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You’ve probably heard that “people buy from people” and statistics, research, trends, and hard-won experience this year proves that’s a fact!

That’s why I chose to focus on community marketing as THE main strategy I will be focusing on in 2022 to grow an online business. And honestly, once you hear the three main reasons I came to this decision, you’ll probably wanna get on board, too.

This is the way that network marketers, work from home moms, and mom entrepreneurs can see real, sustainable growth in their audience, build trust with their potential customers, and make sales without feeling weird, salesy, or ever having to spam or cold message. It’s also how you can recruit others that are SO on board with your mission and vision that your team grows continuously.

Pop in your earbuds, grab your coffee, and let’s discuss!

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The Podcast

For Work From Home Moms

Episode Transcript:


Hello mama. Welcome to the podcast today. We are talking about why 2022 is the year that I’m gonna be going all in on Facebook groups, on interacting in other groups, on growing my group, and on helping moms really focus in on their Facebook groups and using groups and community marketing as a whole to grow their businesses. It is the strategy that I’m gonna be focusing on next year. And if you’re wondering why, why did I pick that strategy? Well, that’s what we’re gonna be discussing today. So buckle up, get ready. There’s some good stuff in, in this episode that I’m gonna share with you guys today, and you might just find that this is the strategy that you want to go all in on as well.


I’m so glad that you are taking the time to hang out with us today on the podcast, wherever you are. If you’re listening to this in real time, when the episode drops, then maybe you’re out running errands and picking up some last minute Christmas gifts or you’re in the house and you’re cooking, getting ready, whatever it is they you’re doing. I think it’s awesome that you have me either in your earbuds or in your car bluetooth, thank you for listening to this podcast. That’s the whole reason I do this is so that I can help encourage and facilitate growth for mamas like you, who are busy and who are doing all the things that we as moms do. You are carrying all the responsibilities of your family and your household, and you are also growing a business. I just wanna applaud you.


That is amazing what you’re doing. And if you feel like it’s all getting to be kind of heavy though, and it’s a lot and going in to 2022, and you’re not sure what you should be doing as far as marketing your business, what’s actually gonna work and move the needle. What your marketing strategy should be, or maybe you’re listening and your thinking “strategy, what strategy, Shelley? I was just hoping to keep doing what my leaders or my upline or my team or my company tells me to do. And hopefully that would work.” But I’m here to tell you that just posting more on social media and showing up more and praying that customers and members are just gonna come to you is not gonna be enough to grow a profitable thriving business in 2022. So if you are that mama and you know that you want this to be your year, then we need to hop on a strategy session together.


I call them breakthrough sessions, 45 minutes long. And that is where you and I will dive deep into your business. Figure out what’s not working. Why is your team not growing as fast as you wanted it to? Why are you not attracting customers as consistently? Or why are you growing a business but just feel like you’re a slave to social media and a slave to your phone. And you’re just constantly spinning your wheels because mama, that is no way to run a business. That’s no way to live life. And I don’t want you to miss out on all the fulfillment and the joy that growing a network marketing business online the right way. I don’t want you to miss out on all the freedom that can bring in your life. So if you don’t know how to make that happen and you want my professional help, I’ve helped moms in over 20 different network marketing companies set up sales and marketing systems for their business that do position them as the authority in their niche.


Gives them complete clarity on who they’re talking to, who they’re selling, to, who they’re recruiting, and then help you stand out online because there’s 1,000,001 different people doing network marketing, but what is gonna set you apart? That’s what we need to dive into and we’ll do that in the breakthrough session. And then I will give you a plan going forward a step by step to get you to your financial goals, but then also your business goals in general, if your goal is to spend more time with your kids and not be on your phone twenty four seven, then we need to come up with a plan to make that happen. If your goal is to rank advance faster than you even thought that you could, then we need, need to make a plan to make that happen. So we’ll figure all of that out in our one on one breakthrough session.


So you can book that by going to that’s bit B I T dot L Y slash coaching with Shelley. And my name is spelled S H E L L E Y. And I will help you get clarity around that. Get your game plan set up so that you hit the ground running in 2022. So excited for you to do that. And for 2022 to be the year that your business becomes simplified and that your business has a strategy and a plan that works. Yes, I get so fired up about that because I know the difference it can make you guys like I’ve been where I’ve had a business where I felt like I was a slave to social media and my phone. And I felt like everyone, but me was setting the pace for my life. And I didn’t want that anymore.


I mean, to be completely honest, like that’s not the vision that I had. And so as an online entrepreneur, sometimes we fall into that trap, right. But I wanna help you. And the main thing that you can do is to get really clear on what you’re gonna focus on and really focus. So that’s what we’re talking about in this episode today is what marketing strategy I’m going to be focusing on in 2022. And when I tell you how I came to this decision and why I chose community marketing, to be the thing that I kind of plant my flag in, and really go all in on, by the end of this episode, you maybe thinking to yourself also like, yes, that’s exactly what I should be going all in on. I can totally get on board with that. And I hope that’s where you are by the end of this episode.


