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Shhh… I’m gonna let you in on a little secret.  What you’ve been taught about duplication in your work from home business is probably outdated.

I know, I know.  You’ve heard that the key to network marketing success is making it easy for your team to duplicate. 

But I bet you’ve never thought about it with the perspective I’m sharing with you today.

What actually attracts team members to you?  What will help you recruit quicker and rank advance faster?  What can you do to get your team to put in the work?  How do you find serious, ambitious business builders? 

That’s what we’re discussing in this episode and I can’t wait to dig in with you!


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Hey guys, welcome today. We are talking about recruiting in your business, and I have some truth to share with you guys about duplication. I’m sure you’ve heard the term duplicatable. You want a business model that’s duplicatable. You want a system for growing your team that’s duplicatable because the more that the people who are under you and your down line can duplicate what you’re doing, the faster your team’s gonna grow. And that’s where the real money is in network marketing. Have you heard all of these things? You probably have, but today I’m gonna tell you the truth about duplication. And honestly, it’s something that I bet most people are not telling you. If anyone has ever told you these things. So we’re gonna dive into that. I’m gonna give you some tips and strategies for what is actually duplicatable in your business. It’s not what you may think. So I can’t wait to dive into this episode with you guys.

Speaker 1: (01:27)
Okay, guys, let’s dig into this. And if you are listening to this particular episode, it’s probably because you are interested in growing your team. It’s the recruiting aspect of network marketing that really has you stuck. So if that is some that you are wondering about and that you would love some direction on, and it just feels like everything you’re trying just is not working because you’ve listened to your team training and you’re doing what they tell you to do, but something is just missing. I totally get how that feels. And you may start to wonder, so how are you gonna get more leads to, how are you gonna get people asking about your company? How are you going to find people who want to work the business and all of that leads to, well, how am I supposed to create a sustainable business? How am I gonna, you know, hit six figures and beyond if I can’t get this one part, the recruiting piece down pat.

Speaker 1: (02:21)
 And that is going to be difficult. It’s true. Dare I say impossible to reach that next level without a solid recruiting game. And without a re a solid recruiting system, say that three times fast right in place. But guys, that’s why I’m here. It’s what I’m gonna help you with. And it’s why I created the grow your group, grow your biz workshop that is happening on January 18th. You may have heard about this, but if not, I wanna invite you right now because I get asked this question all the time. How do I grow an audience? How do I find people to talk to, how do I attract serious business builders? And the answer is you grow your group with the right people. And then you convert those people into team members. And yes, there is a system for doing all of that. Now it doesn’t take hours a day.

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You don’t even have to be on social media every day, if you don’t want to. I’m gonna teach you how to do this in the workshop. So if you are ready to quit chasing people down, calling all your family members, sending these spammy direct messages to everyone, that’s on your list of a hundred. I know you guys have done this, right? I’ve done this. So if you’re overall of that and you’re ready to set up a system for attracting your dream team, right to you, then I will be saving you a seat in the workshop. It’s the grow your group, grow your biz workshop. It’s free. It’s in the successful networking moms, Facebook group. So all you have to do is join the group and you will get access to this live on January 18th. If you are not in the group yet, pull up a chair.

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Join us. You can search for the successful networking moms on Facebook, or you can go to Bitly slash networking moms. That’s bit dot Y slash networking moms. If that’s easier and we will see inside the group and we’ll see you in the workshop.

We are diving into the content today about this buzzword. You’ve probably heard it a million times. Duplicatable, your business has to be duplicatable. Your system’s gotta be duplicatable. Your posting has to be duplicatable, right? Well, I’m gonna share with you some things today that you may not have thought of, or you may not have thought of in this way. And we do have a little bit of a special guest here. My daughter, if you hear anything, she is sitting right next to me today. She has not been feeling well. So she’s right here with me. What, a way to kick off her time out of school, right?

