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For the mama who is in a season of building a business, but feeling so very guilty about the time it seems to be taking from her family, and her little ones in particular…

I see you.  I was you.  I want to encourage you today with this episode.

It can seem like a lot balancing #momlife with also becoming an entrepreneur.  Oh boy, do I get it! 

You want to be a present mother and also a successful businesswoman in your own right.  You wonder if it’s actually possible to have both?!

When I asked myself this same exact question, I received some of the best advice I’ve been given to this day… and I’m sharing it with you now.

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Episode Transcript:

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Hey guys. Thanks for joining us on the podcast today. We’re gonna be chatting a little bit about what it really means to balance life motherhood is that balance even possible. And some of the best advice that I’ve been given about being a mompreneur and how to really make life as a mom and lie as an entrepreneur mesh together, it might not be what you think, but I definitely just have this on my heart to share with you guys today, especially since the week that I’m recording this, it’s actually spring break for my kiddos. And so I’m gonna be taking some time off work and spending time with them and enjoying their time away from school and their break. And they just need some mom attention. And maybe you’re in that same place in life where you’re like, okay, I’m working really hard to grow my business. And I’ve got so many great things going, but I just also wanna be spending some quality time with my kiddos. We are gonna talk about how you can balance all of that and where you can find the time for both. So without further ado, let’s jump into today’s episode.

Speaker 1: (02:02)
Ah, okay. Did you guys hear that the new intro, if you have been hanging out with us on the podcast, then you probably notice that we have a new intro, right? It’s kinda like new intro who this, like, I’m really excited about it. It’s just one, the changes that’s happening here is probably one of the smaller changes that’s happening around the successful networking moms community. But even though it’s small, it’s still super exciting. Um, dig in the vibe of the new intro. Let me know what you think about it. If you’re in the successful networking moms, Facebook community, you can just drop a comment in there, but speaking of changes and new things that are coming about, this is a really good opportunity for me to tell you about some of the cool things that are coming up in the community. So inside the group, you know, that I am always posting resources.

Speaker 1: (02:53)
I definitely always post links to the podcast episodes that you can get the weekly and sometimes biweekly training and resources that we give here. I also just love to interact with you guys and really encourage you and cheer you on in your business. We share, um, our Mon Monday goals. That’s on Monday, we share wins together, um, all kinds of stuff, right? And so while still gonna be doing all of that in the Facebook group, which if you’re not a part of just a search for successful networking moms in Facebook, and you’ll find the group successful networking moms, or you can go to networking moms, either way, we’ll get you in there to of the group. And so, yeah, we’re gonna keep doing all that cool stuff that we’ve been doing up till now, but we’re also gonna be incorporating some more live trainings.

Speaker 1: (03:48)
So the last live training and workshop that I did, it was very hands on, very tactical. And it was, um, how to the five things that you need to start and grow a profitable face a group. And it was all about how network marketing moms, if you have an MLM or a direct sales or social selling type business model, how you can use your Facebook group to attract leads to you, convert those leads into sales team members, how you can use attraction marketing to really attract the best team builders. All of it was covered in the live training, and we got really great feedback to that. So, um, I actually posted as a podcast episode, the audio of that training. So if you didn’t get to catch it live, the training is still available in the group it’s pinched to the top, or you can also listen to the audio version of it on the podcast, but we got great for feedback and a lot of moms were able to, uh, get some really tactical wins out of that.

Speaker 1: (04:45)
And so we’re gonna be incorporating more live trainings like that into the group. So keep your eye out for that. That’s super exciting. We also still are accepting new moms right now into the group growth blueprint. That is the completely self-led training that teaches you how art grow, optimize. And then the most important thing you’re gonna learn in that training is how to, um, monetize your Facebook group. So if you love the training and you get into the workshop and you get your group set up and you’re so excited, but you wanna like fast track all of your success and you wanna dive right into making money and having a profitable Facebook group, then that’s is the next step. And that is the course for you. And you can find out details about that at group growth, And then the final thing that we have coming up that I’m really excited about is we have done in the past some guest training and some guest experts here on the podcast, but we’re actually gonna be incorporating even more of those.

