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how to build relationships online


You’ve probably heard from the day you started your business that network marketing is a relationship business, right?  And that’s true. Network marketing at its core is based on building relationships.

But what if though, you don’t want to build a business based on recruiting friends and family or selling to neighbors and coworkers? What if the vision for your work from home business is passive, recurring revenue that’s built online?

Do the two go together? Well, the answer is absolutely. Mastering the skill of building relationship online is crucial to success, and I’ll show you how to do it in this episode.  And spoiler alert– it’s not cold messaging or spamming people.


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The Podcast

For Work From Home Moms

Episode Transcript:

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Hello. Hello mama. Welcome to today’s podcast. We are talking about building relationships online. Now you have probably heard from the day you started your network marketing business. The day you joined the team that you’re on the day you first met with your up, you probably heard that network marketing is a relationship business, right? It will always be based on relationships. And that’s true. Network marketing at its core is based on building relationships. So what if though, you don’t want to be doing at work marketing and building relationships and building a referral based business in like, I’m gonna say the real world with your friends, your family, your neighbors, your coworkers, trying to get anyone and everyone, you know, involved and to take an interest in your business and to try of products, to make sales to them. What if that’s not the vision you have for your business?

Speaker 1: (01:06)
The vision you have for your business is more of a passive or recurring revenue stream. That’s online. You want to build your network marketing business online. Is that possible? Do the two go together? Well, the answer is absolutely. You can look around in network marketing right now, and you see tons of business builders that are building their business online. But one thing that they are doing is they are building relationships online. So we’re gonna be diving into that topic today. And I’m gonna share with you how you can build your network marketing business, build your om direct sales career completely online without bugging friends and family, but spoiler alert. It does involve relationships.

Speaker 1: (02:24)
Hey guys, welcome. I’m so glad to be hanging out with you today. As we’re talking about building relationships online for your business. Now, building relationships is so important to really any business I believe, but especially to the network, marketing MLM, direct sales, social cell business models, like it’s crucial, but what if you don’t want to be using your current relationships like your aunts and your best friends from high school and your coworkers and your neighbors? What if those aren’t the relationships that you want to use to build your network marketing business? Because your vision and your goal is to really have a successful online business. Well, I’m here to tell you, not only is that possible, but I’m gonna give you some ways to do that. Now, you know, I’m huge on building relationships and I preach all day every day about the importance of not just building an audience online, but building a community.

Speaker 1: (03:23)
That’s why I talk so much about community marketing about Facebook groups. That’s what my entire course, the group growth blueprint is built around is teaching you how to grow an online business while building relation and chip online, right? Because people buy from people that’s so, so true. You’ve probably heard it a hundred times. It’s almost a little cliche, but it’s too true not to share. Okay. People buy from people. So relationships are gonna be important. Now there are ways to automate that, and maybe you felt like these two things were kind of mutually exclusive. Like I either have a completely automated business that is hands off. And it’s just like a passive revenue generating machine. I’m pumping money into ads and like, things are just going automatically. Maybe you think that’s one way to build your business. And then there’s the relational side where it’s a hundred percent organic.

Speaker 1: (04:22)
And I’m just having one on one conversations with people and building my business and doing parties and meeting people face to face and talking to people in the line at the grocery store about my business. And that’s another way. And those two things are mutually exclusive, but it’s not, I that the best way to grow your business is actually a hybrid of both. Okay. You can have an online business that is somewhat automated. I preach automation because it gives you your time back as an entrepreneur and as a work from home mom, right? It can be automated. It can be systemized. You can have a really good lead generating system in place and still be building relationships with people. And you do that through having an online community. So those two ways of building a business do not have to exist separately. They can coexist and building an online community is the way you do that.

Speaker 1: (05:20)
So if you’re really interested in like the step by step of what I teach, like I said, group growth blueprint is the name of the course. And you can find out all the details of group growth, But today we want to talk specifically about one part of community building and community marketing. And that’s the relationships and how in the war or old do you create relationships and build trust with your audience and build enough trust and influence that people buy from you or reach out about joining your team? How do you do that? A hundred percent online with people that you’ve never met? So that’s what we’re talking about today and what really gave me the idea for this episode and kind of got my wheels turning over here is I was listening to a podcast because I’m kind of a podcast junkie. I actually live where our house is, is kind of far out from what I would call like the city.