So let’s dive into that. Shall we? Okay. Community marketing, that is the strategy that I’m gonna be focusing on on, in the coming year. Okay. I see it as a huge opportunity for my business. I have already done a great deal of community marketing, but I’m really going all in with that. And there’s three main reasons why. So those are the three things that I wanna tell you about today. So the first reason that I’ve decided to go all in, on community marketing and Facebook groups specifically is because number one, I love Facebook groups. Okay. I really dig Facebook groups. I enjoy being on Facebook. There are other social media platforms that honestly I could do with or without, but Facebook is somewhere that I enjoy being enjoy showing up. And I realized something this year. And it’s something that obviously I already knew from like a head knowledge standpoint, but you know how you can know things.


And then, you know, things, I don’t know if that makes sense, but to me, it’s like, I knew that my time was valuable and that I should be focusing on things that I enjoy and that I like in my business and do less of the things that I don’t like. I kinda knew that it was in my head. I’ve heard it. You’ve probably heard it. But this year that became just really important to me. And I realized that I can say that all day long, but if I’m not walking that out, if I’m not actually living that, then my business it’s kind of running me and I’m not running it. And so I realized that, yeah, I need to do more of the things that I enjoy. That light me up in my business, that I’m looking forward to less of the things that I don’t enjoy in my business.


And then I started outsourcing some things so that I could take some of the things off my plate that I don’t enjoy, or that don’t get me super excited and do more of the things that I do enjoy. So then I took it from like that head knowledge of, yes, you should do what you love in your business to an actual realization of, wow, this is freeing. Like I don’t have to do all this stuff. I can outsource some of it. And I say all of that to say that when I realized that one of the things when I like take an assessment and I’m looking at the things that I do and don’t like doing so that I don’t know what I can and can’t outsource. I like being on Facebook. Like I like interacting in my group, the members, you guys that are in the Successful Networking Moms Facebook group, I love hanging out in there and talking to you guys and having conversations with you in the DMs.


Like that gets me really excited. And that’s where I’m getting the messages and the feedback of, “oh my gosh, thank you. You said something that really resonated with me, or you really got me excited about my business again, or a light bulb went off. And that just clicked for me. I thinking about things a different way,” like that happens in Facebook groups. I also love this podcast, which this podcast, you know, directly feeds into my Facebook group. I’m always telling you guys join me over in the successful networking moms, Facebook group. So that’s where I enjoy interacting. That’s where I like showing up. So of course I’m gonna go all in on the things that I like doing, and that’s recording this podcast and then interacting and my Facebook group and interacting in other Facebook groups. That’s fun for me too. And just to give you kind of like an example, there were other social media platforms that I would be on that at the end of the day, I would be like, what a time suck.


Oh my gosh. I just sat there and scrolled and scrolled. And I almost would feel guilty for spending that amount of time because I didn’t feel like I was being productive or using my time wisely. When I am interacting in Facebook groups, I’m not just mindlessly scrolling through the newsfeed, I don’t quit at the end of the day and think, oh, what a waste of time, talking to those moms was a waste of time having to interact and like answer their questions and help them out. I never feel like that. I like doing it. So that’s why that’s something I’m really gonna focus on. Now, the second reason that I’m focusing on Facebook groups and building a community through the podcast, through all of it, working together, community marketing is because I take my marketing cues from much larger businesses and much larger companies. So I like to see where other people are having success and then emulate that success.


Not copy, not paste. I’m not saying to do any of that, but look at where the larger businesses are spending their time, where are they investing their money? What are they doing to see success? And when I started looking, I saw that community marketing is such an integral part of their marketing strategies. We’re talking everybody from fortune 500 companies now are seeing the importance of community marketing. They are hiring chief community marketing officers. My point is like community marketing is an entire segment of marketing that they’re focusing on. So when I see large companies, large marketers who spend millions of dollars in testing of advertising and marketing to see what works and what doesn’t. And they’re seeing that yes, community marketing stands the test of time.


And that’s where they’re gonna be focusing on the years going forward. Of course, that makes a light bulb go off in my head and I’m thinking, okay, so this is where the future is. This is where people are gonna be spending time is in Facebook groups. I also look at where companies like Facebook, themselves, where are they prioritizing their efforts and that’s groups and building communities right now, even with meta rolling out. And the name of all the Facebook companies changing to meta meta is based on the philosophy of community. And so we can tell that big businesses are going to community marketing. The actual marketing platforms themselves have an emphasis on community. So this is where we as business owners also need to be focusing our time and our energy and our resources. So when I saw that and I’ve been hearing for several months now, this is the way that marketing is going.


Community managers are being hired by the dozen, by these huge corporations, marketing platforms are really focused on building their community. It just clicks, you know, community marketing is somewhere where you need to be. And the thing is, it’s so easy to get started because Facebook groups are a very accessible way for all of us to build communities around our brands and around our businesses. So you should absolutely be taking advantage of that. So the third reason that I decided to go all in on this is because I’m an analytical person at heart. I like numbers. I like data. And when you’re a marketer, a lot of the results that you get comes from testing and fine tuning. Because if there was a silver bullet or a template that you could download, or a script that you could copy and paste that would always result in leads and people buying your stuff, we’d all be doing it, right.