Speaker 1: (04:54)
Cause that’s when we’re actually recording this podcast, she just got out for Christmas break and here she is sick. So we’re hoping that all of that is done so that she can enjoy the rest of the holidays and she can enjoy all of that. So, but when you guys are listening to this episode, it’s the new year. So I hope you’ve had a fantastic Christmas and holidays and hopefully you all were well and healthy during all of that. So here we go. Sophie, and I gonna jump in this with you.

Here is what actually does not duplicate in your business, even though you have probably been told that this is what duplicates: Copy and paste templates do not duplicate. And I know that this might be like a little bit confusing because it makes sense. In theory, it makes perfect sense in theory, okay, if you have a post you’ve created it or your team has created it, it gets great engagement and people are reaching out.

Speaker 1: (05:57)
Of course it would make sense that it would duplicate. So then you share it with your team. They copy and paste. They take your same strategy, your same wording, and then they get the same results. Right. But here is what that approach does not take into account. Okay. Number one, that post or the way that you said that, or even just the general approach, like the platform that you’re using to post on it may not match your personal tone. Okay. It doesn’t sound like you, people can tell, okay, it’s not being authentic. And so even though you’re duplicating the post or you’re duplicating the message, you’re not actually duplicating the results because people aren’t going to respond to it the way they did from the first person who posted it from like a genuine, authentic place. Okay. So you’re probably not gonna get the same results.

Speaker 1: (06:50)
Another thing that it doesn’t take into account is that people may have seen that before, especially if it worked really well in the beginning. And we saw this a lot with Facebook, um, posting Instagram, captions and posting in groups was there were some things that worked really well maybe a year ago. And so of course in the spirit of duplication, right, everyone shared these best practices. And a lot of people started doing it. Well, what happened is that everyone it called on like wildfire and everyone started saying the same things, or they started using the same post format and it doesn’t work anymore because people have seen it and it’s been done. And that is less effective than if you would’ve just created something brand new. It maybe didn’t just catch on like wildfire, but it was genuine. And it was real and authentic. People are gonna respond to that more than something that they’ve seen a hundred times.

Speaker 1: (07:48)
And just a quick side note here about how Facebook and the algorithm works, Facebook actually deprioritizes content. So it dings you, it punishes you for sharing content that it notices is the same as what has been shared before. Okay. So if your team, you guys are all posting a similar engagement post, or a similar post about your product or a similar messaging trick or tip that has worked really well. Facebook notices that it’s smart. And so the algorithm is actually going to show people less of your content because it doesn’t look real. It wants engagement. It wants people to stay on the platform for longer. It wants their attention. And they know that people don’t wanna see the same thing over and over again. So copy and pasted scripts, copy and pasted mess messages on your, um, newsfeed and your timeline, captions. All of those things.

Speaker 1: (08:46)
If Facebook notices that it is something that has been on the platform before, it’s actually going to not show that content, but it’s gonna hurt your future content as well. So you really don’t wanna be doing that. The third thing that it doesn’t take into account is the time and the skills and the personality and the gifts of each individual person. What worked for one mama may not work for another mama. What worked for one business builder may not work for another because they may have more time to pour into social media than you do. Their personality may be completely different than your personality. My personality is going to be different than yours. That’s why you’ll never see me give you copy and paste scripts to use, because if I’ve written it, chances are, it’s not gonna sound like you. It’s not in your tone of voice and you have your own voice.

Speaker 1: (09:42)
I want you to hear this very clearly. You have something special and unique to offer. And if you’re just copying what other people are doing, no one is getting to see that what a disservice, right? What a disservice to your audience for them not to be able to see the real authentic you, because you have gifts and talents that are special and unique to you. And I want you to tap into those. So what I will always give you is frameworks and systems and things where you can plug and play your own words. And I’ll help you create messaging that is unique to you. Okay? There is a framework for that. There are templates that you can use, but there is no one copy and paste script. There is no one magic pill, and that’s not just in this particular business model. That’s marketing online across the board.

