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Have you been trying SO hard to create a successful work from home business, but your team or sales just aren’t growing the way you’d hoped? You don’t wanna give up or throw in the towel, but you’re realizing… “ok, I need help!”

There are so many options for how to improve your network marketing business, from coaching to group programs, to courses, to downloading (yet another!!) pdf guide. What’s the right next step for YOU? That’s what we are discussing in today’s episode.

I’m giving you practical tips on deciding if a course or coaching would be the best plan of action for getting your biz in gear and seeing the financial growth you’ve been striving for.

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The Podcast

For Work From Home Moms

Episode Transcript:

Speaker 1: (00:02)
Hey, Hey, welcome back to the successful networking mom’s podcast. We are answering a question today, and it’s a question that you may be wondering about. Do you need a marketing course or a marketing coach? Are you on social media and your posting, but nobody’s really engaging your groups. Not growing. Like you’re showing up in a lot of places, but it’s just not getting you consistent sales. And you’re thinking like, what is up with this? What am I doing wrong? I need help. But you’re at the point where you are not gonna give up. You are dedicated to getting your business profitable and growing. You want your business to work. You just need some help in. So there are a lot of people out there online that you could be listening to. They’re all saying, you should be doing this, or you should try this strategy.

Speaker 1: (00:49)
You should be doing that. You’ve got your team, your upline, your company training, the online gurus experts on social media. There’s just so much information. And you’re like, okay, what do I actually know need? There are courses I could take. There are PDFs. I could download. There are group coaching programs. I could join. There are people saying, Hey, I can coach you one on one and help you. But like, what’s right for you. If you’re wondering that we’re gonna figure it out together today and talk about whether a course or a coach might be right next step for you. So let’s figure it out together right here right now. Let’s do it.

Speaker 1: (02:03)
Okay. So you’re here, you know, you need help, but you’re wondering, do I need a course or do I need a coach? There are absolutely benefits to both. So we’re gonna talk about that a little bit further, but just to give you a little bit of background here. Okay. So I have invested both in my personal business and personal development. Okay. And by both, I mean, I’ve invested in both courses and coaching in group programs, which are like a hybrid of both. Okay. So I’ve spent money to get help in all of these ways. So I’ve got a little bit of perspective to share with you on, you know, what might be right for you and where you are in your business. So I saw fairly early on that all the freebies and the downloads and the PDF guides in the world were just not going to get me where I wanted to go in the time that I wanted to get there.

Speaker 1: (02:56)
So each thing was answering a specific question I had, I was like the queen of Google. Okay. If Google could give an award, I’m pretty sure there’s an award for the person who could Google things the fastest, like I would be working on my business and I would have a question. I’d be like, well, what should I do with this? So I would Google it. I’d find somebody I’d be on Pinterest. I’d get a download. It’d help me with that one thing. But then like another question would come up. And I just got to the point where I was kind of tired of duct taping it all together, to be honest, and just really wanted like a set process and someone to answer my questions. So I knew I was ready to invest because it was taking too long to learn and figure out myself.

Speaker 1: (03:39)
Right. So to get to the next level, I was ready to invest. And that’s where you may be too. Maybe you’ve consumed a lot of content and you’ve gotten some results or you’ve tried all the things and you’re not getting any results wherever you are. You’re realizing like, okay, time is actually important. And time is money. Time is actually more, more important than money to me. And you’re ready to just get to that next level like yesterday. Okay. If you could already be there, you would, but you just can’t figure it out on your own. So of course, it’s probably gonna be the best fit for you and the best route, if this is like a checklist, if these things are you, then of course is probably gonna be a good answer for you. If you are, are just starting to invest in your business.

Speaker 1: (04:22)
Okay? So whether you aren’t profitable yet, or you are profitable or you’re, you know, worried, and you wanna like dip your feet in the water of investing, like if it’s the first time that you’re really spending money to learn a skill and to grow your business, a course is a great place to start a, another thing. That’s a must. If you’re gonna take a course, like a self-led course. Okay. Instead of doing coaching, you have to be self-motivated and a self-starter because it all depends on you. Nobody’s holding your hand in a course, there may be accountability or like a group community aspect, like with our group growth blueprint, there is a community aspect to a, but it’s a self-led course. So you wanna be self-motivated and a self-starter. So if you know that about yourself and you know that that’s who you are, then a course could be a really good way for you just to get started, getting some results.