I mean, trust me, I have done enough Google searches that if that was out there, I would have found it. Has anyone else done what seems like a hundred million Google searches. And you’re like, look, if there was a silver bullet to marketing my network marketing business online, I’d have found it by now because I’ve YouTubed it. I’ve Pinterested it. I’ve Googled it. And it’s not out there. There is no magic pill, right? There’s not, but good marketing is built on testing and optimizing. And so you have to try things and see what works. So I say all of that to say that I’m analytical. I like looking at numbers and data. So when I look at my business and what has really moved the needle, where have I seen results? It’s been within community, right? Where do most of my leads for my opt-ins come from Facebook groups and not necessarily my Facebook group, because people who are in my Facebook group normally know who I am, or I’ve had some form of contact with me.


Okay. So other Facebook groups, those communities, because I’m interacting with people with like interests and that want to learn or do something that I’m talking about. So we’re like in a community. So other Facebook groups, that’s where a lot of my optins come from. I looked at, okay, so how am I booking breakthrough calls or where are people finding me to reach out and send me a message about working together in a Facebook group, either mine or one that I’m interacting in. So when I, as an analytical person, look at the data and say, okay, I’ve tried all these different things in 2021, which I have not just for me, but I still run full-fledged marketing campaigns for my clients. Right? And so I have a lot of marketing that’s happening on a lot of different platforms. And what I’ve noticed is that the best results are coming from communities like Facebook groups.


Facebook is the biggest generator for my business. And for a lot of the clients that I work with. So from an analytical perspective, I’m gonna pour fuel on a fire. That’s already burning before I get over here. And I’m not trying to start a whole new fire, right. Trying to like do a bunch of things and see if I get a spark anywhere. No, I’m gonna fan the flames over here. And I’m really gonna focus on what’s working. And so right now that for me and for my clients is Facebook groups and building a community. And you want to build that community because you can sell to your community over and over and over again. Okay. It’s not where they’re just gonna buy something one time from you and then forget who you are. Because when you build community, they’re invested, they’re gonna become advocates for your brand and your company and what you stand for.


They’re gonna spread the word about you, and then they can also buy more. So in the realm of network marketing, this could look like a customer that then becomes a team member or someone that is so bought into your mission, that, you know, they don’t wanna just buy the products. They’re ready to go all in on their business. And so that’s what you’re trying to create with a community is a group of people that are so bought in and such advocates for what you stand for, what your business is about, what you, as a person, believe in what you’re saying, that they see you as a solution to their problem. And they advocate for that. And I’m telling you, those are the best customers to have. And those are the best team members that you will ever, ever find to recruit into your business.


So that’s three reasons. Okay. Quick recap. Number one. I like Facebook groups. I dig it. I enjoy spending time in Facebook groups. So I’m gonna focus on that in 2022. The second reason is I’ve taken cues from much bigger businesses that have way more money and way more power and way more influence. And they’re going all in on building their communities this year. They’ve been saying that the big marketing platforms are pushing that and that communities are their relevant form of marketing. And then the third reason why is I’m analytical. I like to look at what works and do more of what works instead of trying to recreate the wheel. So if any of these three things resonated with you and you’re thinking those are great reasons to focus on building my community.


And I am going to build a Facebook group this year. I am going to create that community of people that I can sell to over and over again, that are so into what I’m about. And so into the culture that I create, that they can’t wait to buy my products, or they can’t wait to join my team that I’ve got something big coming for you guys. Okay? So I’m not gonna spill the beans yet because I’m still getting all the details ironed out, but just know that there is going to be a free workshop coming in January. That is gonna help you implement all of this. That is gonna help you start your Facebook group. If you don’t have one, if you do, it’s gonna help you grow your Facebook group, then it’s gonna help you monetize. I am so stoked about this. I cannot wait to give you all the details, which I will.


I promise the very first week of January, the first episode that drops of the podcast you wanna tune in and listen, because that’s where you’re gonna get all the details. And of course, I’ll be talking about it in my group, if you’re over there with us as well. And if you’re not like why you’ve got to get into the successful networking moms, Facebook group, there’s 1500 other moms. And we are all building our own online businesses. It’s more than businesses. We’re not just building businesses over here. We’re like building our online empires because we are taking a stand for what we believe in. And we’re building our entire business and brand around our personal platforms. And yeah, you guys are just making a change in the world. All of you when I hear and ask questions, like, so why did you start your business?


What motivated you to get involved with your company? Your reasons for that are phenomenal. So we have a group of world changing mamas in the successful networking moms, Facebook group. So you gotta get over there. All right guys. Well, I will see you possibly in the new year, especially if you’re not listening to this in real time, it may be 2022 already. In which case let”s get going, right? Let’s make 2022 the best year that you’ve ever had, not just in your business, but in your life, you can do it, mama. And I’m here to cheer you on and support you in all of that. Okay, guys, we’ll see you. On the next episode.

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