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Ever wonder if all the top earners in network marketing have something in common? Like, maybe, they have a secret to their success? Well, it may not be a secret, but one thing most successful online entrepreneurs do have in common is this– they have invested in themselves and their business by hiring a mentor. Even if you have a strong, supportive upline, a coach may still be a smart move.

From learning new strategies, to developing a strong mindset, to mastering a certain skillset… hiring a coach or mentor can greatly improve your results.

But you may be wondering if now is the time to take that step. I totally get that because I waited a little bit before hiring my first coach. And when it was time, I knew it.

In this episode, I’ll discuss what questions I had and what helped me make my decision. I hope they help you decide if you’re ready to hire a mentor of your own.


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