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You’ve probably heard that freebies are a good way to attract leads and build your list and I agree, but ONLY if it’s something people actually want.

If you are interacting in FB groups, which you know I absolutely believe you SHOULD be doing to grow your work from home business, offering a freebie as a solution for people is a great way to build trust and bring people into your world, introduce them to your brand, and ultimately sell to them.

So how do you make a good one that will actually grab people’s attention and people will actually download or ask for?

These are my best tips.

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For Work From Home Moms

Episode Transcript:

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Hey there, mama. So you have probably heard that freebies are a really good way to attract leads and build your email list. And yeah, I totally agree. But only if it is something that people actually want. So if you are interacting in Facebook groups, which, you know, I absolutely you should be doing to grow your work from home business, offering a freebie as a solution for people is a great way to build trust and bring people into your world, introduce them to you and your brand, and ultimately sell to them. So how do you make a good freebie that will actually grab people’s attention and people will really want to download and ask you for well today in this episode, I am giving you my very best tips on how to create the perfect freebie that people actually want. 

Speaker 1: (01:27)
Hey mama, welcome to the show today. I’m so excited that you’re hanging out with me and that you are listening wherever you are today, whether you’re at home and you’re getting some stuff done or you’re driving in your car or you’re listening at work, like super excited that you are hanging out with me, cuz we’re gonna be talking about how to create a freebie that people actually want. Now full disclaimer, side note here, I have downloaded probably, well I know hundreds of freebies, but I maybe even thousands I don’t know. I’ve lost track over the years, but I am the queen of download freebies. Okay. And I have also spent thousands of dollars in business coaching and as development as a direct result of consuming free content first. So I have hired people based on the free content. It delivered a ton of value and I thought, wow, if I downloaded this freebie and was able to get a quick, then imagine what would happen if I worked with them.

Speaker 1: (02:27)
So I have a good idea of what makes a good freebie because the whole point is for you to help people, to serve them and then to bring them into your world. So they get to know you, they become familiar with your personal brand. Now they’re in your audience, they’re in your community and they’re more likely to buy from you. So I do have some insight on what makes a good freebie. And I have also created my fair share of them. I definitely see a pattern in what is snapped right up and what freebies were kind of a flop when I made them and put them into the world. So you can learn from all of this and hopefully cut out some of this trial and error for yourself and save yourself some time. So we’re gonna be going over those tips today. I have three things that you’ll need to consider to help you make this perfect freebie.

Speaker 1: (03:20)
Now, before we dive in, I did wanna remind you guys that doors are now open to the group growth blueprint. If you have been consuming some of my free be, maybe you’ve been hanging out with me here on the podcast, listening, getting some good tips, advice, and strategy, and you’re ready to go to the next level and implement the things that I teach, which are how to build your personal brand. How to create a Facebook group, how to use Facebook groups, to grow your audience and to build your direct sales and your network marketing business. If you’re ready to put all of that into practice, then the group growth blueprint is definitely the place for you. Mama. We actually opened the doors to it last week. We’ve been welcoming in some fantastic mamas who are growing their direct sales business. I’m so excited to see the results for them.

Speaker 1: (04:10)
They’re already getting some quick wins and some feedback from me. So I’m really excited to see where that goes for them. And I would love to welcome you into that project as now. It is a course. It’s completely self-led, but it has everything that you need to create your personal platform, which is another word for your brand. I like to call it your personal platform because it’s so much more than like your colors and your logos. And just like the things that you might associate with a quote unquote brand, but I’m really gonna help you in this course create your personal platform. What you stand for, build a community around that platform. And that community is your Facebook group. Facebook groups are free. They are the place right now. Your content, when you post in your Facebook group is gonna show up higher in the newsfeed than any other content that you can do right now.

Speaker 1: (04:59)
Facebook loves groups. I’m gonna show you how to use your group and interacting in other groups to build an audience of people that are already looking for what you have are totally jazzed to hear about what you have to offer and are more likely to buy from you. Then of course, the next piece is teaching you how to sell to that audience. Monetize is the name of the game. It comes to the group growth blueprint. So if you’re ready to do that, you’re ready to take your network marketing business to the next level. Then join us in the group growth blueprint. You can find all of the details for that at group growth,, that’s group growth, all spelled out. And I would love to see you join us there. Okay? So the three things you need to get this freebie created out into the world and people opting in for it because ultimately that’s the goal is to bring these people into your community and you can do that with a great freebie.

