. And that’s not where the industry is going. And you don’t wanna be that person who feels like they’re stuck and the person in 2000 going, this is just a fad. It’s too overwhelming. There’s too much information coming at me. It’s just an overload. Like you can’t be that person. If you want to succeed with your business and you wanna do it online. And I believe that doing it online is the best way to do it because we have time freedom. Then we have freedom of location. We can be per present with our families. We can show up and do good in the world because we’re making a lot of money, but we’re doing it passively.

Speaker 1: (10:43)
And that is what I want for you. And I did not mean to get on a soapbox, but sometimes that happens because I can just see that even in today’s society, when we are all so accustomed to online marketing and we get it and we understand to mentally how it works, we’re still trying to complicate it with marketing that doesn’t work or with marketing that is outdated instead of constantly trying to learn the correct way, go back to the basics and hone in on the imported things. We’re always looking for hacks or tips or tricks or ways that we can beat the system. And you can, it, you can’t beat the system at online marketing. It has stood the test of time. It is going to continue to evolve. And so our job as online marketers who have products to sell and who are making a difference in the lives of others by building teams, we have to learn the basics and we have to get good at marketing online.

Speaker 1: (11:41)
And so that is number one above all else. The strategy that’s gonna work going forward is to get back to the basics, get your message, very clear, get your platforms, get your house in order so to speak,  Pick your platform that you’re gonna be showing up on. You guys know, I recommend a Facebook group. That’s why I’m hosting the free, grow your group, grow your biz workshop, cuz that’s a phenomenal place to get started as a work from home mom. So get your platform and then have really clear calls to action that is marketing at its core. And we’ve got to get back to the basics of that and we have to do it right. We have to do it right. Or we’re not gonna be able to make the impact. And our businesses are not gonna grow the way that we want them to grow.

Speaker 1: (12:28)
Okay. That was number one. Was that a mouthful for number one? So the second strategy that is gonna work going forward in 2022 and beyond, from what I can tell is content creating content. Okay. Now the reason why creating content is valuable is because what I said about going back to the basics, that’s how you do it. That’s how you convey a strong message. That’s how you connect with your audience. That’s how you explain to them who you are, what you’re selling, why they should join your team, whatever it is you wanna convey is conveyed through content. And we’re consuming so much content just as a culture in general, that you have to be in that space. Now, do you need a lot of content for your target audience to see you and to connect with you and to build trust? Yeah, you do.

Speaker 1: (13:19)
You do actually need a lot of content, but I want you to hear me loud and clear on this. That does not mean you have to be a slave to creating content. It means that you need to create content that has a shelf life that’s gonna last longer than 30 minutes or however long it takes export to go viral. And then it’s dead. Again. Facebook groups, again are a great way to do this because you archive your content. So if you do alive, if you make a post, whatever it is that you do in your group, it’s searchable, okay? New people are coming in and you’re not having to constantly be recreating content for them. They can just search your group at and it’s there. And so the more content that you can have easily accessible in one place for your target audience, when they find you, they also find all this content, the easier it’s gonna be to build trust with them.

Speaker 1: (14:08)
And then they’ll be able to trust you enough to buy from you or to join your team. Cuz that’s not a decision that people take lightly. And we are given in so many choices and options today that they’re not just gonna make that split decision. Like maybe in the beginning of the internet or the beginning of online marketing, you might could get away with that. You definitely cannot get away with that now. So creating good content that lives on and that you can build upon so that new people come into your world, they come in contact with you. They can go back and they can see all this content and it’s building trust. And it’s all got those clear calls to action. So they can buy from you. That is a strategy that is gonna stand the test of time. It’s gonna work this year.

Speaker 1: (14:52)
It’s gonna work, I think five, 10 years in the future. And then the third online marketing strategy that’s gonna work is building community around your brand. Now in the past, if you were an online marketer, this wasn’t quite as important as there weren’t a ton of people doing it. And so if someone found you online and you had the solution to their problem, then I’m not gonna say they would easily give you their money, but it was easier than it is now. But now we have so many choices again. And so it’s not as easy as it used to be for that conversion to happen. So what does that mean for you? Like what should you do with that? Does that mean you get discouraged and you give up and you say, well, it’s so much harder to make sales online now. No, this is your opportunity to rise above the noise and create a community around your brand.

Speaker 1: (15:46)
You mama are more than your products. You are more than your company. You are more than all of that. Okay? You have things that you believe in and that you stand for and people who resonate with that will be attracted to you. And that is where you plant your flag. That is your personal brand. I call it your platform. That is the platform that you stand on. And then you can talk about your products and your company and your team and all of that in conjunction with your personal brand. So building that community, that’s just a group of like-minded people who believe in what you believe in. So not only do they become customers, they become advocates for you. So they spread the word. And in general, I know I have done several podcasts episodes of about this lately, but I feel so strongly that community is where online marketing is going, because it’s almost like if you think about a graph, okay, let’s go back to 2000.

Speaker 1: (16:43)
When that article was written saying, oh, community or, internet online, maybe a fad because it’s just an overload of information, right? It’s like, that’s when it was spiking, it was going up. Okay. Straight arrow. And then we kind of plateaued we’re at that precipice where people are starting to think, huh? Maybe I am on my phone too much. Maybe I do consume too much social media. We see this because people like Facebook are changing their privacy settings, the iOS updates are making it so that it’s less trackable. And it’s just, it’s completely shifting the way that we look at social media and the way that we look at online marketing. And so now it’s coming back down again. And so if you’re standing there and you’re faced with this decision of, okay, so what do I do now? The answer is you build community around your brand because those are people that gonna be loyal and they’re gonna be there and they’re gonna be advocates for you.

Speaker 1: (17:38)
And that’s why community marketing is so important and is another main strategy that’s gonna work in 2022. And I know I’ve covered a lot about that. So if you wanna dive a little bit deeper, I’ll link in the show notes. Um, one of the episodes that I did about community marketing and basically why it’s gonna be such a big thing going forward, how to do it, right? Because it’s a, it’s a really big blanket to just say, oh, community marketing is a strategy you should go for. That’s true. But you probably will gonna dive in and learn a little bit more what I’m talking about on that. So if you do go back and listen to those podcast episodes, but these are three things. These are the three strategies that I believe. And I have seen based on the clients that I’ve worked with and the students that I’ve helped in my own business are going to work in 2022.

Speaker 1: (18:27)
And that’s just going back to the base of marketing, simplifying everything. The second is creating content content that lives longer than a few minutes. It’s not about going viral. It’s about creating content that your audience can find now and in the future. And then the third is to create a community around your brand. And when you do those three things, guys, you’re gonna be golden. And I would love to help you with that. Um, the first way of course is the free workshop that’s coming up. You guys have got to get any successful networking moms, Facebook group, if you’re not in there already so that you guys can catch that training, I’ll be doing, um, some updates and some things to remind you as we get closer to time. But I have really poured my heart and soul into that workshop because I believe so strongly in not just Facebook groups, but in the power of building a community to grow your network marketing business. And I can’t wait to share all of that goodness with you guys. So I’ll see you there. And I hope your year is off to a fantastic start. And I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings to each and every one of you catch you next time.


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