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Do you wish you had the confidence to show up authentically and unapologetically in your work from home business? Do you want to cultivate the kind of confidence that magnetizes your audience to you and allows you to serve and sell with conviction? This is for you– In today’s episode, we are joined by Tiffany Wynn, host of the Cash in on Confidence podcast, and she has an amazing message to share!

Tiffany is a wife, girl mom and reformed people pleaser who built a multiple 6-figure network marketing empire and coaching business by capitalizing on one thing…confidence.

Tiffany claimed her ambition and instead of letting her business overwork her, she took her biggest limiting beliefs and made them her superpower to create a life and business that went from striving to thriving. She created Soul Systems™️ and strategies that connected to her soul goals so she could ditch the hustle and grind for grit and grace and build a business that not only filled her bank account but her heart, soul and purpose too.

You will gain such value by hearing from her, so grab a drink and let’s go!

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Episode Transcript:

Hey mamas. Welcome back to the successful networking moms podcast. Today. We have a special guest. Tiffany Wynn is here and you guys, I am so excited to chat with her. So she is the host of the cash in on confidence podcast. And if you have not heard it, you have got to take a listen. It’s awesome. She talks all things, confidence and beating imposter syndrome and systems for your business. She, I know has so much goodness to share with us today. I’m super stoked to chat with her. So thanks Tiffany for being here with us.

Tiffany Wynn: (00:38)
Thank you for having me, Shelly.

Shelley Hoffman: (00:40)
Yay. Okay. So I’ll tell you, I’m so excited to have you on here because I get questions about confidence and how do I boost confidence in my business all the time. And so I was like, Tiffany is the perfect person to talk to you guys about this because I’ve listened to your podcast. I follow you on social and you just like exuded. Okay. When I think of confidence, I’m like Tiffany, she can just like own a room. So I’m so excited that you’re here to, um, teach us a little bit about that. So for moms that are in network marketing, I know you’re in network marketing as well. Um, tell me like how you got started and how you found the confidence that you really have now.

Tiffany Wynn: (01:23)
Yeah. Thank you so much. So, um, I just, this is just such a, a passionate topic for me because I have not always been the confident person. Um, I grew up where I just kind of felt like the outcast in a lot of the environments that I was in. And so I started to just become this person where I almost felt like I had like a, a separate persona from who I really and truly am. And so I know in network marketing this phrase, fake it till you make it is just like such a big deal. And that was me for so long. I was faking it till I make it. I looked like the person from the outside that was confident and had like, you know, all the stuff going on for her. But internally there was so much imposter syndrome happening and I was showing up, but inside I was like dying.

Tiffany Wynn: (02:20)
And, um, so I’ve been in network marketing for six years, almost seven years now. And when I first started that, that was really my Mo is that fake it till you make it, because that’s what, you know, they told us was going to make a successful, you know, the, feel, the fear and do it anyway, all those things. I really latched onto that. And I, how I tried to build my business, but I can tell you right now that it was not working. Um, so for the first four or five years of, of my business, I was not really seeing a ton of success. Um, and then I joined a different company and I was like, okay, I’m, I’m ready to go. I’m like gonna do this. And in that company, I built so fast and I reached, you know, top rank really, really quickly, like four months in.

Tiffany Wynn: (03:12)
But because that fake it till you make, it was still how I was showing up and running my business. I got to that leadership status and I quickly lost it because there was so much just a lack of belief in who I was really showing up as I had this title and I had this title of leader and I had these people on my team, but inside, I was like, who am I to be doing this? Who am I to be showing up and leading these team calls, who am I to be telling these people that they need to be doing this, this and this when I don’t even feel good about those things myself. And so I, you know, my business crumbled after that. And I know that that is kind of what happens a lot in this business. Um, people build their businesses, running it with that, fake it till you make it mindset.

