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Let’s talk Facebook and how to get the MOST out of your time and energy spent in groups.  

You know I’m a fan of building a business online.  I’m also an advocate for working smarter, not harder!  That’s why I’m sharing these tips with you today.

There are three features that I love and use all the time to grow my community, share with my audience, and nurture leads and prospects within my community… and I know you’ll benefit from these features, too!  Some of these are brand new and just recently introduced, so if you arent’ using them yet, now’s your chance to start!

You ready? Let’s do it.

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Episode Transcript:

Speaker 1: (00:35)
Hey guys, thanks for joining us so glad that you’re hanging out with us today on the podcast, we’re gonna be chatting about some Facebook features some things that if you have not been using them, you will definitely want to start using them. If you haven’t heard about ’em, I’m gonna be telling you all about ’em and then giving you some really practical tips on how you can use these features to help grow your business. So speaking of growing at the time of recording this podcast today, I just saw that the successful networking moms podcast ranked in the entrepreneurship category of apple podcasts ranked to 230. So if you know anything about like ranking in podcasts and iTunes and all like, that’s a pretty big deal. So I’m kind of celebrating over here. I’m really excited podcast has been able to not just rank and show up on charts, but really reach a lot of you guys.

Speaker 1: (01:29)
Uh, a lot of moms are coming into our successful networking moms, Facebook group that have found us through the podcast. So that is amazing. And I truly enjoy bringing you this show every week. And sometimes twice a week, I aim for twice a week. Sometimes it’s close us here till once a week, but I truly am bring joy, bringing it to you because I love talking about being a mom and growing a business. I’m super passionate about helping other moms, just like myself, who are growing their businesses online. And it’s super exciting. So I’m really thrilled and celebrating today about ranking in that on entrepreneurship category. So if you haven’t left us a review, that’s the number one way that people find this show and listen to the podcast is from reviews and being able to show up in searches and things like that. So if you get value from this podcast, I would so much appreciate it.

Speaker 1: (02:20)
If you left us a review on iTunes or, you know, go will podcast Spotify, wherever you’re listening from. And then that way more mamas can find the show and hang out with us too. So let’s chat today about some Facebook group features. So, and since we’re talking about group specifically, let’s just take a second before we get started and talk about the group growth blueprint real quick. If you do not know what in the world, the group growth blueprint is, it is my self-led course that teaches you how to start, grow, optimize, and then monetize keyword monetize your Facebook group. So if you were like, so over sending a million cold messages, you’re constantly following up in your DMS, asking your friends and family. If they’ll do an online party, if you’re just posting consistently on your socials. And you’re starting to wonder if anybody is even seeing your stuff, because you’re getting like zero engagement or engagement from other people in your company.

Speaker 1: (03:21)
And you’re starting to think what in the heck am I doing wrong over here? I’ve been there. Okay, I get that. And I will tell you, okay, if you’re sitting here going, what am I doing wrong? I’ll tell you what it is that is that you are trying to grow an audience when you should be growing a come unity. A community is what will turn people, the faces, the all those people out there in the social media world, land into actual leads and actual customers and actual team member, business builders. So the answer for that is not to post more and try to get people in your list to see your posts more often, or to go viral so that you can build this huge audience of people that aren’t even actually interested in what you’re doing or what you’re selling or what you’ve got going on, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Speaker 1: (04:12)
The answer here is to build an online community, a Facebook group, and I can teach you how to do it. Step by up all laid out in my course, the group growth blueprint. I want you to go check it out right now. If you have not get all the details about it, you can find that at group growth, So since we’re over here talking about groups today, obviously I have a couple of nuggets to share with you guys. Some features that will make your life easy ear that will help you automate your business. That will free up some time. They are all features that are inside Facebook groups. Are you ready to get started? Okay, give me a yes, even though I can’t hear you through your earbuds, give me a yes. If you ready to dive in and automate your business free up your time, really just turn your into the lead generating machine that it can be.

