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Grow and Monetize an Engaged Facebook Group

Fill your community with perfect customers and potential team members and monetize your audience… without spending hours a day on social media!

I see you hustling, mama.  Have you  been working to make sales and build a team using social media, but find:

  • Your audience is growing at a snail’s pace?
  • Your group is a ghost town?

  • Figuring out what to post is overwhelming?

  • The techniques you’ve been shown feel inauthentic and outdated?

  • No one is interacting, and worse, no one is buying!?!

Welcome to THE Community Building Course  for Mompreneurs Ready to Learn REAL Marketing Strategy to Build Trust Fast and Convert Sales Simply.

If you’ve been struggling to generate engagement, attract the right prospects, and share your products and business opportunity (without being spammy and online 24/7),  then this is the course for you!

Shelley has helped me realize so much potential and opportunity that I didn’t even know was a possibility.  Her support has been amazing!

Kelsey S.

There are 1.4 Million Facebook GROUP Users, and 73% of Them Log In Every. Single. Day. 

Leading an Online Community Is The Best Way to Build Trust and Convert Your Audience as a Work From Home Mom. Your People Are Waiting For You, and the Time to Start is Now. 

You didn’t start your business to be overwhelmed and frustrated.  You were made for more than constantly checking notifications or trying to hack the algorithm.

No more, mama! There’s a better way…

Instead of trying to grow audiences on all the different platforms, you can focus on serving ONE audience and serving them well.

Instead of just racking up followers, you can create a community of buyers.

Instead of pushing hard at the end of the month, just to start over at the beginning of next month, you can  make sales and recruit team builders every day of the year from your Facebook group.



Create your personal platform and set up your group for sustainable success

  • Master community marketing principles to make sales
  • Learn to read your customer’s mind
  • Create a personal platform that connects deeply with your audience
  • Branding hacks that set you apart from everyone else online
  • Set up your group for long-term, sustainable success

Grow your group full of ideal prospects and keep them engaging, interacting, and converting

  • Attract your first (or next) 500 group members with ease.
  • Learn how to find your perfect people and build your ideal community
  • Proven strategies for connecting with prospects without ever having to be being pushy or spammy
  • Engagement secrets to keep your group active and involved
  • Must-know growth tips and tricks

Automate your follow-up and turn your group into a lead generating machine

  • Simple, no-fuss tips to optimize your group as a 24/7 lead generation funnel
  • Follow-up strategies that work like a charm
  • Set up everything you need to streamline and automate your group, even if you don’t know a single thing about tech
  • Save hours per week with access to my personal systems and templates that helped me double my revenue while working less each week

Learn to sell without being salesy and create messaging and conversion copy that sells for you


  • Make selling fun and simple!
  • Understanding the psychology of what makes people actually buy
  • Overcome objections like a boss
  • Master the art of conversion copywriting to have your group members saying “yes!!!” consistently
  • Stop feeling salesy and sell empowered and confidently

Hey friend!  I’m Shelley.

I remember what it was like starting an online business and feeling the pressure to do #allthethings.

I tried every social media strategy imaginable… writing posts, going LIVE, making videos and Reels, creating graphics, pinning pins, sending messages…

I was burnt out, but none of it was turning into sales.

Why?  Because my audience was so spread out and fragmented, my message wasn’t resonating with any of them! I was totally blending in with the thousands (eeehh, maybe millions) of social sellers online.  And people can’t buy from someone they don’t even remember.

Imagine if there was a way to stay top-of-mind with your audience and be seen as a thought leader and trusted resource…

And what if it allowed you to attract your perfect customers and potential team members, then convert them naturally? 

Oh yeah, it’s possible.  Because I’ve done it… and I’ve helped other moms do it, too!

Shelley listened to everything I wanted to do, offered suggestions, and created a plan that was above and beyond!”

Carrie O.

Good news! I had someone reach out to me from one of the Facebook groups I comment on, and she wants to do the whole package!

Morgan S.

You’re an absolute gem! I love your positive mindset, encouraging everyone despite the uncertain times, and the feedback you’re providing…

Linda K.

This is not another course just about growing your follower or group numbers…  Let’s be real, there’s plenty of those already.

We’re growing real communities that convert over here! 

This is for you if you want to take your network marketing, direct sales, mlm, or social selling business to the next level without feeling salesy, pushy, or spinning your wheels.

This You’re gonna walk away with…

  • A group that is set up to attract your dream customers and business builders
  • Strategies to grow your group to your first (or next) 500 members and then keep GROWING
  • An optimized 24/7 lead generating funnel
  • Organized plan for engaging and converting your audience in a few hours per week
  • Copywriting skills to create content that is building trust and creating sales FOR you
  • Time saving tips and systems for scaling your group simply

This and so much more!

Yours for only $197

Plus, these limited time bonuses:

Access to my personalized templates and systems for easy implementation

The Copywriting Masterclass for Mompreneurs

Hurry to grab these awesome bonuses worth $197 for FREE!

Got a Few Questions? Let’s Chat About It…

How do I know if the Group Growth Blueprint is for me?

If you’re a mama who wants to grow your sales and team on social media without burnout in less hours per week, learn real online marketing techniques (no fluff), and create an engaged and profitable Facebook group, this is the course for you!

Will these strategies work for my industry?

The Group Growth Blueprint is designed for all industries within specific business models (MLM, direct sales, network marketing, social selling/social retail).  Students in the following industries have seen tremendous success: health and wellness, non-toxic living, nutrition/supplements, skincare, beauty/cosmetics, hair care, credit repair/financial services, travel, and others!

How do I access my course?

Once you have purchased the Group Growth Blueprint, you will receive access to the course portal that includes the video modules and all included bonuses.  You can start the trainings immediately!