Tiffany Wynn: (04:04)
And they are showing up on the outside as one person when inside they feel completely differently. And I, I know that that can get you. That’s gonna get you so far, right? So you might be able to build a really great business. It, the fake it till you make it mindset, but that imposter syndrome is always gonna be lurking in the background. And it is always going to be there holding you back from really being able to enjoy the success that you just earned. And I always say that, like, what’s the point of having success? What’s the point of building an, this awesome business, having this incredible, you know, income or whatever it is that you’re get gaining from, from that, that, that life that you’re building, if inside, it doesn’t feel good if inside you don’t feel worthy of it. If inside you don’t feel like you really, and truly earn that from your own essence, you know?

Tiffany Wynn: (05:01)
And so I was like, okay, I’m done with network marketing. Like, this is not for me clearly. Like, I, I just can’t do this. This is not my thing. And then I just happened to run into another opportunity. That was just, it seemed so great, um, with this affiliate program. And I was like, okay, gonna do this one more time, but this time I’m gonna do it differently. And so I started to really just show up fully as who I am. I didn’t try to be what I saw other top leaders being. I didn’t try to be what I saw anyone else around me being, I was just 100% Tiffany. And it’s crazy because I used to tell myself that I wasn’t ever gonna be able to build a team in network marketing because I had this belief that I was unlikable. Like it was just this thing that I’ve carried with me for a long time because of stories that I’ve played in my head since I was little from, you know, being left out of parties that I used to think my friends were having like on weekends and I wasn’t the one that was invited and they talk about it at school the next day.

Tiffany Wynn: (06:07)
And I was like, well, they went, but I wasn’t invited. I just must not be likable. I just must not be the cool kid and just different things that I just like picked up on as a kid. And I know we all have those things and we start to create these stories in our heads about what those things mean about us. And we accept them as our truths. And I had, I’d held on to so many of those things. And I started to just say, you know, what is that really my truth though? And I started to just slowly one at a time become super aware of my thoughts and the way I was thinking about myself, the way I was thinking about my business. And I started to just really uncover those, those things that I accepted as my truth, those beliefs that I had latched onto, and I recognized them as lies.

Tiffany Wynn: (06:54)
And I was like, you know what? Like, that’s such a lie. I am so likable. Like I can be the person who people want to be around. I can be the person, like you said, that walks in the room and just exudes this just belief in myself. I don’t have to pretend anymore. Like I can really truly be that. And so I started to uncover these lies and, and start to step into just my fullest truest self in building from that place. And within two years, I literally just had my two year with my company that I’ve been with now yesterday. And so in the last two years, I have built a business where I have personally recruited over 250 women in my business. My team now is over almost, it’s almost 4,000 women, my whole organization, and I’ve built a multiple six figure business with we’ve done over 5 million in sales in two years with my team because of confidence.

Tiffany Wynn: (07:54)
That is the thing that did that for me. And I know a lot of people will think like, it’s the strategy and this, this, and this and that. And that plays such a huge part in it. But if you don’t have the belief and the confidence, and you are feeling like an imposter, you’re feel you’re doing the fake it till you make it stuff. You’re gonna get yourself so far, but you’re not ever going to be able to grow past that. You’re not like I always say that your belief is your lid. And if you have a lack of belief, then that is where you’re gonna cap yourself. And if you happen to be able to grow past your beliefs, it’s always gonna pull you right back down to where that belief is. So if you wanna build a big business, you gotta build your belief and that’s, what’s gonna build that confidence. And that’s, what’s going to help you get to wherever you wanna be.

Shelley Hoffman: (08:47)
Yeah. I love that. So thinking of like the belief as the lid, so if you want a huge business, like you need huge belief and I love what you said about fake it till you make it. Because I feel like we get told that all the time, like, oh, just get out there and post on social media and fake it till you make it. And it’s like you said, thoughts are powerful. And so when we do that, and we know that we don’t feel authentic doing that know we’re not even believing it. Like all of a sudden all these thoughts come rushing in and that’s, I think where the imposter syndrome comes from. So, and that, and comparing. So how did you really stay focused on like building your confidence and belief in yourself without like looking at what everyone else was doing? Cuz that, that had to, to be a challenge because when you’re building this business, I’m sure there was the pressure or the temptation to like look around at what everyone else was doing and made you question what you were doing, right.