Speaker 1: (05:41)
So if you member we’ve had a business strategist who talked all about time management and time blocking, you can go back and listen to that episode with Sabrina nap, we had, um, Vanessa and Miller, she came on and she was talking about how to create a personal brand. We’ve had melody Bishop talk to us about how to set really good strategic, purposeful goals in our business. That, um, that was an awesome interview. And then most recently we had Tiffany win, join us. And she is a confidence coach and she was phenomenal all about how to beat imposter syndrome and really, really sell from a confident place. So those guest experts just add so much to our community and I love having them on. And so we’ve actually scheduled some more upcoming interviews. So that’s a really big change that’s gonna be heading your way is I know you guys love hearing from me, right?

Speaker 1: (06:35)
I hope you do because I enjoy doing this podcast and I really enjoy bringing you value, but I think it’s so important that we also hear other perspectives and from other moms who are building businesses, just like we are online and I’m so excited to not only showcase their stories, but to bring you all of the amazing value and insight that they have to share with you as well, so that you can continue to grow your business. So I’m super excited about that. So new podcast intro is a small change and then those other big changes that are coming up thrilled for the next couple of weeks as that will all be rolling out. Okay. So let’s dive into then today because I am on spring break this week and my kiddos, well, I’m not, my kids are on spring break. And so I’m gonna be taking some time off from the business so that I can spend time with them.

Speaker 1: (07:25)
Right. And if you’re in a place where you are building something, okay. And I know we’ve all been here because this is exactly where I was when I first started. So just to like back up a second, I, I left my, um, corporate career in the middle of a pandemic. You guys have probably heard this story. I know I’ve told it several times here on the podcast, we talked about it in the group because some of you are also facing life decisions like this. Like you have a side hustle that you’re ready to go full time with. And that’s where I was. I had a side hustle that I was ready to take and make my full-time career career. Right. And so when I did that, I knew that for a while, that’s what I was gonna be focusing on. Right. I knew that it took some time and energy to really get that off the ground.

Speaker 1: (08:10)
I had seen that my husband’s also an entrepreneur. He has a lawn care company. And I remember when he left his sales job to start his own business. Like, there’s just that beginning where it’s almost a hustle, even though I don’t like that word, I don’t feel like you should always feel like you’re hustling in your business, but in the beginning it almost takes like that push to get it started. Right. So I knew that that was gonna be a thing, but pretty soon I didn’t wanna stay in that constant cycle of hustle. I didn’t want it to be all about getting my business off the ground because I’m a mom. And if you’re listening to this podcast, you probably are too. And I knew that I needed to, you know, also be devoting time and energy and attention to my little girls. Right. I have a 10 year old, she just turned 10 this month and a five year old.

Speaker 1: (08:59)
And so I couldn’t be constantly consumed with building my business. Right. And you can’t be constantly consumed with building your business. And so in that time, I, I felt guilt. You know, I felt like I was taking something away from them because I was so focused on what I was doing. And even though they’re my why and your kids and your family and financial and time freedom is probably the why of why you started your business. Sometimes we can still fall into this rut where, yeah, they’re, they’re the reason we’re building our business. They’re what it’s all about. But we still feel guilt in devoting so much time and energy to it. So even though now I am in a place where I can take time off and I can step back. And part of that was getting a much healthier relationship with social media.

Speaker 1: (09:48)
And I’ve talked about that in previous episodes as well and how I just, I deleted Instagram and I really started sing on building my community in my Facebook group and just not feeling like I always had to be on all the platforms all the time. So now that I do feel like I have the space and the time in my business to take off, I can pause and I can look back and say, okay, all of that work was worth it in the beginning because this is where I am now. And I’m able to do both. But this episode really isn’t for the mama who is in this part of her life, where she feels like she can do both and do both well. This is for the mama. That is where I was in the beginning. Who’s feeling guilty for putting so much time and energy into something other than her house and her kids and spending hours and hours trying to get their business off the ground.