Speaker 1: (05:56)
So the first thing though that you have to do to create something that people are actually gonna want is to figure out what your audience wants. So if you don’t have your target audience clear in your head, like if you close your eyes right now, you can see that person. You can see who she is just like right now, when my eyes are closed, like I see you, you mama, I see the woman who is listening to this podcast and who has a toddler on her hip or a baby, or you know, a school aged kid. And you’re doing all the things and you’re like folding laundry and you’re doing dishes and you’re making dinner. And you’re also like growing your business at night when the kids are asleep and you’re on social media and you are just going for your goals. Like I can see you.

Speaker 1: (06:39)
So crystal clear in my head right now, and I know what it is that you want. You want a successful business. You want a business that you can be proud of that you’re making a difference. And you feel like you have something for yourself that you’re doing that’s worthwhile and you wanna make money doing it. Like I see you so clearly in my head, if you don’t have that person in your head right now that you can close your eyes and see, then you got a little bit of work to do mama, because that is who you’re creating this free before. And you have to know what that person wants. You have to know what she wants so that you can give it to her in something that she can download in some free content. Right? So I want you to do some work, really to get to know who that person is.

Speaker 1: (07:20)
There are some episodes about this. I know I’ve done a couple of episodes on defining your niche, but there was one very recently and it was how to pick a profitable niche. So go back and listen to that episode, if you need clarity on this, but think about that person, okay? You got, you got ’em, you got ’em in your head. Like we can close your eyes. You can see them. What do they want? What are they searching for? What do they wish they had? What is something that you can help them with right now? And I, that is what you need to figure out to be able to create a freebie that they’re actually going to want what they want and what they need sometimes can be too very D things. Okay? You may know what they need, but right now they don’t know that yet.

Speaker 1: (08:04)
Okay. You’re gonna help them with that in the freebie that you’re creating for them. You’re gonna help them with that in content. You’re gonna help them with that, with your, what they’re buying from you. Okay. But right now you’re giving them what they want. Okay. So for example, I know for, from working with moms in over 20 different network marketing companies, I know what you need to grow your business. Okay? I know that you need a personal platform. I know that you need to get really specific and productive with your time. I know that you need to set boundaries with social media. I know that you need to grow an audience. I know that you need to create it for a warm and cold audience. I know you need all of that. Okay? But you want a profitable Facebook group, right? Like you want people coming in, you want people engaging with your posts.

Speaker 1: (08:50)
You want people reaching out and DMing. You like, you want team members. You want business builders who are interested. Right. So I create content every week on this podcast and in my Facebook group, that answers what you want. Okay. And then when you buy something from me, like when you join me in the group, growth blueprint, I give you not just what you want, but everything that you need to scale your business. But some of you, the, this free content, this podcast is the first time that you meet me and that you’re getting to know me and what I stand for and what I do. Okay. So I’m giving you what you want. I’m giving you tips on growing your Facebook group. I’m giving you strategies to create freebies that people love, right? Like I’m giving you all of that for free. And sometimes you don’t even know what you might need.

Speaker 1: (09:38)
You just know what you want, right? Like you want engagement. You want, um, people reaching out to you in your DMS. Like you want all of that. Right? So really get a clear idea of who you’re creating this free for and create something that they really want. The second thing is you want to create something that is easy to digest and implement and give your people a quick result. Okay. Quick result. Right. That’s why, um, content that is free to your audience needs to be to the point it needs to give. ’em a result. It needs to give ’em something that they can do right now. What can they take off and implement? Okay. Because you want them to actually use it. You want them to actually do it. And if you’re giving this huge process with like 150 steps and a workbook and all that, like it’s gonna be so much that they might get overwhelmed and get into information overload.