Speaker 1: (05:03)
Yes. That’s what I want for you. Okay. So let’s talk about this. Now. Facebook actually kind of reminds me of like smartphones when they first came out and like the iPhones specifically, like there’s all these features and there’s a million things you can do. I don’t know how techy you are. Um, I know I probably don’t even use half of the features that my phone has available. Right. I don’t even know what they all do. I don’t know what they all are, but the phone, when it came out, like the smartphone, it started to replace all these other devices you had, you know, like you used to have like house phone or whatever, and then you woke up with an alarm clock. Well, now you don’t need an alarm clock. Like our phones are our alarm clocks. Right. And if you wanted to get online, like you’d have to open up your, I was gonna say open up your laptop, but you probably sat at like a desktop or whatever, but now you don’t need that.

Speaker 1: (05:58)
Like, you can literally access Google in the internet and social media right on your phone. Right. Like if you’re into fitness and exercise and all like used to you would have like a step count or do you remember those that like you would wear on your pocket or on your belt loop or whatever that would like, count your steps. Well, now you don’t need it. You have fitness apps and stuff like that on your phone that do it for you. Um, the calendar, you know, like your desktop calendar and you’d have all of your dates and stuff written down, like the smartphone took the place of the calendar. Like now on one device that you’re holding in your hand, like you’ve got all your meetings and your appointments and your calendars right there. Right. And some of you have gone as far as like it’s replaced your notebook.

Speaker 1: (06:39)
Like maybe you take notes in your phone or whatever. I’m personally a little bit old school. I’m still a pen and paper gal, but you know, I mean your phone smartphones have just replaced so many of these other devices, right. And Facebook is like that. Facebook really strives, replace all the other things on social media that you may do and help you be able to just do it through Facebook or meta, I should say because now with the merge and everything it’s meta. And so Facebook meta as a whole, wants to be like the smartphone of social media, right? Like everything that you can need is right there. And so when I talk about this pertaining to groups, it’s because I believe that you should absolutely be building a community around your brand. And there’s a lot of different places that you could do that, right?

Speaker 1: (07:31)
Like you could be on, um, you know, like have messenger for your messages and the conversations you’re having, right? Like you could have like a remind app to like talk to your team and stuff. You could, um, be on a bunch of different social media platforms, building connections, or you could just do it all in one, in a Facebook community because there’s enough features and enough capability that you can do all of that. And you can build a community and you communicate with them and you can sell, you can do all that on one platform in one space and that’s in a group. So let’s talk about some of the features that you may or may not be using and some ways that you can use them so that you can bring all that marketing in together and really just concentrate your efforts into your Facebook group, but still be accomplishing what you were accomplishing on all these other different platforms or using all these other different systems.

Speaker 1: (08:28)
Right. Okay. So the first thing that I wanna highlight are the guides. Okay. And I, they used to be called something different, but I love guides. Okay. Because you can set them up so that people who are coming into your group, they’re coming into your world, they’re figuring out who you are. They can totally binge your content. Right. And you can take them through an entire customer journey from who are you. Here’s what I do. Here’s why I do it. Here’s what my products are overcoming objections. Like you can do an entire customer journey right there in your guides. And it becomes a way to do it in a one to many, not a one-to-one scale. Okay. So instead of having to like message out and send all these links and have all these individual conversations, when people come into your groove, if your guides are really set up to take them through this customer journey, then it’s, self-led like they just go through the process.

Speaker 1: (09:23)
And then a lot of that, one to one, and that’s where you’re gonna save time is because one to one is time consuming. A lot of that can be actually facilitated through them, going through the guides. Then that way, when you’re having a conversation with them, or they’re reaching out for more information, like you’ve already covered a lot of ground. It makes the sales process easier and it saves you a lot of time. So I absolutely suggest setting up your guides. You may wanna have in there, like a guide about your products, a guide about ask questions, a guide with, um, you know, information on joining your team, a guide on how to set up a time to talk to you. You know, I mean, there’s a lot of different ways that you can do it, and there’s not necessarily a one size fits all, but just having that customer journey set up there so that you can actually nurture your leads before you ever even talk to them is huge.