Speaker 1: (10:46)
I get that. And I know how that guilt feels, but my husband actually gave me this piece of advice and I want to share it with you because it was so powerful in that season for me. And it was just a season and mama, it’s probably just a season for you too. Okay. Because you can make the choice that it doesn’t have to be one or the other, that you are still going to be intentional with raising your babies and with spending time with them and devoting the attention that they need. And you can still have a great business. Okay, Hey, you don’t have to choose one or the other, but right now, if you feel like you’re choosing one over the other or that, you know, your business is taking more time and energy, then you’ll be able to give on a long term basis.

Speaker 1: (11:28)
Then this is the season that you’re in. And this message is for you. And my husband just told me, he said, Shelly. He said, you have to be where your feet are. And at first I was like, be where my feet are. Like, I’m where my feet are. Like, what are you talking about? But now it makes so much sense. Like when I was working on my business, my mind was constantly pulled to, this is taking so much time and so much energy and our people are gonna think I’m a bad mom. And what do you know? The grandparents think about me working so hard on my business and like, what do people in the outside world, like, do they think that I’m, you know, hustling too hard? And I mean, like what everyone’s expectations of me were, and in hindsight, like, yeah, that wasn’t really what was in important, but to me in the moment like it was.

Speaker 1: (12:15)
And so I wasn’t where my feet were. I wasn’t giving it a hundred percent because I felt constantly guilty and pulled right. And on the same token when I would lay work down and when I would have time with the kiddos, I was constantly in the back of my mind going there’s so much I could be getting done right now so much. I need to do, I didn’t finish this task or that task. And so I wasn’t where my feet were then either. And so in either place, whether I was working on my business, I felt guilty about not being with my kids. When I was being with my kids. I felt guilty about the fact that I had quit my job and I needed to be making money here. Right. And so if you’re in that season where you just feel like you can’t strike that balance, like there’s no happy in between, just stop, breathe for a second.

Speaker 1: (13:01)
And just remember this piece of advice to be where your feet are when you are working on your business. Just remember that we’re called to work, right. I’m not saying everyone’s called to work outside the home, or one’s called to be an entrepreneur, but we’re called to work in our family, in our households, with our kids in our business. Like we were created for work, right from a biblical Christian perspective, like we were created to work. And so we can bring glory to God when we’re working. And so you can do that without feeling ashamed or guilty, right. Be where your feet are. And the same is true when you’re with your kids though, and with your, with your family and you’re not working like it’s okay to just detach. You have to find a way to like detach from feeling like you have to be constantly connected to social media or constantly connected to your business.

Speaker 1: (13:55)
Or if you’re not responding to DMS that you’re gonna miss a sale or something, and then just be where your feet are when you’re with your family. And it’s family time, it’s not business time. And I realized that really I was meshing the two together. So I was really never a hundred percent fully focused on either. And that’s why I was constant. Like in Turmo like I was constantly feeling like I was letting once you drop, right. But when you’re where your feet are, and you can be fully present and focused whether that’s working or whether that’s spending time with your family, that’s when you’re going to be a better version of yourself. In both of those situations, you’ll be a better mom and you’ll be a better, better business owner. So I hope that that piece of advice that my husband gave me is also encouraging to you guys. And just remember if you wanna like write it on a little post-it note or something, be where your feet are. And that is how you will find that happy medium as a entrepreneur. So I hope this has been encouraging for you guys. I’d love to chat with you. If you wanna have a discussion around this, join us over in the successful networking moms, Facebook group. And I can’t wait to hang out with you there and see you on the next episode,

Speaker 2: (15:03)
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