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Hey, friend.  If this is the year you’ve decided to explode your business, I’m so here for you!!  One way to do that is to pick a profitable niche and go all-in with your marketing around that target audience.  I’ve got five proven tips that will have you deciding on a profitable niche in no time flat.

Haven’t nailed down your niche yet?  Let’s get that cleared up asap so you can start attracting your dream team members and customers with ease.

In this episode, I’ll walk you through a fool-proof way to choose the right niche that will grow your audience and serve your tribe well… plus feel authentic to YOU.

Yes, even work from home moms and mompreneurs need the right target audience.  So let’s dive in.


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Speaker 1: (00:01)
Hey there, mama, if you are growing your network marketing business online, but you do not have your niche firmly established, then you will want to listen to every world of this episode today because we’re talking about how to define your niche. Now, if you don’t know what a niche is, it’s basically the people or your target audience that you serve with your business. A lot of people in network marketing are scared to niche down or don’t want to define their niche because they feel like their products can help everyone and everybody can benefit. And honestly, that’s probably true. But when it comes to marketing, you do have to niche down so that you can talk to one person, your ideal audience. And that is what magnetizes people to you. It attracts them to you. You’re gonna attract others as well. But I want you guys to get really clear on who your niche is. So if you have no idea how to do that or you’ve tried and you can’t seem to land on the perfect niche for your business, I’m gonna help you in today’s episode, let’s dive in.

Speaker 1: (01:39)
If you have not got your niche and you’re working on your niche, which you probably are if you’re listening to this particular podcast episode, then your next step after this is going to be to start attracting tons of those perfect people. You wanna build your audience with your target audience, but do you wonder where they are? Like how do I even find them? You’re like “ok, Shelley, I’m gonna get really clear and nail down the person that I can serve, but then how in the world do I reach those people?” Okay, great question. You gotta make sure that you join us for the grow, your group, grow your biz workshop. So it is free in the successful networking moms, Facebook group. It it’s live on January 18th, a live workshop. You’ve gotta be there because I’m gonna teach you how to grow a profitable group on Facebook, where you’re gonna generate leads.

Speaker 1: (02:35)
Good leads, your target audience leads, and I’ll teach you how to monetize that audience. Now that is all happening. Again, live in the Facebook group on your January 18th. If you’re ready to stop guessing about what will work, what will help you make sales? What will help you grow a team online? Then you want to be at this workshop. So listen to this episode, get clarity on who your niche should be. And then I will see you guys in the grow, your group, grow your biz workshop that is happening on January 18th. Okay. I’m so excited about that.

So I’ve got some tips for you today about how to pick a profitable niche. We don’t wanna get so specific and so granular that it’s trying to find needles in a haystack. We want you to be profitable in your business, but the flip side to that coin is that trying to speak to anybody and everybody does not work.

Speaker 1: (03:34)
You end up speaking to no one. There’s too much noise online right now for you to be very vague in general. And what’s funny, is this this principle applies in all different facets of marketing. I’m specifically talking about your work from home mom and your business in is the network marketing business model then. Yeah, you definitely need to do this, but it’s any business, local businesses, businesses that are advertising on television, which you guys may know if you’ve listened to the podcast that I actually came from a career in television advertising and I did online marketing and that transitioned from that. But even in television, I would tell all of my clients, you can’t be general and vague. If you speak to everyone, you end up speaking to no one.

Speaker 1: (04:30)
So this is across the board, but it is especially true for you and for your business model that you’re in. And it’s even more true online because online is such a big space. Okay? So I’ve got some proven tips here. They’ve worked for me when I was narrowing down who my target audience should be for my business because again, marketing, oh my gosh, it can work for everybody, right? Any business, if you are in business to make money, to make sales and you need customers, then I can help you with marketing. But who do I focus on? Like who do I get super excited to help?  That’s moms who want to learn the right way to market online. Because they’re growing their business from home. They want to work around their family. They have a life as a mother and a wife or a partner.

