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Part two is coming at ‘ya! Here’s everything you need to know about getting more out of your online marketing.

A majority of you said you’d love to get MORE out of your Facebook group. More members, more engagement, more sales,… I had the same questions when I first started my group about two years ago.

After 6-12 months of slow growth, I finally figured out what my group needed and what my community wanted… it doubled the membership and exploded the engagement! That same strategy is what we are talking about in this episode. Let’s get started.

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Episode Transcript:

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Hey, Hey, welcome back for part two of our two part episode, which is the mom Panora checklist. And in today’s episode, we’re talking about everything you need to know about getting more out of your marketing, specifically using a Facebook group. So just to recap, we are doing a two part episode because when I asked you guys in the successful networking moms, Facebook group, which camp were you in? Did you have a group that you wanted to really grow, get more engagement in, get more members monetize it, or were you thinking of starting a group and you didn’t know where to get started? You guys were pretty split divided. So yesterday we did an episode all about the checklist and things that you need to check off and have in place to start your group on a really solid foundation. So if you don’t have a group, yet you do not have a group that is set up and ready to go, then go back and listen to that checklist, make sure that you have each of those things in place.

Speaker 1: (01:01)
And even if you do have a group and you’re like, okay, I’m listening to this episode because I want to grow it. It may be a good idea to go back and still listen to that first episode and just make sure that everything in your group right now is optimized. That you have all of those things in place that I mentioned yesterday. And then you’re gonna be off to a really good start here. And we can get to the good stuff today, which is all about how to get more engagement. More members make more sales and more money in our businesses as moms. So if you’re in network marketing, direct sales, social selling, whatever work from home business, you are doing mama. This episode is going to help you grow your audience, and then turn that audience into fans, customers, and even potential team members. So without further ado, let’s get started with part two.

Speaker 1: (01:58)
Hey mama, feel like you’ve tried it all to grow your business online. Every social media script, trick or heck doing exactly what your upline tells you, but you still feel like you’re missing something. We’ll Google no more. It’s time to stop hustling every day and starting from zero every month. Hi, I’m Shelly. I’m a marketing coach and proud entrepreneur that after a 10 year career in corporate advertising and sales decided to use my skills and talents to build an online business. I don’t have any get rich quick promises for you here because those don’t work anyway, but I do bring you weekly insight and training to help you put real marketing back into network marketing. If you’re ready to reach more people with your message and lead from a place of service, then I can show you how to run a profitable online business, automated to save you time and do it all around your life. As a mom, you’re in the right place friend, welcome to the successful networking mom’s community. Let’s get started.

Speaker 1: (03:05)
Part two. Here we go. Okay. Here’s your checklist. I hope you still have your notebook. If you were listening to part one and now you’re in part two, if not get you a notebook, a pen, because this is a checklist. So we’re just doing very high level things that you need to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your marketing. So go back. Like I said, listen to part one. If you have not yet, make sure all of that’s good to go and we’re gonna continue today with part two. So I just wanna go ahead and let me say this right now that if you’ve got a sticky note close by, or if you can scribble in a notebook or something, checklist styles really work well when you know what you need to do, you know, the action you need to take, which in this instance is, you know, you need to grow your audience.

Speaker 1: (03:55)
You’re like, okay, I know that I’ve been sitting on this idea of starting a Facebook group, or I’ve heard that starting a Facebook group is really gonna help me grow my online community. I know that’s what I wanna do, but I don’t know where to get started. Checklist is great. Just scribble it down on like a scratch sheet of paper and then just go through these one right after the other boom, boom, boom. Um, checklist is just a super tactical way that you can make sure that you’re moving forward and you’re taking action. Like stop thinking about it and letting it just be an idea that floats around in your head like, oh yeah. Um, you know, eventually I’m gonna get to go in my group or yeah, I do have a group and eventually I wanna get it monetized. Like, no, we are moving from all those thoughts bouncing around in our head today to actual action.

Speaker 1: (04:46)
Okay. And I also wanna encourage you that when you’re doing these things on this checklist, to let the main thing be the main thing, I know that the temptation is there. And I know because it happens to me like, hello, this is Shelly talking to Shelly myself over here too. Okay. I get it. But I know the temptation is there when you have a really big goal, especially like a big generic goal, such as grow my business or make more money in my business or, you know, just a big goal like that. I know the temptation’s there to try a lot of different things and do a lot of stuff, usually all at once. If you’re like me, okay, that’s me, I’m raising my hand or you do. ’em like one right after the other after the other, because you just, you wanna reach this goal and you’re grasping and you’re trying to do as much as you can to get there.

