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Today we’re talking all about email! YES, you need an email list. It’s an amazing return on investment, takes very little time, can be completely automated, and is one of the top ways I make sales in my own online business.

If you think email marketing is going away, think again. People have actually become MORE engaged with email in the last two years. It’s a tool you need in your toolbox asap.

In this episode I am breaking down why email marketing works, how to get the most out of your email list in the least amount of time, how to grow that list, and more.

I’m even giving you some stats from my own email list to help you see just how powerful this resource can be for you as a mompreneur. And let’s keep the conversation going. Drop me a line in the FB group and let me know if you have an email list, need to re-engage yours, or want to start one.

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