Speaker 1: (05:22)
You know, it’s more to them than just getting some sales. And you know, they’re not a local business. They’re doing this all online. So that’s my target audience and that’s who I niche down to. So this strategy and the tips I gave you that worked for me, it’s also worked for other moms. Because you know, I’ve been coaching now for over a year and I’ve helped moms in over 20 different network marketing companies. So they all sold different products. They all had different rules that they had to play by when it comes to how their company allowed them to market online. And they all ended up with a different niche, with different people that they really could serve. And across the board though, what happened was they went from posting in a bunch of different places online like Instagram or in other Facebook groups or on their main profile feed with these really general messages, like join my team or like, you know, we have products for everybody or do you wanna live a healthier life?

Speaker 1: (06:21)
Then I can help you. They went from making general claims and statements like that to getting very dialed in on their messaging. And that made all the difference for them. Their groups grew, they were getting more qualified leads. People knew what they did and that wanted to join their team before they’d ever even gotten on the first call with. ’em just amazing things started happening. And I know that that can happen for your business too. When you get really, really clear on this part of your marketing, because it’s gonna make your messaging better. Okay. So enough talking about it, let’s dive into it.

Here are the five proven tips. The first thing you wanna do is, start with the solution. So think about your product or your service and think about who it could help. Okay. Who could benefit from that? And I don’t even want you to think of like your entire line of products because you probably have several, like if you’re in a, um, like a wellness company, you probably have hair care, you might have skincare, you may have vitamins and supplements.

Speaker 1: (07:23)
You may have shakes and nutritional things. Think of your flagship product. Like what is the main core thing? Okay. If someone came to you and they only could buy one thing to test out your company and see if it, it was gonna work for them, what was the first thing be that you would introduce them to now think about? Who would that be? Who would you say could benefit the most from that product? Or maybe it’s like a line of products like a kit or something, whatever that flagship thing is that you would, um, that you would sell them, think who the perfect person would be to sell that to. And when you start with the solution that really can give you a lot of clarity on who is the perfect person to talk to about that solution. So that’s one tip. The next thing you can do is list the people that have purchased from you in the past, especially if you’re building a business and you have a large customer base, you’ve got more customers than you do team members, or you just, you, you have an easier time getting customers.

Speaker 1: (08:28)
What do those people have in common? What are the common characteristics that they share? Because the chances are, if there’s a lot of common characteristics there, you’ve got your target audience. And what you can is if your messaging has been really general, and those are the people that you have attracted and have gotten results, then really hone in your messaging and talk specifically to them. What you’re gonna see is that more people who are like them are gonna be attracted to you and it’s gonna be quicker and easier than, um, posting something general. And then those people resonating with it. When you get really, really clear and talk specifically to them, more of those people are gonna come out. You’re gonna realize that you reach more of that type of person faster. So do that, just jot down a list and get the common characteristics from people who have purchased in the past and your customers.

Speaker 1: (09:20)
The third tip that I have for you. And it’s a pretty big one. And I think a lot of people miss this is to focus on the attributes of the person, not just the demographics and this is where people can really get into trouble when they start looking strictly at demographics. And so they hear niche down and you’ve gotta define your avatar or your perfect customer. And they start thinking age range, household income, um, demographics. Okay. And they miss the personal attributes of the person. Okay. And I wanna give you an example of this because it’s an idea that is very conceptual. And so you may have a hard time wrapping your hands around it and being like, what are you talking about, Shelly? Like, what’s the difference in the demographics and like their attributes. Okay. So I’m gonna give you an example.

Speaker 1: (10:11)
So in my business, my target audience obviously is a mom who is building an online business. She’s struggling to reach the right people because she’s doing everything that her upline told her to do. But for some reason it’s not clicking. Like she is having the hardest time marketing her business. Okay. Now there are some demographics that come into play there, cuz she’s a woman. Obviously my target audience is a woman, a female, okay. She’s a mom, that’s a demographic, but that’s pretty much where the demographics stop because I know that growing a Facebook group and creating a community and using really good messaging within your community. I know that that can help a mom who, who has a business that’s starting from zero or who has a business that is about to hit six figures. Like I know that it can help someone who is in the health and wellness space or who is in the, um, nutrition space or who is in the non-toxic living essential oils, who is in a space of selling medics.