Speaker 1: (10:32)
Right? So when you’re creating a freebie, your goal is really find just one thing. They want just one problem that you can help them with create a solution for that. That’s how you build your audience. That’s how you grow your email list. That’s how you get people in your Facebook group. Okay. Help ’em with just that one thing that they want, make it easy to digest and implement so that they get a quick result and they actually use it. Okay. Because then they trust you. Right? You have helped them. You have solved one quick problem for them. Right. This podcast episode is solving one quick problem of freebie. Okay. You need a freebie so that people will opt into your email list so that people will start a conversation with you so that you can build that. No, like, and trust factor. So you need something.

Speaker 1: (11:15)
So I’m helping you on this episode. Get that one thing that you want. Okay. Something that people are going to start a conversation with you to get access to, and then they’re in your world. Okay. So that’s what you want to do with your freebies that you’re creating as well. Okay. And it can be a lot of things like if you don’t wanna podcast, that’s totally cool. Um, your Facebook group and it in of itself is a freebie. If you’re putting content in there, it’s really valuable and it’s helping people achieve something, um, a PDF, a, a guide, a checklist. Um, there’s so many different things that you can do as far as what your freebie is, but you wanna make sure that it is these two things that it’s something they actually want and that it’s easy to consume for them. And then here’s the third thing that you need to take into consideration is you wanna a freebie that you can easily promote.

Speaker 1: (12:08)
Okay. If you have to explain or write a book to ex explain what your freebie is, how it works, what they’re gonna get out of it, then they’re not gonna take the time. Okay. A freebie is for people who don’t quite know you yet for them to get introduced to you and to learn something from you and to build trust with you. And so it doesn’t need to be overly complicated. It needs to be something simple and straight to the point so that if you’re interacting in other groups and you see someone that’s asking a question that pertains to what you have, or has a problem that you can help, or there’s a conversation that people are having around what you can help them with. You can drop that freebie. And in a really short like sentence or two, tell them the benefit of it.

Speaker 1: (12:50)
What is the benefit of opting into this freebie or, you know, listening to this podcast episode, going and joining your Facebook group. What’s the benefit of downloading this checklist, like very quickly and in a simple way, to be able to explain what they’re gonna get from that freebie. So you can’t do that. If you have like the super complicated freebie, right? You want this simple, simple is the name of the, a game. You’re gonna hear me say that over and over again. I think it’s so important that we keep business in life just in general, simple and not too complicated. So these three things, okay. Figuring out what your audience wants, creating something that is easy to digest, easy for them to consume that they’re actually gonna use. And then something that is super simple to promote that you share with people, because that’s gonna get the visibility going.

Speaker 1: (13:38)
Okay. When people are seeing you, that’s the only way they’re gonna be able to get your, your freebie. That’s the only way they’re gonna come in contact with you. So it’s gotta be something that you feel good about and you can get out there and promote. That is what is gonna make a freebie that people actually want. And they’re gonna start snapping it up. Whether you post it in a Facebook group, you put it on your newsfeed, whether you send it out, um, to your email list that you already have, like your email list is gonna grow. Your group’s gonna grow. This is definitely something that you need to stop. If you don’t have one yet, take a little bit of time, take these tips, think about what it could be and get that together. So you can start promoting it. Now, if you have a free B or you have an idea for a freebie, and you’re like, Shelly, I kind of have this idea.

Speaker 1: (14:19)
I think it’d be cool to offer this or that, but I don’t know if people want it, drop it in the successful networking mom’s Facebook group. That’s a great place to do some market research, put some feelers out and see what people want. Do a little bit of market research on the front end. And then, um, you know, see what works the best. Like what freebies are people really excited about getting from you and then just test and refine from there. So you can find that group it’s successful, networking moms on Facebook, feel free to drop a quick promo. In there side note, we do allow promo in there. Some groups are kind of weird about that and only in certain days or certain threads. Okay. But I’m all about building up other women in business. And so if you want to drop a promo and a link to your freebie, feel free to do that in our Facebook group. All right, ladies. So get out there, create that freebie that everybody wants, grow that audio. I’m so excited to continue cheering you on in your network marketing business. I’ll see you on the next episode,

Speaker 2: (15:17)
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