Tiffany Wynn: (09:47)
Oh, for sure. For sure. I, I always say that in network marketing, it is so easy to get trapped in the comparison game because you are surrounded by other people who are doing the exact same thing that you’re doing or selling the exact same thing that you’re selling. Right. So it’s very easy to look to your left and look to your right and see this person and see that person and feel like you need to be doing the things that they’re doing. Um, it’s very easy. I, I mean, in network marketing, there’s this whole top leader status. Right. And everyone really just looks at those people who are at the top because you’re like, I wanna be there. And so you look at them and for me, I, in my last company, after I started to notice my business crumbling, I unfollowed all of the top leaders.

I unfall everyone who I felt like I was getting distracted by because I noticed that I started to try to be those people, right. Because I was like, if they’re where I wanna be, then that must mean that they’re doing it right. And that they’re doing it the way that it’s supposed to be done. So I need to do it the way that they’re doing it. And so I would notice that I would start to post the same way that they would post. I would start to say things the way that they would say them. I would start to do take pictures the way that they would take pictures. And I would start to try to just really emulate these other people because that what I thought I was supposed to be, and so much so that I lost who Tiffany was in the process.

And I didn’t even know like who I was and who I was supposed to be. I like couldn’t even, it took me uncovering. I like, I literally had to peel back all the layers of what I had latched onto from other people to really figure out who Tiffany was again. And it’s like in, in network marketing, there’s this whole thought process of like duplicatable systems, which I think are great to a certain extent. But when you are duplicating systems, it needs to be the system, not the person. Right? And so like when your upline is giving you these systems that they have created, or your company is giving you these systems to use in your business, you want to use the, that system in your business in a way that works for you. But you don’t want to use that system as that person, right.

Or these scripts that were given in network marketing. And you’re just like, oh, this the, this whole script that this person is saying, it must be great. It’s working for them. But if you are doing that, you’re eventually going to, to lose who you are. You’re going to lose your magic. You’re going to use what makes you special. It makes you unique. It makes you stand out amongst the crowd because you’re so caught up in being this other person. So comparison really will hold you back. When you are trying to look at what other people are doing for me, what really helped me is recognizing and, and realizing that I was uniquely and wonderfully made, um, that God really gave, gave me these special gifts and these special things and, and characteristics that are unique to me. And if I am squandering those things, and I’m also squandering the purpose that God has given me to walk out here on earth, because I cannot live up to my purpose when I am trying to be someone else.

Um, one of my favorite things to tell people is that God can’t use who you’re pretending to be. So if you are pretending to be someone else then, but God gave you all these gifts, but you’re not using them because you’re trying to use someone else’s gifts. Right? Like I always tell my team, like I have certain things that I really Excel and rock at. And the reason that I shine with that is because I know that I Excel in rock in that area and you’re not gonna see Tiffany trying to do something that I know is not a gift. Right? Like I’m not gonna go and try to like sing because God did not bless me with that gift. Right. And so I’m like not even gonna go there because that’s not my thing, but I know that I have the gift of words and, and speaking and using that gift.

So I’m gonna use that. And so when I get a team call and I like get into like preacher TIFF mode, and I’m like going all the way in and they’re like, oh my gosh, I was so good. I could never do that. I’m like, that might, might not be what you’re supposed to do. You might not need to be the speaker who is going to be able to let words flow out of their mouth. And just, it sounds great. That might be what I, I was blessed with, but that might not be your thing. You might be great at something else that you’ve never even seen me do, because I know that I’m not good at that thing. And so I’m not even gonna go there, but you’ll never know what you are really blessed with and what your gifts are. If you’re trying to be what someone else is, you’re trying to use someone else’s gifts and accept them as your own.

