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Hey, mama! Wanna know one way to get more people buying from you and asking to join your team? Get more people to see your content! If that sounds easier said than done, this episode is for you.

If you’re growing your network marketing business online, I’ve got five ways you can BOOST your visibility. Tried. True. Proven. These tips work great for work from home moms, mompreneurs, network marketers, and social sellers.

Yes, I’m giving you FIVE proven tips, but implementing even just one will bolster your presence online. Let’s dive in.

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Episode Transcript:

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Hey mama. Welcome to the show today. I have five things for you to try five ways that you can boost your visibility online. So if you need more eyeballs on your products, on your company, on your business opportunity, if you’re looking to grow your audience and who isn’t right, when we’re growing network marketing the businesses online, super important to get more eyeballs and to boost our visibility. So today we are diving into five ways to do that online.

Speaker 1: (01:02)
Hey friend, I’m so excited to be chatting about this today. We’re gonna talk about five ways to boost your visibility online because let’s face it. If we have an online business, which if you’re listening to the podcast high, you probably do. It’s important for people to be able to find us and for them to see what we do and what we’ve got going on in our business. So that’s what we’re talking about today. And speaking of visibility and people grow in their businesses. I just wanna give a shout out to the mom who have joined us in the group growth blueprint. That is the completely self-led course on how to grow your Facebook group, get your next 500 members or your first 500 members. If you’re starting out and learn how to monetize your audience, how to sell to them, how to get people, to join your team.

Speaker 1: (01:48)
And if you’re wondering how in the world do I do that from a Facebook group, then this is the course for you. But I just wanna shout out the moms who are in there. So one actually told us in our Facebook group that since she bought the course, she has doubled her Facebook group members. And that is so exciting. And that’s exactly the kind of results that I’m, you know, that I’m seeing and that I want you to have. Like, I want you to be able to double the group members that you have. I want you to get to the next 500 members that are the perfect people coming into your group that are ready to buy from you. Like, I want you to learn how to sell confidently and not, you know, be afraid to show up in your group and make offers to people and, you know, tell them about your products and tell them about your business opportunity.

Speaker 1: (02:35)
But I, I want you to be confident and step into that in your Facebook group, as a leader and an authority in your industry. And I want you to learn how to grow a personal brand. And honestly, that’s what makes your group grow. It’s all about you and being the real authentic version of yourself and attracting people. So if you just need some help, you need the step by step on that, check out group growth,, and you can find all the details, but I did just wanna stop and give a virtual round of applause to the moms who have taken that step in their business and they are joining us. Um, there’s a lot of different industries that are in there, you know, health and wellness and, um, some new ground floor opportunities, the CBD industry, like there’s all kinds of different companies, cosmetics, hair care.

Speaker 1: (03:26)
And the great thing about that is that growing up Facebook group can help or can work for all of those industries. Like it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. It doesn’t matter what company you’re with. It doesn’t matter what product you’re selling, because Facebook groups are built around you and your personal brand. And I can teach you how to do all of that. Let’s dive in. Okay. Speaking of teaching you how to do that, here are five things to get. You started five ways to go ahead and boost your visibility online. The first thing that you wanna do is do a little bit of SEO search engine optimization. Now don’t let that freak you out. It may sound like SEO. Like I’m not taking enough. I don’t know about SEO, but SEO is not just for Google. All SEO means is just it’s search engine optimization, but it can be used on a lot of different platforms.

Speaker 1: (04:22)
It’s just making you and your profiles and your business search, because it’s awesome. If you can get out there and find people to talk to about your business and, you know, let ’em know who you are and what you do, but it’s even easier for people who are already reaching for what you do to find you. So yes, that’s part of your business. You’re gonna be finding people to talk to, but it’s magic when people find you. And that’s what SEO does being searchable, is how people find you. If they’re already looking for what you have, like they already want advice, or they’re already looking for people in that space, or they’re looking for that type of community, then you want ’em to able to find you. And the way you do that is just making sure that all your content is geared towards your ideal audience.