Speaker 1: (05:42)
Right. But focus is the key here. So that is my advice. As you go through this checklist is to let the main thing be the main thing, hone in on what you’re doing here. Tell yourself my job right now is to grow my group. Why do I wanna grow my group? Because the more people that are in my community and are in my sphere of influences, then the more people that I can help and the more people that I can help, the more money I can make, right? Tell yourself my job is to get more engagement in my group. Well, why do I need more engagement? Because the more engagement my group has, the more people see my post and hear my message. And the more people that hear my message, the more people I can help. And the more people I can help, the more money I can make.

Speaker 1: (06:31)
Do you see where I’m going with this? But if you’re tempted and you give in to the temptation to grow your group, work on building your community and at the same time, be creating videos and content for your YouTube channel or your personal profile and to be on TikTok and be creating stories every day on Instagram and working on getting more followers over there. And then also sending 10 to 20 messages a day to people, the list goes on. There’s so many things you can be doing, but then the main thing is not the main thing anymore. It’s just one of the things. Okay. And I mean, I get it. I’ve done that too. Okay. But here’s the thing. Hear me out on this, doing all those things at once, your business will probably grow. Okay. I’m not saying that it won’t, but it won’t grow as fast because what you devote your time and attention to is what will change the fastest.

Speaker 1: (07:26)
So that’s just my little mindset. Check here for you. As we get into these things that you’ll need in place to get more from your marketing, more out of your marketing doesn’t mean you need to be doing more things at once. It means you need to be focused on doing one thing and doing it really, really well. Okay. So we’re gonna get more community members, more engagement, more people reaching out to you. More sales, more interest, more influence all from doing one thing on one platform, Facebook groups, one thing. Okay. All right. So you’re ready for checklist time. So take out your sticky note or whatever. You’re just writing your little checklist on, and here are the things that you need to be doing to get more out of your marketing. Okay? Number one, once your group is set up, you need to do daily engagement in your group.

Speaker 1: (08:16)
Okay? This is people that are commenting in your group, respond to them, right? If somebody has posted something interact with that post, if someone’s asking a question and there’s a conversation going you’re in with the conversation in the beginning, interacting in your group can feel a little bit like you are talking to a wall. , I’m not even gonna sugar coat it here. If your group is new and it’s just getting started before people start submitting their own posts and a lot of connection and interaction is happening, it’s gonna feel like you’re just talking to yourself. That’s okay. Because sometimes engaging is just responding to people that have commented on your post. If nobody’s posting yet, don’t get discouraged. It’s fine. The more you do these things on this checklist, all of that will come. Okay. But just make this a habit. Every day I engage in my own group.

Speaker 1: (09:15)
Okay. That’s number one on your checklist, daily engagement in your group, number two on your checklist, daily engagement in five other groups. Now it’s five like this magic number, not so much. Uh, but I don’t suggest doing any more than five because it’s super overwhelming. If you have two or three that you really like and your target a is there, and you just wanna focus on those. That’s fine. I would do a maximum of five though. And this is how you’re gonna get more members to your group is you’re going to attract people that are in your target audience with your posts and with your engagement in other groups. Okay? So this is just as important as engaging in your group is engaging in your five other relevant groups.

Speaker 1: (10:02)
Okay? Checklist item number three, this is another daily thing that you’re gonna do daily invite people to your group. And here’s how you do not need to be messaging. A lot of people you’ve probably been told that you may be thinking that that’s where I’m going with this. It’s not okay. You can invite people to your group when you’re engaging in other groups, let’s say someone asks a question and you feel like you could be of service. Maybe, you know, your, your business or your group that you wanna invite people to is a group centered around health and wellness. And somebody says something about stress or stress eating or bad habits. And there’s a conversation and you wanna engage because you feel like you can speak to that. And then you can always just invite them with a simple, you know, here’s my answer to this, or here’s my thoughts on this.

Speaker 1: (10:52)
And by the way, if you’re interested in topics like this, or engaging with other people who are struggling with the same thing or who are interested in the same thing or on their wellness journey also then join us over here in this group, my group, right? You can invite people that way. You can also invite by creating post. You do wanna be aware of whatever the rules are in other people’s Facebook groups for promotion. And you know, do you have to do it in certain threads? Can you create your own post? But every day, just make it a habit to be inviting people to your group. That’s how you’re gonna get more members guys. Next thing on your checklist. Okay. Those three things were like daily things that you should be doing spending 10 minutes engaging in your group. 10, 15 minutes, engaging in five other groups, 10 minutes, inviting people to your group.

