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032// Diary of an Online Marketer: The Real Behind-the-Scenes of Growing a Successful Online Business Using Facebook Groups, Social Media, and a Surprisingly Simple System!

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Pssst… you’re getting a peek inside my business today.

Have you ever wondered what online marketers are actually doing to grow their business? Been curious as to what they spend their time focusing on… and what they don’t?! 

Well pull up a seat because I’m peeling back the curtains and showing you exactly what goes into running a successful business 100% online using social media and a (surprisingly!) simple marketing plan.

We talk about: how to grow a Facebook group, where to find an audience of people who want to join your team, how to sell without being “salesy,” and which platforms have delivered the best results recently.

This episode is more than marketing theory, it’s my marketing diary. And when you listen, you’ll not only have the steps you need to grow your own online community, you’ll also see that you CAN do it, too.  These strategies have been proven by me and students all across the country.  This works wonders in the MLM, Direct Sales, Network Marketing, and Social Selling business models.

Let’s jump in!

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