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Wondering how to have a steady flow of leads asking to join your Facebook group?  It’s easier and takes less time than you think!

In this episode, I’m sharing the activities I do daily and weekly to attract 100 or more qualified leads each month using Facebook groups.  Spoiler alert: my daily to-do list only takes about 45 minutes!

I’m breaking it all down for you so you can focus on the activities that matter when growing a work from home business.  Expanding your network marketing business, and building a team online doesn’t have to be all consuming or complicated.  

Get ready to take a behind the scenes look with me at what it actually takes to reach new people day to day.


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The Podcast

For Work From Home Moms

Episode Transcript:

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Hey, mama, we’ve got a good one today. I’m gonna be sharing with you exactly what I do on a daily, weekly, monthly basis to grow my Facebook group and to attract a hundred or more leads per month using my Facebook group. Now it’s consistently at a hundred more leads per month. Actually this month was probably closer to 200, but I wanna walk you through what I do on a daily and weekly basis, how those people are finding my group, how I attract them to join me. And I’m sharing it all with you in today’s episode.

Speaker 1: (01:08)
Hey mama, welcome to today’s episode. This is all about how I attract a hundred leads or more per month. And I am doing this strictly using my Facebook group. So that’s what we’re chatting about today. I can’t wait the to dive into this with you. So before we get started a quick note here, if you have not heard about the group growth blueprint. Oh my goodness. I am so pumped about this course. So I announced it on a previous podcast episode, but if you haven’t heard it, it is the new course. That’s available group growth blueprint. And for the first time I am taking my exact blueprint. Okay. Hence the name, right? and I have mapped out everything for you about growing a profitable Facebook group, specifically for the network marketing MLM and direct sales business model. Now this is not like any other course that you could possibly take on building Facebook group though, because let’s be real guys.

Speaker 1: (02:05)
There are plenty of those out there. There’s lots of options, but this course, the group growth blueprint is specifically for moms and it’s for moms who are building an online business. And I wanna show you how to do that. Using a Facebook group. The one thing that’s really different is that I built this entire F framework. That’s taught in this course as a mom during a time when I was really experiencing a shift in my life. And I knew that my priority was as a mother. And I started making decisions for myself, for my family, for my business, that allowed me to be more present and available with my family. And that meant that I was not attached to my phone and my kids didn’t see it in my hand all the time. And I wasn’t gonna be on social media 24 7. So this course, it teaches you the sustainable way to grow your business on social media, without having to be on Facebook all day, every day.

Speaker 1: (03:00)
And without like feeling that attachment that I felt to my phone, you don’t have to feel that way. So everything you’ll learn in the course, which is how to start your group, the foundation for that, where to find the right people to join your group, how to, um, explode the number of people who find you and who requests to be in your group. And then we go into how to optimize your group. So that it’s this streamline simple system streamline simple read, uh, doesn’t take many hours a week to manage. Okay. so that’s the point of optimizing it. And then we talk about how to make money from that group, which is the entire point of growing and optimizing that Facebook group is so that you’re able to grow the revenue in your business from that group. All of that is what I teach in the group growth blueprint.

Speaker 1: (03:50)
And it’s all from the lens of a mother, building a business around their life as a mom and not the other way around. So I would be so excited to have you join a us in the group growth blueprint. You can check that out at group growth,, all spelled out group growth, And I can’t wait to see you join us in there. Okay. So obviously I’m a fan of groups, right? That’s what the course is about. That’s what I teach, but I thought you might be interested in a little behind the scenes today because it’s great to talk about strategy. And I try in this podcast to really give you a lot of strategy and tips and things that I do, but sometimes it’s helpful to see all of that strategy in action and what that actually looks like when you have your group set up and how you’re growing it and monetizing it.

Speaker 1: (04:39)
Like, what does that look like on a day? So I’m just gonna break down exactly what I do in my group in a typical day, a week, what I do monthly and things like that. Okay. So a typical day, what I would do, um, is I spend probably 15 minutes or so in other Facebook groups. And I answer questions now, actually wanna pause because, because I wanna say this about Facebook groups and why building a Facebook group is so important to me and why it’s important to me to teach other moms how to do this effectively is because it’s such a good place to serve. And so if you make your Facebook group, obviously your goal is to generate revenue. You wanna make sales, you wanna grow your team, right. And why I started my group too, but I will tell you that the true growth and opportunity and the money comes when you’re there to serve in your group, that’s the purpose.