Speaker 1: (11:41)
Okay? We’re not talking like this is you hunched over your laptop. Just sweat on your brow and working so hard hustling at this every day. Mm-hmm not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking literally about 30, 45 minutes an hour, max, that you are doing these things. Okay? So that’s your three daily things. So the next step in your checklist is gonna be to follow your system for follow up, to keep your members in the loop. Now, I personally suggest an email list because everyone is not gonna see your posts all the time. The more engagement that you get, the more it will show up in people’s feeds. But it’s always good to be following up with them, keeping ’em in the loop, letting ’em know about any lives that you’re gonna be doing. Repurposing content that you’ve shared in the group. Right? I do that with an email list.

Speaker 1: (12:33)
So that’s one thing that you’re gonna need in place. So put that on your checklist. The next thing that you’re gonna need to do is be posting regular, consistent post. Sometimes your post can be encouraging and inspiring. Sometimes it’s gonna be a post with a story and a lesson. Sometimes it’s gonna be a teaching post or some kind of teaching educational content. There should always be linked in there. Some sort of sales call to action type post. So you wanna be posting in your group on a regular consistent basis using one of those types of content. Now, I didn’t put this on the daily task because as your group grows, you don’t necessarily have to post every single day. Right? And if you do, you can schedule it out. That’s totally fine. It’s not gonna affect the engagement. It’s not gonna affect the algorithm, like schedule your post by all means.

Speaker 1: (13:31)
I am here for it. Okay. I’m all about working smarter, not harder, but the reason this isn’t a daily thing is because maybe you don’t need to post daily. It’s more important that you post consistently and regularly. So if you always have like a motivation Monday post and a wellness Wednesday post, then make sure that on Mondays and Wednesdays you’re posting and that you’re consistent because that is what’s gonna help people really start to engage with your content. They’re used to seeing it. It’s gonna warm your audience up to you and make a connection. And it also just in addition to providing value, it really shows that you’re the leader and the expert in the group, because you’re consistently showing up for your people. And that is going to always result in increased engagement. If you’re doing these things, your group is going to grow in members and they’re going to engage more just period.

Speaker 1: (14:35)
End of story. The problem is that a lot of times we, as business owners get distracted and we don’t do these things consistently, right? We don’t engage in our group every day and then go and engage in our other groups and then invite people to our group. And then we don’t post regularly. We don’t have a system for follow up. Like, that’s why your group isn’t growing. That’s why people are in there, but they’re not saying anything. They’re not submitting posts. They’re not interacting with other people’s posts is because you’re not showing up consistently in that group. But the beauty here is that you don’t have to post every day. You don’t have to show up every single day with fresh new content posted. You just have to be regular and consistent with it. You get to decide what is consistent. What does regular mean to you?

Speaker 1: (15:32)
Is that once a day is that twice a day is that once a week, twice a week, like it’s totally up to you, but these are your checklist items. Let’s go back through ’em together. You got these notes, you got your list, okay? Daily, engaging in your group in five other groups and inviting people to your group. We’re at about an hour there a system set up for follow up and to keep your members in the loop. Again, I suggest an email list and I tell you why and how I would set that up in my last episode. Okay? Part one of this and then regular consistent posts. That’s your checklist. Okay. Do this, give it a solid 30 days. And you will be amazed at the way your engagement will spike. And when your engagement spikes and Facebook sees that, wow, this is a relevant engaged group.

Speaker 1: (16:28)
Your membership request will go up to, and that’s a great place to be. When all of a sudden Facebook is recommending your group to similar audiences. It just really starts to snowball from there. Okay? So remember keep the main thing, the main thing you guys have your checklist. Now you literally do not need 50 things to do on a daily basis. Fight the urge to do 50 different things. You can do these things and these things only, and your community will expand and you’ll get more out of your marketing. You’ll get more out of doing the things on this checklist consistently than doing a bunch of stuff on a bunch of different platforms, but you are doing ’em halfheartedly. Okay? I promise you that. So I hope that these two episodes have been extremely helpful for you. If you wanna have a conversation around anything that we’ve discussed on setting your group up for success, how to get started, that was last episode or how to get more out of your marketing, how to grow this group, how to grow your engagement, how to do all of that, then pop on over to our community.

Speaker 1: (17:31)
The successful networking moms, Facebook group would love to chat with you. If you have any questions, more than happy to answer ’em, you can drop them over there. And I hope to see you guys and get to virtually meet you and chat with you soon. And I will see y’all on the next episode. You’ve been

Speaker 2: (17:48)
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