Speaker 1: (06:17)
Um, you know, where I do my shopping and, um, you know, where the girls take dance and all of that. So we’re, we kind of live in the country and then the hub of everything is in town. So I say all that to say, I have a bit of a drive. Anytime I wanna go anywhere to take my kids to school. That’s about a 15 minute drive. And then, um, you know, anytime I’m driving into the quote unquote city, which is funny, cuz the city that I live in is not a big city, but to get anywhere, basically there’s a drive. And so I listened to a lot of podcasts while I’m driving. And so this morning I was listening to a podcast and it was all about faith led businesses because I am a Christian and I’m a Christian entrepreneur. And so I like to surround myself with other voices and other perspectives from Christian entrepreneurs as well.

Speaker 1: (07:10)
So I was listening to a podcast and one of the guests on there, I recognized her name and I said, wait a second. I feel like I have heard this name before. I feel like I have seen her interacting in a group that I’m a part of online because that’s another thing I’m passionate about groups. Right? Of course I have my own Facebook group and community, the successful networking mom’s Facebook group. If you guys aren’t in there, you should hurry over there and join us. But I also am in like a lot of other Facebook, right? I’m in Facebook groups for moms I’m in, you know, for parenting and all business, Facebook groups, women, entrepreneur, Facebook groups, like I’m in a lot of Facebook groups. And so I knew that her name sounded familiar and sure enough, she mentioned the particular group that we were both in because it’s the group of a mentor and a group coaching program that we both were a part of.

Speaker 1: (08:00)
And I just thought to myself, wow, online is such a small world. Like it truly, truly is interconnected. Right. And even though there are millions, well, billions probably with a B of online users that are on social media and there’s just millions of people hanging out in Facebook groups. The fact that I interact and I’m in groups that are so specific to my particular interest and where I am and you know that I’m networking with other entrepreneurs who are doing the same thing and we’re in group coaching programs together and we’re in masterminds together. Like the fact that I would just be listening to a podcast while I’m driving and recognize the person that was being interviewed. And so of course I reached out to them on messenger and was like, oh my gosh, we both were in this group coaching program together. I’m talking about like in 2019.

Speaker 1: (08:55)
Okay. So this was not recent. And anyways, so it’s just so funny how you can connect with people. And that was a relationship that was started. Right? And so it’s totally possible to do that online. You can have both, you can have an online business and you can still build relationships online. So I wanna give you some examples of how I do that. Some examples of how I’ve seen other entrepreneurs do that, that have been really successful and have really worked for them and really worked for me. And then you can use these same ideas and these same relationship building practices in your own network marketing business. So the first thing that I always tell my students and clients and I do this myself to do is to find your tribe online. And so find your tribe may sound a little bit easier said than done, but Facebook groups right now, there are so many people using Facebook groups and there are tons of topics, tons of communities being built.

Speaker 1: (10:00)
So your tribe is out there. One pitfall though that I do see a lot of people making is for example, in the network marketing space. Okay. They think their tribe would be well, if I’m gonna use groups to grow my network marketing business, to be in all these network marketing groups, right? With like moms who work from home and like moms that want, um, to grow their side hustle and stuff, and those groups are phenomenal for encouragement. In fact, the successful networking moms, Facebook group is definitely that type of group. Okay. It’s encouraging, it provides training resources to grow your network marketing business. Right. But if those are the groups you’re joining, just be aware that a lot of people there are already gonna have businesses, right? They’re already gonna be on teams. They already are involved in network marketing. So I’d really encourage you to step out a little bit further and find your ideal audience in groups there than just like the first thing that would come to your mind.