Speaker 1: (10:18)
It’s a game changer. And if you want my exact strategy on that, of course, I give you every bit of it in the group growth blueprint. Okay. So if you do want like that step by step, okay. Shelly, tell me what to click. Tell me how to set up this guides. Like it’s all in there. So again, check that out, but guides are really gonna make your life easier. The next thing that I’ll highlight would be the entry questions. Okay. And I’m sure if you’re in any groups, like you’ve answered the questions. When you go in, you may have questions set up, but I feel like this is some Facebook real estate that is so underutilized because you can literally, like, not only qualify your leads as they’re coming into your group, but you find out their pain points. It helps you create great content.

Speaker 1: (11:02)
That’s gonna connect with them. And it really helps you serve your audience because you know what, they’re there for, you know, what they want. Right? So side note to this, this is a really cool feature and an update. And I’m super stoked about it. I don’t know why they didn’t do it sooner, but fade spoke actually. Now lets you access these entry questions. So remember in the past, like you either had to have a software or a plugin or something that would, you know, pull that information out, put it in a spreadsheet. You could do it manually yourself. I have a team member that was, um, you know, that they do that. Like keep up with everyone in a, in a spreadsheet with all their answers and so that I can go back and create content and make sure that I’m serving them well. But once you accepted, ’em like, if you didn’t screenshot it or put that information somewhere, it was just gone.

Speaker 1: (11:47)
Not anymore. Now, when you go to click on members where it shows you like member since, and how long they’ve been a member, you can actually click view entry questions and you can refresh yourself on what they said and you can see the questions. So they’re not gone forever now out in Facebook, never, never land. Like you can access them. So that’s a really cool feature, but you do wanna take advantage of your entry questions. Okay. Third thing. And this again is pretty new. So I posted about this in our successful networking mom’s Facebook group. And everybody was like, no, I had no idea. So I just noticed it as well. But video content specifically reels are now available in groups. So you can create reels or post reels right there inside the groups. So you’re not having to like share a link because you know, sometimes it looks a little wonky when you’re in a group and someone’s like shared content from their page or wherever, but that’s not the case.

Speaker 1: (12:41)
Now you can put the reels right into the group. And it kind of goes back to the analogy of Facebook, becoming the smartphone to replace all those devices, how it wants to replace all that stuff. It’s like, oh, we’ve got TikTok. Now people, people are making short videos. That’s how they’re consuming content. Cool. We’ll roll out reels on Instagram and then on Facebook. And so now groups specifically, because that’s where people are spending time. That’s where they’re engaging. And Facebook prioritizes the content in groups. They’re like, cool. Well now you can just post your reels right here in the group. Like you, you don’t have to be, you know, sharing content from other sources. You can just do it right here. So they’re really becoming that one stop place, which is great if you’re like really wanting to grow your business. And especially if you’re working on it as like a side hustle or it’s one of your sources of a income and you wanna get as much done as quick as possible.

Speaker 1: (13:39)
And you wanna see results as fast as possible. Focusing your time and energy in your group is gonna be how you do that. And so the fact that all of these features and tools and reals capabilities, it’s all right there in a Facebook group, like it really allows you to just spend time engaging and building relationships there and not having to be on like a ton of different platforms all the time. So I would love to know you guys, if you have used these features, if there’s any, you’re gonna try. Do you wanna try some of ’em all of ’em let me know. I’d love to have a conversation around this. You guys can definitely join us in our six successful networking moms, Facebook group. We would love to hang out with you over there in that space and, um, chat with you, encourage you and help you with your business.

Speaker 1: (14:26)
I also have some training and resources over there that, um, haven’t been on the podcast yet. They’re gonna be coming soon, but if you wanna check that out or any of the master classes we’ve done, those are all housed inside the Facebook group. Of course they’re in the guides because I love the guides. So you can check out all of that content over there, drop me a line. And like I said, thank you guys so much for hanging out with us, for making this podcast, what it is it’s truly about serving you. All this podcast is about you, not about me. So thank you so much for hanging out and spending time with us. I hope this has been valuable tips for you and we’ll see you on the next episode.

Speaker 2: (15:05)
You’ve been listening to the successful networking moms podcast. If you are ready to take action, start reaching your sales, recruitment, and income goals. Now then join us in the successful networking moms Facebook group. This free community offers support from me plus the accountability of a thousand other networking moms, scaling their businesses, search on Facebook for successful networking moms or check the show notes for the link to join.

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