You’re always gonna feel a lack of confidence because you’re not supposed to be doing those things, right? Like if you, if I got up on a stage to sing, I would be terrified. Of course I would. My confidence level would be in the dirt because I’m like, oh my gosh, these people are about to listen to me sing. It’s gonna be so awful. Like I cannot, right? Because that’s just not what I’m supposed to be doing. So if you really want to stop comparing yourself to other people, you have to start looking inward and figure out what are, are my gifts. What am I good at really latch onto those things and start letting those things, shine. Start letting those things be the things that you show up and let the world see, because then that’s when people are gonna be like, wow, you are so awesome at this thing because that’s what you’re letting shine out. Instead of you trying to, in areas where you’re not really supposed to be, even trying to go there. I mean, and I’m not saying that you can’t do other things that you’re not, you know, the best at, I’m not saying you need to be the best at this at everything or at this certain thing. But if you know, like the things you’re really good at then that allows you to really step into that space and do it with confidence and do it with just this embodiment of like, I got this and it doesn’t feel like in a, I got this as in like, oh, I got this, you know, like a lot of times we tell people like, you can do it, you got this. And inside they’re like, Nope, I don’t, I ain’t got it, girl. And so when you show up, you’re like, shake it in your boots.

I always tell people that there’s a, a difference between discomfort and uncomfortable. Like when you’re uncomfortable, you’re just pushing the edge a little bit. But when you are experiencing discomfort, then you’re like, eh, not happening. Right. And so I wanna push people to be uncomfortable, but I don’t want you to have discomfort when you’re stepping out into those, those spaces. And so if something feels like discomfort to you, that’s when you need to like reevaluate, like, is this really something that is my gift? Is this something that I should be really like stepping into? Or is there something else? So when you do that, it really helps you to like, stop looking to your left and your right, because you’re really zoned in on what you’re good at and what you can Excel at. And it really just kind of squashes that imposter syndrome, because now you’re focused on who you are and not who everyone else is, you know?

Shelley Hoffman: (17:25)
Yeah. That’s so good. And you were giving us all kinds of nuggets. I’m like, I hope people listening have their notepad because it’s like, when you said, God cannot use who you’re pretending to be. I’m like, yeah, exactly. So leaning into like your gifts and all, I just I’m so here for it. And I feel like that is exactly the word I love the preacher TIFF, by the way, like, you definitely have a gift for that. So if somebody’s listening and they’re like, okay, this sounds great. Like I see that’s what I’ve been doing wrong. Like I’ve been faking it till I make it. Or I, I haven’t leaned into this. I’m comparing too much. Like what’s the first step. Like if you could give ’em like one tactical, tangible first step to start moving towards this space of like being who they are and leaning into that. And you’re right. It can be a little uncomfortable, not discomfort, but uncomfortable in the beginning to really like, let people see who you are and really be vulnerable and be yourself, but what’s the first step that they should take to move towards that.

Tiffany Wynn: (18:26)
Yeah. Um, so I have this thing that I call the six step breakthrough blueprint, and it really helps you to break through all the things that have been holding you back from really, and truly being yourself and getting to where you want to be. Um, I like to think of it as you are on this journey and you have this destination that you’re want to get to, but along the way, there’s these roadblocks that Y that have been put up because of your limiting beliefs. And I always say that beliefs are just thoughts that you have repeated to yourself over and over again until you accept them as your truth. So if you’ve been telling yourself these things for, or your whole life, or for this certain amount of time, then eventually your brain, your body, your energy accepts that thing as being true. So if you’ve been telling yourself this whole time, that you’re unlikable, like I used to tell myself all the time that I was unlikable, then the energy that I put into growing a is going to be lacking.