Speaker 1: (05:32)
Okay. The money follows it. It always does. And so I just wanted to pause and make that point that a lot of what I’m doing, isn’t just like constantly pitching and selling it’s showing up and serving. Okay. So that’s, I chased a, I had to chase a rabbit there. Okay. So typical day, what I do is I spend about 15 minutes or so in other Facebook groups answering questions. So I just skim through the recent posts. Like I sort it where it’s not recent activity, because then the algorithm is only showing me, um, that stuff, but I sort it to most recent posts and I just skim through, and I see if there’s a question that I can help with, that I can give an answer to. If there’s somebody with a conversation that wants to know something, I don’t pitch, I don’t DM. I literally just serve by answering their questions.

Speaker 1: (06:21)
And then so sometimes that’ll turn into conversations where they like, ask me a follow up question or something. Sometimes it doesn’t, and that’s fine because either way I am there to connect and help. So that’s what I spend about 15 minutes doing. And then I been about another 15 to 20 minutes posting in those Facebook groups. Okay. So I’ve gone through, I’ve scammed, I’ve answered questions. I’ve given value in the comments section. And then I spend another 15 minutes or so. And I post in Facebook groups. Now, there is a reason that I do it this way because like we can’t stick our head in the sand and act like the algorithm. Isn’t a thing because it is. And so if you’re gonna be doing each of these things, like I do it, this is a good formula to follow, to be interacting first and then posting and then interacting again.

Speaker 1: (07:11)
So that’s just a quick side note on that. So what I do to engage, um, or to post is I post I, and either write questions. I really like doing that, cuz that gets a lot of conversations started. I share a valuable post. Um, I may post about like a new podcast episode that just dropped. Um, I may, you know, take a post that I wrote for my group to help them and then paste it or into another group with a similar audience that I think would benefit from it. And so that’s what I’m doing. I’m creating posts in other people’s Facebook groups. And then the most important thing is I go and I respond to every single person that comments. That’s what I do. That’s how I make sure that like every comment that is made I’m responding to engagement is really important here.

Speaker 1: (08:00)
Also make another side note because I time block, I am not responding in real time. All always. Okay. So when I spend that 15 to 20 minutes, I’ll post I’ll respond to anybody that comments while I’m on there, but then I put it down and I walk away. Okay. I’m not just like glued, I’m not constantly checking notifi to see if somebody commented on my posts. Like I, I literally time blog. I spend that time and then I step away. Okay. So I may not be responding to all those comments in real time because if I did my time would seriously get away from me. And I would always be on my phone and some of this time where I’m going to the last post that I made at a group and responding. Okay. So maybe that’s where my 15 or 20 minutes is spent, but when I’m done, I’m done.

Speaker 1: (08:49)
And then I come back the next time block that I’ve made. Okay. So you may think that you have to respond to people immediately. Like if they comment on your post and you get a notification, then you have to comment right back or you’re gonna miss out, okay. Or you’re gonna miss a sale or something. And that is a hundred percent totally in your head and it’s not true. So that’s why you’re constantly looking at your phone and checking notifications. Like you’re just gonna miss a sale or a team member or an opportunity to talk to a lead or something like that. And you’ve really gotta get out of that cycle. If you want to feel peace in your business, that’s not a peaceful place to be. So time blocking the time that I spend on social media each day, it has made a dramatic difference in how content I am with my business in life.

Speaker 1: (09:37)
And it’s a good step toward breaking this social media addiction that literally plagues our country and is stealing our motherhood, stealing our motherhood. But I digress I could get on my setbacks and help that because I get fired up. I feel like it’s my responsibility. As someone who teaches social media marketing and teaches you to use a Facebook group to grow a business, to also put the disclaimer out there that I don’t want you to have to be on your phone all the time. And when you get organized and you use your time wisely, you really don’t have to be. So I say all that to say that I spend maybe 15 minutes max, figuring about my business posting and then engaging with those comments. So the next 15 minutes that I will spend is sharing about my business and putting my group link in daily promo threads.

Speaker 1: (10:27)
In my favorite groups, I have a Trello board that I keep up with my favorite groups. I also have them pin. I don’t know if you guys know that you can pin groups now to the top of your groups so that you don’t have to like filter through however many groups you’re in because I have like cooking groups, I’m in parenting groups and I’m in health and wellness groups and I’m in a lot of, um, Biel trade groups in my local area. I’m in, oh my gosh, the, um, the children’s clothing groups that I’m in, like it’s in San, but I know that the groups I really wanna interact in for my business, I don’t wanna have to sort through all those groups to get to ’em. So I pin ’em right up at the top. I also have on the tr board, like which groups have promo days on what day promo day might be to drop a link to your group or a link to a new podcast episode or share your Instagram or whatever it is.