Speaker 1: (05:14)
It’s also gonna be your best bet. If you have more time, then you have money. Okay. So if you don’t have the need to be dishing out for like a one-on-one coach, because let’s be real, like that’s more expensive coaching group programs, more high touch are gonna be more expensive than a course, right? So if you have the time to invest, but not the money yet, then a course is a fantastic place to start. Another reason you might prefer a course is if you really need to learn one specific skillset or method, and then you’re ready to put in the work and then, you know, grow from there. So I’m gonna give you an example, okay? The group growth blueprint, which is the new course that launched a little while ago, and that we’re accepting moms into. Now, it teaches you a specific business model.

Speaker 1: (06:05)
Okay? It teaches you how to use Facebook, grow groups, excuse me, to grow a network marketing business. So if that’s a skillset you want, you know, like I don’t have time to be showing up everywhere. I don’t need to learn TikTok and reels and I’m sick of Instagram and I don’t wanna be on YouTube. And who wants to go live every single day? Like you just want one business model that you can stick with. Then that is one skillset that you can learn. Okay? The group growth blueprint is a course that takes you from a to Z and that you’re gonna learn everything there is. You’ll learn everything about Facebook groups. You’ll learn how to set up your Facebook groups. You’ll learn how to post in Facebook groups. You’ll learn how to take your Facebook group and convert people to an email list. You’ll learn how to sell to that audience.

Speaker 1: (06:46)
Like everything there is to know about that one skill and that one business model is in this course a to Z. Okay. So if that’s the type of thing that you’re looking for, you’re looking to just learn. You’re like, man, if I just had a roadmap that just had a blueprint, if somebody could lay this out for me a to Z and I didn’t have to duct tape it together and piece together, all the stuff I’m learning and could just like, show me the path I could take it and run dude, like I could run with this then of course is for you. Okay. You’re the type of person that courses were built for think of a, a course to like a stepping stone. You can always take a course and then expand into coaching later. Okay. It’s a great place to get started and start getting wins and producing income in your business.

Speaker 1: (07:31)
Okay. Courses have low barrier to entry. They are more cost effective. A course is gonna be less expensive than a one-on-one coaching program, right? And you’re gonna get quick, really targeted results. So if all of that is like, yes, I’m here for that. That is what I need. Lay it out for me a to Z. Then a course is probably gonna be a really good next step for you. And I encourage you to check it out. The group growth blueprint, it’s at group growth, to get details. It lays out exactly what you learn from beginning to end. And if you are this mama that I’m talking about here, that’s self motivated. You’re a self starter. You know, you have the time to really learn this skill and you’re ready to invest, but at a very low barrier to entry, a very affordable cost. That’s a great place to start.

Speaker 1: (08:24)
So check that out. Group growth, Now, if you need a little bit more high touch than a course, okay. Here is when coaching might be the best fit for you. Okay? If you are looking for a personalized approach, someone who will, your specific business and your situation and figure out a plan that’s specific to you, a personalized approach, like that is gonna be something that you get from coaching. Okay. And from a more one-on-one mentorship. Also, if you get the concept, like you understand what you’re supposed to be doing, but you just are implementing. And that could be for a lot of reasons. Okay? Like you could be stuck because you don’t have the belief yet. Like you’re scared to step out and really go all in. It could be. You’re stuck because you have questions that you feel like you don’t have answered.