Speaker 1: (05:13)
What are they looking for? What terms are they typing in? What, um, you know, groups are they trying to find on social media? What communities are they interacting in? And just making sure that you talk, like they talk that you are addressing their problems the same way that they would say it, you know, the same way that they would talk about what they need or what they want help with or what they’re looking for. Talk about your company and what your business offers. Talk about it in that exact same way. Okay. And that’s how you become really searchable. So SEO include that in all your content, make sure that there are keywords in, uh, your group description, make sure there’s keywords on your profile. Make sure there’s keywords in the content that you’re posting. All of that is searchable. And like I said, it’s great to find people to talk to and, you know, get in front of them.

Speaker 1: (06:10)
But man, it’s amazing when people find you the second way for you to boost your visit ability is you guys are not gonna be shocked about this. Like you’re gonna think, of course, this is number two, start and grow your Facebook group. Now there’s a ton of reasons why I believe that Facebook groups are the way that you should be growing your community and reaching more people with your network marketing opportunity, if you’re interested. And you’re like, why a Facebook group, Shelly, I, that wasn’t even on my radar or, you know, yeah, I have a group, but I’m not really focusing on it. Go back and listen to some previous episodes. I’ve outlined exactly why I feel that Facebook groups are where it’s at right now. But a quick note that I will make for this particular episode, since we’re talking about visibility is that the content that is posted in groups is shown more in the Facebook news feed.

Speaker 1: (07:10)
So Facebook actually prioritizes group content. So you wanna be interacting in your group and other groups because the goal is visibility and more people to see you and to see what you’re talking about, then you’ve gotta be using the one thing that Facebook prioritize and shows to the most people in their newsfeed and that’s group content. So you’ve gotta be interacting in your group and in other groups so that you are visible. So start and grow your Facebook group, consumer two. It’s huge. I can teach you how to do that. I have a ton of free resources and podcast episodes about that, but just know that that is a phenomenal way to boost your visibility the third way. And this kind of goes along with that is you wanna boost your engagement. Okay? So engagement on your profile, engagement in groups, any kind of content that you create, the way that more people are gonna see it is for you to get engagement on it because it tells Facebook, it’s like, oh, okay, this is relevant.

Speaker 1: (08:14)
Like people are engaging. They’re interested. I’ll show more of this person’s content to, and I’ll put this higher in the newsfeed. So you do that with real engagement, with questions, conversation starters, all of those things work really well and get conversation going so that the algorithm starts to work in your favor. Do not try. And you guys you’ve probably heard me say this before. Like don’t try to be smarter than the Facebook algorithm rhythm that is like insanely smart. And that has all of this AI behind it, like work with the algorithm because it will work in your favor. It will boost your visibility. It will show your post to more people. If you have genuine real engagement, but now fake engagement actually does the opposite. So I don’t know if you’ve seen this where, um, you know, you post, first of all, anything copy and pasted that Facebook realizes has been posted before.

Speaker 1: (09:08)
Like using the same warning. It’s gonna ding you. It’s gonna deprioritize that. But then also like if the same people are commenting and engaging over and over and over again, um, Facebook realizes that too. Again, the algorithm is super smart, so don’t try to fake engagement. Don’t try to, um, make engagement happen. You know, don’t do that because that’s actually going to decrease your visibility, but just make sure you’re putting out content that is getting real engagement questions. Conversation starters are great for that. Okay. Number four fourth way to boost your visibility show up consistently on one platform before moving to others. Now, if this is just blowing your mind, like, wait, the, your telling me Shelly, that the way to boost how many people see me is to concentrate on being in less places like that. Doesn’t seem like it would add up, but you guys, it does.

Speaker 1: (10:05)
Okay. Because you wanna think about this from the perspective of someone who’s using social media, right? They probably have a favorite they’re on it a lot of time. Okay. So how do they see you more? Are you gonna notice somebody more? If you’re on one platform and like their posts are consistently showing up for you, like you notice that you see them a lot. They’re in a lot of the groups you’re interacting in and you see their content. Like you’re gonna remember them more right than if you see somebody and they’re showing up on 10 different platforms, you’re probably gonna only see their content on one platform anyway. So they’ve created all this content. And the problem with that is that it spreads you too thin. Like you are one person. You don’t have time to be creating content. If you have a team or like a marketing department or something, then you can be in 10 different places as at once.