Speaker 1: (11:18)
Who’s in a niche of selling like hair care. It doesn’t really matter what products they have. What’s more important to me. And what I find connects my target audience is less about the demographics and more about their attributes. Okay. It is someone who is driven. She wants to make her business work. She’s not afraid of rolling up those sleeves and putting in the work. Okay. You guys listening to this podcast are my ideal audience. You’re my person. Okay. You want to learn, you thrive on growing a business. You thrive on being able to see achievements and to see fruits of your labor. And you’re probably frustrated because you’re not seeing those results and you’re working so dang hard. And you’re putting in the sweat equity here and you’re just not seeing it, but you’re a person that thrives on that. Like you love the recognition and you love the atmosphere and the community that network marketing brings.

Speaker 1: (12:24)
And you want so badly to be a part of that. But you know, there’s a piece missing. And that piece is the actual strategy and the marketing that it’s gonna get you there, that’s gonna get you consistent leads. It’s gonna get you consistent sales. All of those things are attributes. That’s not your demographic. I have no clue what car you drive. It may be a minivan because you got a lot of kids, right? But I don’t know. I mean, I’m not targeting people who, you know, have an SUV. It doesn’t matter what your household income is to me because your husband may work. You may be the breadwinner. Um, you may both have jobs and this is your side hustle that you’re trying to get off the ground. Like those are all demographics, but they’re less important than the attributes than the grit and the determination that you have and the desire to do it around your life at, as a mom and the desire to build a business that still allows you the freedom to have time with your family and to not miss your kids growing up.

Speaker 1: (13:23)
Those are the personal attributes that make you my target audience. More so than the demographics. Even the age range, you guys, age range is a big one that businesses will target by. But yeah, I mean, moms obviously are gonna be like in a certain age range, but maybe you have a toddler. Maybe you have a newborn. Maybe you didn’t have kids until later in life. Maybe you adopted. And now you’re an older parent. Like maybe your kids are, um, you know, grown. And now you’re an empty nester. Like the age demo really is not as important as the personality attributes of being driven and being dedicated and wanting to put in the work to learn how to market your business. Does that make sense? Okay. Cause that one’s sort of intangible, but it’s really, really important when you’re defining a niche. Think about the attributes, not the demographics.

Speaker 1: (14:16)
Fourth tip for you. I want you to think of your perfect niche as a venn diagram. Do you guys remember doing these in school? You have the two circles and then, you know, they like intersect in the middle and that’s like the sweet spot. Okay. So if one circle is your passion and then your other circle is the products that you sell with your company or your business opportunity. If we start to pull those together, that overlap in the middle, that is a great niche who falls into this category, right? Who are you passionate about? Building relationships with talking to who’s somebody that you could start a conversation with and that you wanna help and could benefit from your products, those people right there in the middle sweet spot, like that’s your niche. Okay. So if you can make that venn diagram and you can make people that you are passionate about serving and that your passions and skills can help.

Speaker 1: (15:12)
And then you intersect it with people that can benefit from your products, your golden, and then the fifth tip. This is my last one is I want you to stay focused on your niche, focused on that target audience yet flexible, focused, and flexible, okay? Because it’s gonna change. It’s gonna evolve. You’re not gonna pick your niche and then mark it to them and see success and never change it again because your business is gonna evolve. You as a person, as an entrepreneur are going to evolve. The things that you want out of your business are gonna change. And so I want you to just remain flexible and remember that it is so important to focus on your one person, but then stay flexible as that person changes because it’s going to over the course of your business. So if you take these five tips, you guys will be able to really dial in on who it is that you serve, pick your niche, it’s gonna be profitable.

Speaker 1: (16:11)
And make you some money and you’re gonna feel lit up. When you have really gotten into an alignment of serving your niche and your audience, well, you’re the only person that can do that. The best that’s your unique selling proposition. There is only one you, and when your niche is clearly defined and you are serving them well, then, I mean, that’s just, you’re the only person that can do that. You are uniquely qualified to serve that target audience. And I’m so excited for you to get clarity around that and be able to do it. Okay. Guys, hop into these successful networking moms, Facebook group. If you have not already share with me any questions that you have, I would love to, to chat with you about picking your niche and you know, really dialing that in and then creating messaging around it. I am here to support you with that. And also don’t forget you wanna be in the group because on January 18th, that live workshop of grow your group, grow, your BI is happening. And I can’t wait to connect with you guys there until next time. I’ll see you later.

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