Because even though I’m like doing the action, the energy behind it is going to still be that I’m unlikable. So it’s not going to translate if you want your, your message, your actions that you’re putting into your business to really translate. Cuz I, I see this all the time and this was me too. I was doing the actions. It wasn’t like I wasn’t showing up in my business. I was doing the actions, but I wasn’t seeing the results because there was a disconnect between the energy that I was putting in and the actions that I was taking. So if you really want to get to the root of who you are and get uncover those limiting beliefs that you’ve adopt did about yourself, it starts by changing those thoughts, telling yourself a new story around those limiting beliefs. Because once you start to tell yourself that new story, then your energy is gonna start to change around that situation.

And when your, once your energy changes around that, then the actions that you start to take, there’s gonna be that connection between that. And it’s like a spark it’s like a match gets lit and that energy you might be doing the same exact actions, but the, that energy that connects to the action is like, it’s gonna start a wildfire once you really start to put that energy of belief into those actions. So for example, if I’m telling myself that I am unlikable. And so one of the things that I do is I have people just take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. And I want you to write down all of the limiting beliefs that you’ve been telling yourself about who you are, why you can’t have what want that’s. The first step of the breakthrough blueprint is to think about what is it that I feel like is holding me back.

Do I feel like I’m unlikable? Do I feel like I, um, people think I’m annoying? Do I feel like I am to this or to that? Not enough. This not enough. That all of those lies that you’ve been telling yourself, right? Well, this that’s actually the second step. So the first step is to identify what it is that you want. What do you actually want out of whatever you’re trying to get? Right? So if, if, since we’re talking about network marketing, cuz this can be applied to any area of your life. But since we’re talking about network marketing, let’s say that you want to build this amazing team, cuz you just have this passion for people and you wanna build this team. So that’s the first thing that you want. Then you’re gonna ask yourself, why do I feel like I can’t have that, right?

Why do I feel like I can’t have this awesome team? Well, for me it was, I wrote down that I didn’t feel like I was likable. I can’t build a team because people don’t like me. Right. Nobody’s gonna want to join me. Um, nobody’s going to listen to what I say. Even if I do get people to join my team, they’re not gonna care about what I have to say as a leader because they’re not gonna like me. Once they get to know me. Right? Like all of those things were on my list of why I felt like I could not build that amazing team that I want. Then the next thing you’re gonna do is ask yourself is that though, is that really true? And where did that idea come from? That that is your truth. Right? And so a lot of the times it goes back to things that we’ve experienced in our past these ideas that we have picked up from certain situations that we’ve had as, as kids from things that we’ve seen on the media, up from things that our parents maybe told us, not knowingly that they were planting these seeds in our heads, but you know, just these different things.

Right? So that experience where at school, the girl told you that you talked too much or that you were too loud or the kid you didn’t get invited to that birthday party or you know, just these different ideas. You start to plant that in your head. And it’s like a subconscious thought too, right? You don’t just sit back and every day, think about the day that you didn’t get invited to that kid’s birthday party at 35. Right? You’re like, that’s just, it it’s just like a subconscious thing. But once you start to really dig into it and you’re like, man, why do I feel like I am not likable? Why don’t I feel like people are not gonna like want to do this with me. Where is that coming from? Then you really can start to be like, oh man, it started here. It started when this thing happened.

And so then you can tell yourself, well, is it really true that nobody likes me because I didn’t get invited to that birthday party. Is it really true that out of all the people in the world, nobody’s gonna want to do this business with me because one eight year old decided that she didn’t like my, the way I talked so much or whatever, is that really true? And the answer is always gonna be no, right? So that’s step five is the answer to why? Where did this come from? And is this my truth? It’s always gonna be no, that’s not your truth. The reason that it’s not your truth is because you can change the story around that situation. So when you go back and you look at that situation, you can change the story and say, well, maybe I didn’t get invited because she didn’t have enough people.