Speaker 1: (09:16)
It could be that you’re stuck because you’re just in like this information overload. And you’re so overwhelmed that you can’t figure out the next right steps. Like there’s a lot of reasons you may be stuck on the implementation part, but coaching is really what is gonna help you get unstuck. So if you get concept, you get the strategy, but you’re stuck on the implementation part. Or you just don’t have that self motivation. You want somebody there to help you with that, then coaching’s gonna be good for you. That kind of leads to the next thing that coaching is good for, which is accountability. So if accountability is important to you or even necessary to help you really get some momentum go, then you’re gonna want to work with a coach. Accountability is something that you’re gonna get a lot of when you’re working with a coach.

Speaker 1: (10:04)
Okay. So another reason why coaching might be the thing for you is if you don’t have the time to invest in a hundred percent DIY course. Okay. So for a course, remember if you had more time than money than that was perfect because you don’t have the money to invest in coaching yet, but you have the time to go through the course. Well, coaching’s the opposite. If you have the money and you’re ready to invest in a quicker solution, you’ve got more money than you’ve got time. Basically. Then coaching is gonna be great because you’re gonna get really high touch, head help, and you’re gonna see results even faster. So translation, if you wanna, if you have some money, but you don’t have the time to do it all yourself, coaching is the next right step for you. And then another reason why coaching would be great is if it’s the next step in your business growth, like let’s say you’ve created a or not created, you’ve completed a course for like a specific skillset.

Speaker 1: (11:00)
Let’s say you’ve gone through the group growth blueprint and you’ve implemented and you’ve got that strategy working. And now you wanna take that business to the next level. You’re like ready to scale. Okay. You’ve got your foundation in place and you’re ready to just go to the next level. Coaching is what gonna get you to that next level. Okay. So for an example, we offer strategy calls. Okay. And I wanna tell you a little bit about how this coaching is different because these strategy calls you can actually get online. It’s, um, it’s bit Dolly slash coaching with Shelly. So that’s how you book strategy sessions and book. One-on-one coaching with me bit dot Lee slash coaching with Shelly. But it’s a little bit different because you can take advantage of these coaching sessions, even when you’re going through the course. If you’re one of those people, like I mentioned, that is just stuck and you just need to like get over the hump or you can book like a whole package.

Speaker 1: (11:55)
We can work together for three months and we can implement together everything. That’s in the group, growth blueprint, everything that we would go together through in the course only instead of you doing it by yourself, you’re doing it with someone who’s holding you accountable and mentoring you and answering your questions. So my coaching packages are a little bit different than other people. Some people, you know, it’s like a six month program or you purchase the group coaching program. For me, it’s more like a strategy, power coaching call. And so you can either do those while you’re going through the course. You can do ’em as a standalone, like it, just to get you over the whole hump. If you just need one session, you can book that. Or if you wanna work together for months and let’s do everything a to Z. So if you want more information about that, that again is bit dot lead slash coaching with Shelly.

Speaker 1: (12:45)
So is there two really great options for getting help in your business when you’re to that point where, you know, you need help, but you’re not sure which would be better for you. Right? So both and honestly investing in both served me really well at different points in my business. Okay. The first course I ever purchased really gave me the confidence because I went through, I learned the specific skill that I was learning in the course I implemented. And I thought to myself, wow, I’m doing this. Like I earned this. I made it work. Like, look at me. I am in business. Right. And then as my business grew and I knew I wanted to take it from more than a side hustle to like a full-time career. That’s when I started investing in coaching. And again, it just took me to the next level.

Speaker 1: (13:30)
So different things served me well in different points of my business. And there’s probably a place for both in your business too. It’s just a matter of finding out where you are now and which is gonna be the best fit. So I hope this episode has helped you given you some clarity on whether a course or coaching is your next right step. So don’t forget the links I gave you. There’s bit dot Lee slash coaching with Shelly, for coaching. And then as far as a course, to help you grow your network marketing direct sales business, that’s the group growth blueprint, which is group growth, So I’m so excited to help you in whichever capacity is next for you and your business. And then to continue to cheer you on. Even if you’re not to the point where you’re ready to invest in your business, yet there are so many free resources that we can offer you in the successful networking moms, Facebook group. Make sure you join us there. And I am cheering you on to so much success this year in your business. Mama,

Speaker 3: (14:28)
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