Speaker 1: (10:37)
If there was a magic pill, everyone would be doing it. And then it wouldn’t work anymore. which is kind of where we’ve come to with content and with these copy and paste, um, type of messages and type of posts, right? They’re not working anymore. So there is no one magic pill, so that doesn’t do duplicate, okay. People don’t duplicate, people buy from other real people and you can’t duplicate yourself. So let’s say you’re growing a team, okay? And you have a down line now and you want to train them. I would suggest training them the exact same way that I train you guys with frameworks and with system and with templates, and then encouraging them to tap into what makes them unique, encouraging them to tap into their own voice and using that in their content and their messaging. That’s how I would encourage you to train your team, but to get there, to get your team going, you’ve got to start getting people interested and you have to start attracting your tribe.

Speaker 1: (11:43)
And the way that you do that is not by copying other people. Okay? People don’t duplicate posts, don’t duplicate, but I will tell you, this is the good news in this episode. What does duplicate systems will duplicate? Okay. I’m gonna give you an example of a system, a simple sales funnel that I teach every single person in my Facebook group. When you go in there and you start consuming my content, if you listen to the, if you watch the training videos, there is a simple sales funnel that I teach everyone in the group. Okay? And it is a Facebook group funnel. You can take that funnel and teach it to your team. It’s very simple. It’s a simple, straightforward system. There is nothing that you have to copy and paste a other than the framework of how it worked. But it’s your words, it’s your messaging.

Speaker 1: (12:37)
But this is a system that you take and then you teach it to your team. They don’t have to be you. They don’t have to sound just like you. Just like, I don’t want you to try to sound just like me. It’s not gonna work. It’s not gonna be real. I can’t try to sound like my mentors and the people that I learn from, even though I invest very heavily in not just personal development, but more business development, I invest very heavily. So I have mentors and I have coaches and I have bought services and products that teach me systems. And then what I do is I take those systems and I plug ’em into my business and I have seen really great results. So that’s the same thing you can do. Take my simple Facebook funnel. It’s a simple sales funnel and learn it, plug it into your business, inject your voice, your personality, your words into it.

Speaker 1: (13:29)
Get amazing results. It’s gonna attract people to you who are like, I like what this girl is about. Okay. I wanna join her company. I wanna see how she can help me start a work from home business. So you attract those team members and then you teach them the same system. Rinse and repeat guys. Systems will duplicate. Pople don’t duplicate.  Personalities don’t duplicate. Systems will always duplicate. If you are interested in that, you wanna learn my Facebook system. You’re thinking, okay, that’s exactly what I need. Shelly, teach me the system, the sales funnel that will duplicate that I can plug and play into my business and that I can then teach my team and then see exponential growth, massive impact. It’s what I’m teaching you guys in the grow, your group, grow your BI workshop. So of course you can go back through these podcast episodes.

Speaker 1: (14:26)
There are some. I’ll link. ’em in the show notes. Actually, there’s one, that’s the community marketing funnel. And I teach you the basic blueprint of what I do. But if you wanna deep dive and you wanna know step by step, how do I set this up for myself? So I can start seeing results in my business? And then how do I teach my team so they can set it up in their business if that’s what you’re craving and you like that step by step, and you wanna ask questions, cuz there’s gonna be a live Q and a, then you’ve gotta be there. Live it’s January 18th. I just told you all about it in the beginning of this episode, but I’ll hit the high points again, January 18th, it’s live in the successful networking moms, Facebook group. You’ve gotta get in there. And I’m gonna show you guys a system that does duplicate so that this has been encouraging for you versus discouraging because yes, some things that you’ve been told about how to get your team to multiply is not true and it doesn’t work.

Speaker 1: (15:24)
Okay? It’s not best practice anymore. It may have worked in the past, but the encouraging part is there is a way that you can train your team and basically empower them to train their team. And that’s where the beauty of the MLM network marketing, social selling business model. That’s where the beauty is, is in the ability for you to do something once and then reap the benefits over and over and over again. And that’s what happens when you have a team that can duplicate. So I want that for you. I hope this has been encouraging and I do hope that you’ll join us in the grow your group, grow your BIS workshop so that you can take this to the next level. All right. Right. We’ll see you there, Mamas.

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