Speaker 1: (10:59)
Okay. So if you’re wanting to grow your network marketing business, the first step is always to find your ideal audience and where they’re hanging out online. And that may not be in other networking groups that may not be in just, um, like side hustle groups or work from home. Mom groups really look for the, that you wanna connect with, ask yourself how your product or joining your team could help other people and then figure out who that person is that you really get excited about helping. I want you to be able to see that person so clearly in your head and then think about the groups and communities that they would be joining and interacting in online. And that’s where your tribe’s gonna be. So it’s totally fine to join some networking groups and some groups of moms that are, you know, in business like you are.

Speaker 1: (11:48)
And you’re gonna find a lot of support there, but just know that I would suggest also expanding your tribe to your ideal audience and where they’re hanging out online. So if you need some tips and ideas about that, um, I have a podcast episode and I’ll link it in the show notes. Cause I can’t remember which number it is, but it’s all about how I attract leads using Facebook groups. And so we dive how I actually use other Facebook groups to attract leads to my community and grow my audience. And so if that would be helpful, you can look in the show notes and I’ll link that podcast episode. But if you wanna search for it or just look back on previous episodes, it’s how I attract a hundred plus leads per month using Facebook groups. And I really dive into that. So that’s the first thing though, is you wanna find your tribe, figure out where they’re hanging out online and then join those communities.

Speaker 1: (12:43)
The next thing that I would suggest for you is to do less posting and more engaging and less. I know sounds completely counterintuitive. It’s like Shelly, I found my audience of people. I know where they’re hanging out online and I’m getting involved in those communities. You feel like you should be posting a lot, right? But the truth is that posting only will get you so far. Okay. Responding to, um, the reds and pitching either your business opportunity or your products in a post are only gonna get you so far where the real magic happens with communities where the real magic happens when you’re building relationships is in the engaging. So honestly you could be in a group with your ideal audience, never post a single post, never create an original post, but be engaging in the threads, be answering questions, be giving value in your comments.

Speaker 1: (13:46)
And you’ll still build relationships. Like you’ll still find people who you can start a conversation about your business, with who you can and start a conversation about your products with. So don’t get caught up in this idea that you constantly have to be churning out content and making posts and then reusing those posts. And you know, coming up with new things to say, or new graphics and new pictures, it’s not all about the posting when it comes to building relationships. It it’s about engaging. One rule of thumb that I use is every single day I intentionally engage in the Facebook groups that I’m a part of for at least 10 minutes and that’s not including posting. Okay. So I don’t post 10 minutes a day. I don’t copy and paste anything. I don’t create graphics or anything like that. I just take that time. And I engage.

Speaker 1: (14:41)
I go through, I see if people are asking questions that I can answer, I go through and I see if there’s conversations happening around my niche or my industry. And I jump into those conversations and I just engage with the people in the group. And that is how you build relationships. And so that kind of leads to my third tip for you, which is to start conversations, okay. If you’re gonna be hanging out in groups and you’re wanting to build relationships, you gotta talk to people, you gotta meet people and you gotta start convers. And I don’t mean with cold messages. Okay? That’s not the way that I’m suggesting that you start conversations. I’m talking about in the group. Okay. If you ask questions, if you post maybe a topic that is, um, controversial and that it gets people talking and it gets people giving their opinions like conversations and sharing ideas and sharing different perspectives, that is what is going to build relationships.

Speaker 1: (15:43)
And those conversations are what can lead to real genuine conversations about your business, okay. Where you’re not leading off with sales. You’re not leading off coming on cross as spammy, or like you’re just cold messaging. A bunch of people, you can be a lot more authentic and genuine. So always be looking for ways to start conversations. So I hope these tips are really helpful for you guys. They are exactly what I do. They’re exactly what I teach my students. And it’s exactly what I have my clients do to really build genuine relationships online. And that’s what network marketing direct sales is. So if you’ve always heard, you have to build relationships to be successful in network marketing. I that’s true. And I also believe that you can do it a hundred percent online. So if you have any questions or wanna start a conversation around this episode, join us over in the successful networking moms, Facebook group. I’d love to chat with you guys about this topic or any other topic that you’d like to see some training and sources on for you or your team. So we’ll connect over there and I’ll see you guys on the next episode,

Speaker 3: (16:59)
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