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031// The 4 Biggest Time-Wasting Online Activities (Are You Doing ALL of These?!): Plus What Activities Will Actually Help You Make Sales

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Time for a little tough love, my friend.  You’re probably wasting a lot of time online, feeling “busy”, but not really being productive.



In this episode, we discuss the four biggest time-wasting activities online.   I see these all the time when I work with moms in the network marketing, direct sales, social selling, or mlm business models.  (And yes, I was guilty of these, too!)  When I got really intentional, though, I was able to pinpoint exactly what activities resulted in sales– and the ones that didn’t.  Cutting out these time wasters resulted in increased productivity and actually making more money… that’s exactly what I want for you, too.  



No more wasting time.  Here we go!



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