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Shelley Hoffman Info

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Shelley Hoffman is a marketing mentor for moms and host of the Successful Networking Moms podcast.

Shelley is a wife and mom to two girls. She traded in her pumps and pearls as a nationally-recognized corporate advertising executive for a laptop and mom bun as an online entrepreneur and Facebook group guru.  She now teaches women how to start, grow, optimize, and monetize their own online communities.

Shelley is passionate about empowering fellow mompreneurs to create a personal brand and community around their social selling, network marketing, or direct sales business.

She encourages authenticity and shows moms how to infuse joy and a sense of being part of something “more” into chasing their big business dreams.





Instagram: @shelleyyy_hoffman



How to Start & Grow a Facebook Group That Makes Money!

Step-by-Step Simplified Online Marketing for Mompreneurs

Mindset Tips for Moms to Build a Profitable Online Business

Have a different topic idea?  Just ask!

Shelley loves to chat marketing and mom life in a fun, conversational, and joy-filled way that inspires others to share their own message with the online world!

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