Speaker 1: (11:18)
I keep up with those so that I can just spend that 15 minutes maximum. That’s that’s my max sharing the link to my group in all of those daily promo threads. So that’s what I’ll do each week. Um, I’m gonna go back because I feel like I settle a lot and I just wanna make sure that this is super for clear and mapped out for you guys. So we’re talking about 45 minutes a day here. And 15 minutes of that is spent first in other Facebook groups like answering questions, going through the threads, seeing if there’s anything I can help with the next 15 to 20 minutes, I will post in other Facebook groups like create a new post and then engage and also go back to posts that I had made the previous day and engage with any comments. And then the last 15 minutes of that time is spent, um, checking what daily promo threads there are and putting my link in the promo threads.

Speaker 1: (12:11)
So that’s about five minutes a day that I actually spend actively looking at my phone and working on Facebook group stuff. But one thing that you’re gonna see there is noticeably missing in my day to day operations here is that I’m not spending time messaging people asking them to join my group. Now I’m not saying that I, I don’t send messages because I do. I’ll welcome people to my group. I’ll answer questions. I’ll follow up with people that had asked me about something to see how they’re doing. I will spend time in the direct messages, but it is not time spent on cold messaging and asking people to join my group. It’s people that are already in my community. We’ll talk about that in a second. What I do once a week. Okay. So once a week I will take a day where I go on what I call recon.

Speaker 1: (13:03)
where I’ll go into groups that I interact with regularly. And I’ll search. I use the search bar on the, the left hand side and I search for key keywords that are around things that my person, my ideal audience is looking for. And the reason I do this is cuz I’ll get content ideas from conversations that are happening. And they’re very organic in Facebook groups when nobody’s pitching or selling people or just having conversations. There’s some really great content ideas that come from map. And then I’ll make sure that I create posts or a podcast episode or some form of content around that topic because I can see, I know that that’s what people are wondering about and I know that that’s what they wanna get some help with. So I wanna make sure that that’s something that I create content about. So I do that once a week in also once a week or so I will go through and follow up with any direct messages.

Speaker 1: (14:00)
If I’ve been having a conversation with someone I’ll check in on, ’em see how they’re doing. I’ll send out welcome messages if I need to, um, just basically like interacting in my DMS. And I normally do that all on the same day. We’re at a out 45 minutes a day of doing daily things. And then probably I’d say about an hour, hour and a half on like one day a week where I’m doing more of a deep dive. And that’s what I do. Like that’s literally the time that I’m in Facebook groups, sometimes that time block looks like all 45 minutes at once. Sometimes I’ll do 15 minutes, take a break sometimes, you know, if I have an extra minute or some downtime or something, I’ll like pop into my Facebook group. And um, if people are interacting, like I really like to build a strong sense of community and I like being present there.

Speaker 1: (14:52)
So I will, but I don’t have to, like, I don’t have to constantly feel like I’m out searching for new people to talk to. I enjoy interacting in my Facebook group. It’s a successful networking. Mom’s Facebook group. You guys, if you’re not there, you definitely need to come join us over the so I like interacting and all but full transparency. I also have a virtual assistant Ashley and she’s phenomenal. So she is the one who’s usually approving posts and she’s posting scheduled content for me. So I am actually able to spend less time in my group than I would. But even if, even if you don’t have outside help yet, and you’re not at that point in your business, you can still grow your group in these time. Blocked nuggets of time. This strategy that I’ve given you about the 15 minutes spent, um, interacting in other groups, answering questions and then 15 minutes sting and engaging.

Speaker 1: (15:52)
And then another 15 minutes going through promo threads. Like that is how you will grow your group because the more people that join, especially if you’re interacting in groups that are very similar audiences, Facebook starts recommending your group. So you don’t have to be doing like all this work that you think in your head, you have to do to grow a group. You really don’t. You just have to put in the time and be really consistent. Like I do this at least four days a week, these 45 minute time blocks and being consistent like that is what will grow your group. You can totally do it. So if you want to, um, go a little bit further in and get a step by up blueprint handed to you and someone to walk with you through the whole process of setting up and monetizing your group, then you’ll want to check out that group growth blueprint that I was telling you about earlier. And of course, get in these successful networking moms, Facebook group. If you’re not there already come join us, come hang out with us. There’s over I think 1600 moms now, and we’re all growing our businesses online and cheering each other on. And it’s just a really encouraging space. And I’d love to have you in there. So until next time, um, I will see you guys on the next episode and thank you so much for listening.

Speaker 3: (17:09)
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