Speaker 1: (10:57)
And people are going to notice you and see you showing up there. But if it’s just you, if you’re just one person that’s not the most effective way to use your time, because your quality of content, isn’t gonna be as good. You’re not gonna be able to give as much value. And you’re physically not gonna have the time to show up consistently. Like you need to, to be boosting your visibility. So show up on one platform consistently before you move on to others. Now I’m not saying you’re only ever gonna be on one platform. I’m not saying that at all. But to start with, and to boost your visibility in the beginning, show up, really commit to one platform, do it well. And then you could move on to the other. So summer four, the fifth way to boost your visibility. And I love this.

Speaker 1: (11:45)
You guys, this is fun. Okay. This is how you’re gonna have some fun in your content. Fun in your marketing is take advantage of trending content on whatever that one platform is that you’re really showing up on. Again, I suggest it’d be a Facebook group, but take advantage of the trending content. And so one thing that we see right now is video performs really well. Okay. Mees do really well as far as content. So if you have a caption or a post that you’re gonna post in a group, go ahead and like put a meme picture with it because you know that Facebook is prioritizing that you know, that that’s what’s trending right now. People wanna see that. So you can take the exact same content that you would’ve posted now six months ago, six months from now, and just pair it with some form of trending content, like a meme that goes along with that, or, um, you know, just record yourself doing a quick video, saying whatever your post is about.

Speaker 1: (12:40)
If you know that video is performing well, make short videos. So I’m not saying, and this is a really big, common misconception. I’m not saying you have to follow the trends to the platforms I’m saying, take what is trending right now, the type of content, and then adapt it and use that on the platform that you are focusing on. So it doesn’t mean you have to go out and learn a million new things. It’s just a fun way to incorporate things that people are already interacting with. Like, you know, they’re responding. Just go ahead and use that on the platform that you’re focusing on. So those are five ways. I want you guys to take these five things. I hope you have like a little notepad. If not, you can go back to the show notes and just pick one for this week. And this is my challenge to you.

Speaker 1: (13:24)
Like just pick one of these, come over into our Facebook group, the successful networking moms, Facebook group, and tell us which of these five things are you gonna do? Are you going to go through an audit, your social media and your content and make sure that it’s very searchable, do some SEO. Are you going to number two start or grow your Facebook group? If that’s the one you’re choosing and you put that in the successful networking moms group, there will be literal confetti. Okay. Not literal. There will be virtual confetti throne because I’m about that. I’m so four people starting and growing their Facebook group. So let me know if that’s what you choose to do this week. Are you going to focus on boosting your engagement, real engagement, not fake engagement by like doing some questions and some conversation starters. Let me know if that’s the one you’re gonna choose.

Speaker 1: (14:14)
Are you going to, you know, dial into one platform, maybe you’ve been posting on a lot of different platforms and you’re gonna say, you know what, for this week I’m gonna create really valuable content. I’m gonna commit to showing up on one platform and showing up consistently that will boost your visibility. So if that’s the one that you pick, let me know that. And then number five, are you gonna take advantage of some two trending content? Okay. And you know what, I’m gonna do this with you guys. Okay. So I pick number five. I am going to, um, take some trends that I’m seeing in other places maybe like on TikTok and Instagram. Like, I don’t have those apps personally, but like, if you’re on Facebook, you can see the reels. And so you can kind of keep a tab on like what’s going on in TikTok and Instagram world.

Speaker 1: (14:59)
Um, some memes I’m gonna see if I can find a meme that might go along with some content that I have scheduled to post. So I’m gonna commit to number five. That’s what I’m gonna do. Don’t feel overwhelmed. Like you don’t have to do all five of these at once. If you want to more power to you, right? Because they can only help. They’re not gonna hurt or interfere with each other. But if that’s overwhelming, like just pick the one way that you’re gonna boost your visibility this week. Come tell me about it. In these successful networking moms, Facebook group, I’m gonna cheer you on there’s 2000 other mamas in there who have network marketing businesses, and we’ll all cheer you on and support you. So let me know which of these five things you’re gonna commit to. Like I said, these are all gonna boost your visibility. It’s gonna get more eyeballs on your work from home business. These are great tips and ideas to try. And I can’t wait to see how your business improves by implementing these. All right. That’s all for today’s episode and we’ll catch you next time.

Speaker 3: (15:55)
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