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You know those influencers, celebs, business mentors, or online personalities that you feel like you KNOW, even though you’ve never met? Do you consume all their posts and dive into all their content? Yes, that could be YOU, mama.

In this episode, I’m sharing three ways to become “bingeable” to your ideal audience. It’s important to create this type of content for your followers or leads so that you can leverage your content and begin to work smarter, not harder (and you know I’m all about that)!

This episode is definitely for you if you are wondering “how do I turn followers into customers or team members?” Here we go!

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Episode Transcript:

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Hey guys. I’m so glad you’re hanging out with us today. On the podcast today, we are talking about the art and I do believe that it is an art to be mastered the art of becoming bingeable to being that person, that your audience just loves all the content that they put out and they just wanna consume your content. They wanna read your blogs. They wanna listen to your podcast. They wanna scroll your Instagram feed. They want to, um, just, you know, consume everything you have in your Facebook group. Like that’s what I want you to be bingeable. And I’m sure you guys can think of people like this in your circle or that you’ve met online. Very, and you’re just like, oh my gosh, you just binge all their content. Right. So let’s talk today about how you can be that person for your ideal audience, ways to become bingeable. That’s what we’re chatting about today. Let’s get started.

Speaker 1: (01:27)
All right, let’s do this. Okay. So today’s episode is about bingeable and, you know, I have these people that I follow online. That that’s exactly how I would describe how I consume content, right? Like if I am looking for, um, specific information or I’m looking for a mentor, I’m starting to follow somebody. Like I do a little bit of research and a little bit of homework podcasts, especially are a way that consuming a lot of content right now. And I will binge listen to a podcast for sure, like driving in the car or something. Um, Facebook groups are another place that I kind of binge content when I join a new Facebook group. And I’m like all about the vibe in the group. And I really feel like it’s a strong community and the leader is posting great, valuable content. Like I’ll watch their past live videos or if they have some trainings and workshops.

Speaker 1: (02:17)
So the goal here is for you to become that person for your audience though, it doesn’t matter what product you’re selling. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in full are following for you and your content. And you’re establishing your will brand that way. And so we’re gonna talk today about how to become bingeable now. So of course, you guys are not hearing this podcast on the day that it’s recorded, but I’m actually recording on Valentine’s day. So I in a little bit will be celebrating with the girls and with my husband, we celebrated a lot during the weekend though, we actually went to a Valentine’s dance this weekend. That was so fun. Um, haven’t been to one of those, like with a band in a really long time. So we celebrated weekend a lot. So we’re not gonna be doing, um, a ton of Valentine’s stuff tonight.

Speaker 1: (03:04)
Kind of keeping it low key. But before we get started with all that fun, I wanted to bring you guys this episode. So there are actually three things that you really need to turn your followers into fans, into customer and into team members. Okay. And right now I see you. I see all the work that is going into you creating really good content. Okay? Maybe you’re going live in your groups or on your pages. Like you’re writing posts, you’ve got your Instagram captions, you’re doing all the things, right. And you are show up. And one thing that you really need to make sure that you do is create content that can be binge watched, binge read, binge listened to so that all of that hard work that you’re putting in is something that you can reap the benefits from over and over again. And not just one time.

Speaker 1: (03:57)
And so here’s the thing about what this will do for you. And then here’s what I want you to imagine. Okay? Someone new comes into your audience. Let’s say, they’re doing your Facebook group, right? They follow your stuff, they devour your content. And the next thing you know, they know you, they see your personality and they totally get what you’re all about. And bonus points. If you are doing this in a group and you’re build a community around all of that, so here they are, they know what you sell, right? Because some of your content is going to be sales content. So they know what you sell, but you’re also providing value in your building trust with that person. Now, it’s not possible to build trust with just one piece of content, like just one video or just one post. It doesn’t work like that.

Speaker 1: (04:44)
Most times you will not be able to convert with one piece of content, unless it’s something longer and more extensive. Like if you’re doing a, a webinar or a workshop or something like that. But even then, you’ve probably had some touch points and built trust with people so that they, and they watch that longer form content, right? So they need to come into your world. And if you can become that person that they like read all their content anyways, bingeable, okay, I’m gonna use it in this podcast, even though I totally made it up. If you create that kind of content, then you can convert them more quickly. So here are the three things that you need to make that happen. Okay? The first thing is you have to be valuable. You have to solve a problem because if people are coming into your audience and they’re seeing your content, and it’s a hundred percent sales oriented, or it’s a hundred percent product oriented, or it’s all kind of the same, it sounds the same.

Speaker 1: (05:43)
And there’s nothing valuable to it. And it doesn’t really solve their problem. It doesn’t feel a need for them. They don’t feel connected to the community. They’re not gonna keep coming back. And they’re probably gonna see a little bit of what you’re doing and write it off. And then you’ve lost that person, right? Like you had this ideal person come to your audience that could probably really benefit from your products or your business opportunity, but they’ve been turned off because they don’t see any value and they don’t see their problems being solved. So that’s one thing that you absolutely need. If you want your content to stand the test of time and people keep consuming it and keep watching your videos, or they keep listening to what you’re talking about, they keep reading your post, right? The second thing that you need in this three part equation is to be entertaining and or engaging.