Like she only had this many people and that’s why I didn’t get invited. Or maybe she didn’t, I, she didn’t get invited just because she thought I was cooler than her. And she didn’t want me to be there. Right? Like you can tell your own story about why that story. You can change that story and make it something new. And then step six, the last step at that six step breakthrough blueprint is to then step into that new belief. Right? So you’re gonna write your new belief. And so for me, that was, I am a magnet to people that people love me. They just gravitate towards me, wanna be around me. They wanna be in my area. The people that find me love that. I talk a lot. The people that find me love that I am loud. And like sometimes, maybe a little bit obnoxious that I have like too much energy.

Sometimes that I’m out there, like people in my area that are want to be around me. They love that me. And so, yes, I am likable. I can build this awesome team of women and they’re gonna be people that actually love being in my environment. So when you walk yourself through that process and you do that over and over and over again for every single limiting belief that is holding you back, every single one of those roadblocks that walk up to as you’re growing, because every new level is going to bring up new limits. So every new level you’re gonna hit new limits. So you might think, oh, once I have, you know, 500 people on my team, like I’m gonna be like, so I’m gonna be ready to be leader, but you get there. And you’re like, eek, like new, new limiting belief pops up that you didn’t even know was lurking back there because you didn’t need that limiting belief at the time it was sitting back there because it was like not even relevant, but once you hit that lip, that, that level, you’re like eek new limiting belief, all right.

Back to the six steps. Why do I feel like I can’t have this? I feel like I’m not a leader. Why do I feel like I can’t show up? Wh what, what happened in my life? What, what thing happened that is triggering this response in me that is triggering these thoughts, the story that I’m telling myself, right? Where did that come from? And is it true? No, it’s not the truth. Why do I feel like it’s true? Well, because this, okay, well let’s change that story. Okay. How do I change that story? Well, I’m gonna choose to believe this. Now. This is my new belief. Let’s go rock and roll.

Shelley Hoffman: (27:00)
Yes. You just like completely laid out the whole framework. And I love that because I know that there are women listening that are like, okay, I knew that like, this was what I needed. I knew that I had trouble with confidence, but like I had no idea what to do about it. And so thank you for like giving them this blueprint, this framework of, you know, how to change those stories. Cuz thoughts are like, so, so powerful. So, and it’s like you said, the work doesn’t stop. Like it’s not a, okay, I’m gonna do this one time and all my problems will be solved and I never have to do it again. Like we, we change, we grow. And then, so it’s something that like you’re gonna have to continue to work on. So I love that you gave us how to keep doing that and going forward. So in fact, everything you’ve shared today has just been like such gold, such good value. I’m so grateful that you came on and shared all of this with us. And if everyone is like me, they’re gonna be like, okay, where can I get more Tiffany? Like where could I follow her? Like, I wanna hear all this stuff that she talks about. So just tell everybody where they can connect with you even are on social or how they can listen to your podcast, how they can work with you.

Speaker 2: (28:09)
Yeah. I would love to work with all of the ladies who are just ready to step into their greatest boldest biggest self. Um, my show is cash in on confidence. You can find it on all of the podcast apps, wherever you’re listening. Um, and I am getting ready to launch a super exciting thing for the podcast where you’re going to be able to get limited episodes. So exclusive episodes specifically around different topics each month. So we’re gonna dive into branding and recruiting and confidence and all the different things, new topic every month where you’re are gonna get exclusive episodes for that. So be sure that you subscribe to the show so you can hear when that is out. In the meantime, you can come hang out in my Facebook and um, you can come hang out with me. I, I love to pop onto Instagram stories and just spread a little bit of light every now and then in. So you can find me on the Tiffany Wyn on Instagram also.

Speaker 1: (29:12)
Yay. Awesome. So excited for you about that launch coming up. So we’ll be waiting to see what that’s all about.

Speaker 2: (29:19)
Yeah. I’m so excited. Thank you so much for having me today. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (29:22)
Thank you again for being on. We appreciate it. And we’ll chat with you later.

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