Speaker 1: (06:37)
Okay. And I almost left it at entertaining and engaging, but I threw in the, or there, because some people like that’s not their personality. Right? Like being entertaining. It doesn’t always have to be funny. Like maybe that’s not you. And you know that doesn’t come off authentic. Okay. But being authentic and real is very engaging. Even if it’s not like funny, or even if it’s not quirky or maybe it is quirky, right. Just being yourself is what’s gonna be engaging so you can be entertaining. And the more enter entertained people are, the more invested they’re gonna be. They’re probably gonna keep watching or reading or listening if they’re being entertained. But engaging is just as important. So don’t feel like you have to put on this persona and become someone that you’re not to entertain your audience, just being real and showing your personality is engaging.

Speaker 1: (07:34)
So you do have to be doing that. Being entertaining and, or engaging third thing. This is the third component here is to create content that has a shelf life. And you guys, there is nothing worse than could you imagine, right? Like I’m sitting here and I’m recording this podcast for, you know? Yeah. I love podcasting because it doesn’t take as much time as like writing to blog wood. You know, I don’t have to prepare as much as going live. Like I definitely have no makeup on right now. My hair’s in a bun. Right. So podcasting is one of the easier forms of content to create. But I still have to like, think about what you guys want, how I can solve your problems, tips I can share with you. I have to get my ideas together. I have to record it. Sometimes I have to edit it, getting to the point where I’m just letting stuff slide.

Speaker 1: (08:23)
And you guys just hear me real raw, how it is. Um, but maybe there’s a little bit of editing. And then of course, you know, creating the graphics and getting it uploaded. If the people that heard that podcast the day it dropped and no one ever heard it again, like it was only unquote like alive or active for the one day that the podcast dropped. Like, I would really feel like I was spinning my wheels here. Cause I’d constantly have to be creating, but it doesn’t right. There’s an entire bank of podcast episodes. I think we’re up to like 70 something now. So you guys can go back and let’s say, you’re interested in how in the world am I gonna get people in my Facebook group? How do I grow a Facebook group? How do I get engagement? And you wanna listen to all the episodes that I recorded about growing a Facebook group.

Speaker 1: (09:09)
Like you can do that and you can binge listen to that content. And I have people all the time that when they join the successful networking mom’s Facebook group, they comment on videos or trainings or live workshops that I did. And it like bumps it up in the newsfeed again. And I’m like, that’s so cool. Like I literally made that video six months ago and people are still consuming that content. And so that’s really the point I’m trying to make here about creating tent that has a shelf life. And if you wanna know the simplest way to get started, okay, what do I suggest, Shelly? How could I do that? You guessed it in your Facebook group. Okay. So yes, I have a podcast. Yes. I used to be on Instagram. I’m not anymore. I have a Facebook group. I do all that, but I S store all of that content and I funnel everybody into my group.

Speaker 1: (09:59)
And that’s what I would suggest for you as well. That way, if you go live, if you create posts, if you have a challenge that you’re doing, even your post, that you’re posting about your products and information about your company and your business, all of that lives within your Facebook group. And it has a shelf life. That way, when people come in, even though they’re just starting to meet you, they can sit there and they can go through all that content in your group. And they get to know you and you can build trust and rapport with that person. You’ve never even met them. And you haven’t had to like send them messages or send them informations in the DM or whatever. Haven’t had to do that for each person, like one on one, on one, they are going back and they are binging your content.

Speaker 1: (10:43)
And they’re getting to know you before they ever even reach out or introduce themselves, or before you ever even have to send them a message. So that’s basically one way to work smarter, not harder. And you guys know I’m here for, I preach let’s work smarter, not harder. So becoming bingeable is one way that you can do that. I hope these tips are super helpful in helping you become bingeable in helping you create this content that’s gonna live on for longer than a day. That’s gonna help you grow your business in a really sustainable way. If you have questions about this, or you wanna see examples of how I do this, like how my past videos are stored, how I have ’em arranged in the guides, you can check that out at the successful networking moms, Facebook group, that’s a free community to join. And you guys were almost 2000 moms strong in there.

Speaker 1: (11:33)
And that is so exciting to have 2000 moms who all growing their businesses, their work from home moms, or they have side hustles, but they are in the network, marketing MLM, direct sales industry. And we just collaborate and encourage each other and share best practices. And if you’re not in that group, you’ll definitely wanna check it out, successful networking moms. You can find it and request to join on Facebook if you’re not already there. And if you are come say hi, let me know that you listened to this episode, feel free to drop links. Some groups don’t let you, um, share your content or talk about your business. We do because we believe in and encouraging other moms. And that, you know, when one of us is successful, we’re all successful. And so I’m a big believer in that. So you can, um, definitely share links to your content and invite people to your group, invite them to wherever you’re hanging out. And who knows maybe your ideal audience or your next team member or someone who’s looking for a new network marketing offer opportunity sees that, and they start binging your content, right? That’s the goal. So I hope you guys make some connections there. Um, like I said, drop us a link to where we can hang out with you online. Join us in the Facebook group. And of course, here on the podcast, we’ll catch you on the next episode.

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